Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2226

! Three people directly! Xia Tian, Qi Wang, free of evil intention! The strengths of these three people have not needed to say anything much, puts out a person to come casually, that sufficiently shocks the entire next three people, at this time three people moved toward the Qilin hole direction directly. After leaving this cave, they can also hear under the mountain to have the sound of fight, obviously passed through for three days, the fight had still not stopped. Walks following this road, the danger is least.” Qi Wang light saying, he has gotten up the Qilin hole person, therefore he knew about here situation. Xia Tian also directly nodded. Big brother, that looked your.” Free of evil intention only recognizes eats, as for issue how to walk, he only needs with Xia Tian, other casualness. Ka-beng! Free of evil intention walks while takes the compounded drug, although Xia Tian told him large bundle to eat, but he cannot bear, therefore Xia Tian simply made big pile of preliminary compounded drugs to make him eat to him. This compounded drug inside strength is not very big, therefore free of evil intention has eaten does not have the issue, not because will make up to have an accident. Hopes that five head ten Rank 2 ominous beasts not here.” Qi Wang saying slowly, he has a goal now, that is Qilin pu. After obtaining Qilin pu, is good to give under the Jiu Jiang clothing. Big brother, what you said before is, that five head ten Rank 2 ominous beasts that attacks the army?” Xia Tian asked. Em, the Qilin hole has five head ten Rank 2 ominous beast protections, these five head ten Rank 2 ominous beasts were in the positions of five climbing mountains important highways separately, if bumps into their five, we climbed mountains to trouble, once hit, that will attract several other head ten Rank 2 ominous beasts . Moreover the Saint beast Qilin in Qilin hole will immediately also discover us.” Qi Wang answered.

It seems like carefully.” Xia Tian said. Hopes that five head ten Rank 2 ominous beasts not here.” Qi Wang was praying, although he did not fear, but he also knows that can avoid troubling is the best choice. Although the ominous beast and wild beast is similar existence, but the ominous beast compared with the wild beast fierce, therefore calls the ominous beast. The protection in Qilin hole here five formidable fellow is the ominous beast. Moreover is ten Rank 2, is equal to five cauldron Rank 9 human Expert. Although they three battle efficiency very formidable, but if directly faces five such terrifying ominous beasts, their three also suffice to drink a pot. What is main is once has alarmed Qilin hole inside Saint beast Qilin, then they really troubled. The Saint beast Qilin is the most formidabe fellow. Words of frontage resistance, the danger is big, their this time truly is takes Qilin pu, but should better with the Saint beast Qilin do not have the positive conflict. Hopes that I can covet wolf to take possession now, do not bump into that five fellows.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings were praying, although he did not like corrupt wolf person, even he wants to kill the corrupt wolf really very much directly, but he also understands that the corrupt wolf was in his life one of the most important people. For these years, the corrupt wolf little has not taken care of him, lacks anything to deliver anything, the corrupt wolf sends is not the blessing, but is warm, warmest will of the people thing. Various treasure deliver, can Xia Tian the non- heart be warm? On Earth, everybody likes others working as own cash machine. The corrupt wolf is the Xia Tian cash machine, he is the cash machine of Tan Lang, is different from other cash machine, other cash machine spits money, the cash machine of Tan Lang spits the thing, the treasure, is the treasure. Xia Tian when has not seen the good merit law, the corrupt wolf delivers the merit law, has not seen Spirit Tool time, the corrupt wolf delivers Spirit Tool, had not heard ultimate Spirit Tool time, the corrupt wolf makes funeral arrangements Spirit Tool, only heard coverall time, the corrupt wolf has sent the coverall.

Even has also sent immortal. Has saying that the corrupt wolf is really a good enemy, will be a sincerity will deliver the warm enemy. The corrupt wolf truly has the big destiny person, treasure that he obtains, that simply is Bai to come, various treasure emerge one after another incessantly, but he is also really powerful, obtains a good treasure to Xia Tian deliver. Relations between he and Xia Tian, absolutely are levers. „The third child, what do you have to plan?” Qi Wang knows that the attention of Xia Tian are most, at this time needed Xia Tian to think a wicked idea. Has!” Xia Tian said. What idea?” Qi Wang pursues asks. One will arrive at outside the Qilin hole, I dig a hole, then you go, I direct the Qilin outside, you seize the chance to steal the thing, no matter is certainly quick, after going, had discovered that must go back before the Qilin runs, otherwise was dangerous.” The Xia Tian reminder said that although he to the present does not know that actually the Saint beast Qilin is existence of any rank, but he understands that the Saint beast Qilin is not absolutely simple. Can frontage resistance, that absolutely not want the frontage resistance. I direct!” Qi Wang said that he is the Xia Tian big brother, has any danger matter to he. „It is not good, Big brother, have not struggled with me, this lives, only then I can do, because I have me to have the means that words that you come, on the contrary is effect not my good, if my time is sufficient, perhaps in that I also will go to look with you.” Xia Tian understands that Qi Wang is worried about his security problem. You had any means to tell me that I was also same.” Qi Wang did not feel relieved that makes Xia Tian go. Big brother, believes me, you know that I am a person who fears death, how I possibly build my life in this.” Xia Tian very earnest looks to Qi Wang. Good, you are careful.” Qi Wang has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. Does not know that is three people of drops is quite good, the corrupt wolf manifests a spirit, they have not really bumped into that five head ten Rank 2 ominous beast on the road of climbing mountains, this made them be short of lots of troubles.

Three people climbed mountains to walk the time of most of the day, when their three just must arrive at the Qilin hole , the ground suddenly presented slight rocking. „It is not good, falls face down!!!” Xia Tian them pushes to the ground directly, he has used the hidden rest/breath technique afterward, hid three people. At this time although is the dark night, but two rounds bright moonlight in sky here photo well-illuminated, was good has used the hidden rest/breath technique because of Xia Tian, moreover unusual of three people of this time conceal was covert. Bang! Three meters high form appears in the front of people together. The main item, antler, the lion eye, the tiger back and Xiong Yao, the snake scale, horse's hoof and oxtail in one, are the propitious treasures, the symbol of auspicious omen, this Qilin beast braves the flame at this time from top to bottom. Flame Qilin!!!! Careless! One group of flame from the airborne blowout of flame Qilin, directly pounding maliciously above that rivers under Qilin hole. Bang! The flame pounded dozens meters high the water directly. Crash-bang! The water surface also started to appear changes.