Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2227

Bang! The water surface suddenly started to explode, afterward a giant flood dragon appeared. Has not thought, brazen snake unexpectedly changed into the flood dragon, no wonder he can carry on to resist with the flame Qilin.” Qi Wang said in a low voice, at this time the vision of flame Qilin on the body of flood dragon, therefore Qi Wang also dares to speak in a low voice. The flood dragon that at this time here presents has the characteristics: 1 st, throws over the body of full scales \; 2 nd, long jaw big mouth and outstanding nose situated in top of the head \; 3 rd, point Bi Xian conical canine \; 4 big and round prominence eyes \; 5 sturdy long-tails \; 6 th, strong four limbs and five fingers sharp claws \; 7 th, has the abdomen of horizontal stripe. Sees such situation, that Xia Tian also understood the meaning of Qi Wang. At this time in front of them appears is a flood dragon, but this flood dragon the thousand years ago is also only a brazen snake, although is competent, but definitely cannot compared with the flood dragon. The brazen snake wants to change into the flood dragon is not that simple, obviously this brazen snake is also the corrupt wolf takes possession, therefore obtained any fortuitous encounter. Bang! The water surface explodes once more. The entire body of flood dragon flew from water surface directly. Saint beast! The flood dragon belonged to the rank of Saint beast. At this time two Saint beasts thorough to holding in the same place. A mountain does not accommodate two tigers. Careless!! Flame Qilin one group of flame spurted directly to the flood dragon, but the flood dragon was also one group of water dragons directly pounds to the flame Qilin.

Bang! When the flame and water dragon hit in together, nearby ground rocks. Xia Tian their crushed stones pound on them, then little rolled under the mountain, but they, even if were pounded by the stone, does not dare to make any sound. Bang! The flame Qilin and flood dragon their two here are releasing the long-distance attack, no one goes forward, separates in this hits spatially, the attack that they create the surrounding these hills, the trees all destroyed. Bang! They two wars have continued for a half hour, afterward they have tacit understanding turning head of all, the hot Qilin returned to own hole, but the flood dragon also returned to the river bottom. Shouted whistling! Three people all aspirated. Big brother, what you feel is what rank?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qi Wang. „The might of that group of flame can compare favorably with six cauldron Expert fully strikes fully, strikes fully.” Qi Wang is the feeling is a little also terrorist, after all he in 1000 had not arrived here. flame attack was only the hot Qilin puts to set on fire obviously casually, but the striking power sufficiently compared favorably with six cauldron Rank 1 Expert to exhaust to hit fully struck. Our three if a moment ago rushed directly, that insufficiently filled the gap between teeth to others.” In the free of evil intention brain anything eats, therefore his big brother analogy also with eating the analogy of hitting, but this time he analogies others eating. These two fellows are truly fierce, but I have also thought of good means.” Xia Tian saw the forms of combat of these two Saint beasts a moment ago, he has thought of a great idea. What good method?” Qi Wang asked hurriedly, he extremely worried that Xia Tian will have an accident, therefore he heard Xia Tian to say at this time good method time, he also came the spirit.

You not with delicious entices it to come out?” Free of evil intention face curious looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian really free of evil intention being defeated. In his brain all eats, eating that this matter, his unexpectedly also first thinks, whom this point did not have, besides him free of evil intention, the second person cannot want to result in comes out. Big brother, you said me, if shoulders they two contradictions? Let they two hitting maliciously, didn't such we have the opportunity?” Xia Tian saw their two a moment ago, when carried on the fight to think of this attention suddenly, when thinks that this idea, he decided to implement. Great idea! The third child, you are certainly careful, the big brother knows unable to calm down you, but you must protect itself good, you were the big brother’s most own person in this world.” Qi Wang makes an effort held the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. Em, Big brother, you feel relieved.” Nod of Xia Tian makes an effort, after coming next three, Qi Wang was too many are too really many to his help. Can say , if no Qi Wang, he does not know that died many to return. These enemies who especially he afterward ran into, these enemies had already surpassed his cognition, has surpassed him to the enemy formidable cognition. Before four cauldron Expert in his eyes are very fierce, was five cauldrons afterward, even Expert of six cauldrons he cut to kill. All these require the time, needs excessively, needs the resources, but these Qi Wang have given him. Has the protection of Qi Wang, the next three nobody dares to move him, this has also given him the best development time, moreover with the help of Qi Wang, his overall strength is developing every day rapidly, other probably are treat their blood brother to be the same to him. Millenniums, already thing was the person not. Millenniums ago, Qi Wang has a younger brother, but he died, thousand years later, Qi Wang saw his younger brother's shadow on the body of Xia Tian, therefore he and Xia Tian swears brotherhood. Becoming the brothers of a different surname. Walks, Big brother!” Xia Tian said that they move toward the Qilin hole nearby directly, afterward he found a very covert place.

Excavate! Has [gold/metal] Dao Xia Tian, digs a hole can be said as the unmatched in the world. It is not next three, but is the world. In the entire spirit world is all counted, Xia Tian also absolutely refuses to accept anyone, moreover he more digs is more convenient, the skill that now he digs a hole has surpassed his skill of fight. Although Qi Wang saw that too Xia Tian has dug a hole repeatedly, may look or think each time very inconceivable. Xia Tian to escape conveniently, Freshman some that but also in digging a hole, digs hole inside place intentionally, this had been discovered by the hot Qilin, they can also have the earliest possible time escaping opportunity. Ka! [gold/metal] Dao the effort is big, but Xia Tian intentionally is lowering the sound, does this to prevent to be discovered by the Qilin beast, but after all the Qilin beast the Saint beast, the strength is terrorist. Moreover the Qilin beast has very high wisdom, once had been discovered himself by it and the others the intentions, then wants covertly to go in again, that was difficult the ratio to ascend to heaven. This hole has dug for three hours, to be careful, therefore Xia Tian intentionally slows the tempo. You here, final place I opened, so long as you as soon as pushes, can promote.” Xia Tian low voice saying. You carefully.” The Qi Wang reminder said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded: I walked.” Afterward Xia Tian goes out of that hole that oneself have dug directly, the speed of exiting was fast, after he arrived at cave entrance, in his both hands has gotten hold of four monkey match thunder: In this world does not have the matter that the monkey match thunder is unable to solve, if present, that two monkey match thunder, if was unable, that four.”