Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2228

Looks the four monkey match thunder in own both hands, on the face of Xia Tian have shown a smiling face of faint trace, in an afterward hand has taken up two monkey match thunder. To be fair, person of two, your two sides do not quarrel.” Xia Tian said that has thrown two monkey match thunder toward Qilin cave in directly, afterward has thrown two monkey match thunder toward the following rivers. Road sees does not put down a roar, roars I to walk.” Xia Tian starts directly, he understands that now does not run, one can without enough time. Bang! The explosive force of monkey match thunder is very terrifying. Is good because of the Qilin hole, because year to year has the hot Qilin housing, therefore here rock density is very high, the monkey match thunder has not bombed the Qilin hole. But makes nearby trim cave all rock. Bang! The following rivers exploded the spray, the might of monkey match thunder was very big. !! Two roars transmit. The hot Qilin and flood dragon flushed once more, this time their two as if are angry, because usually their two battles both have the time rule, a day one time. But now time in the past just three hours. This gradually became they two balance points, if this balance point adapted gradually, then their two might mutually save very much. The Saint beast has the dignity of Saint beast, they also attach importance to face. If the flood dragon came to the domain of hot Qilin, the hot Qilin did not express, that later hot Qilin how obedience, moreover here wild beast thinks that its hot Qilin has feared the flood dragon. In fact, it and flood dragon are in very awkward region.

The flood dragon does not dare to come ashore with its showdown, it does not dare to launch and flood dragon showdown. This is also their two deeply worried in the together primary cause. Their two Tiantian fight, but cannot decide the victory and defeat, does not have the too big attack, but this talent just has sufficed for three hours, both sides on felt the provocation. They do not certainly know that this is Xia Tian does. Therefore at this time the hot Qilin thinks flood dragon this wants to rob its all domains, how does this it endure? It must defend her dignity, it must fight with the flood dragon. But the flood dragon is to think the hot Qilin at this time goes too far, before it, truly in upstream, but the upstream made a connection now, then it is still the overlord in its water, it also knows fierce of hot Qilin, therefore it has never thought must come ashore to struggle anything with the hot Qilin. Even if the hot Qilin sets on fire to it every day, it also meets to incur, does not counterattack. It thinks that time, this matter let it go. But now hot Qilin unexpectedly so provokes, provocation again and again, this kept it from enduring happen to it also to suspect that recently may have the important matter to occur. Because of the upstream and downstream impossible making a connection with no reason at all, definitely has any rare treasure born. If is really any talent treasure, then it will rob absolutely. It anticipates the treasure. In the past it relied on that treasure, therefore it becomes the present flood dragon from a brazen snake direct incarnation. The brazen snake, the instinct is greedy. So long as has the treasure, it is greedy. !!

When it hears the howling of hot Qilin, it directly has also killed, the hot Qilin has its dignity, has its army, has its subordinate, didn't have? It rushes to oneself here to bluff and bluster that absolutely not to be good. ! The flood dragon bellows a response to say. The anger between two Saint beasts are suddenly getting bigger and bigger, afterward the flood dragon and hot Qilin have initiated the war once more, this time war first several times is more intense. Because their two belt catches fire now. Good opportunity!!” Xia Tian sees like this good opportunity, he ran in the dense [say / way] hurriedly, when he arrived at the end of dense [say / way], Qi Wang and free of evil intention had already gone. Big brother, where are you at?” Xia Tian does not dare to shout is too loud, is worried by outside hot Qilin discovery. We in this.” Qi Wang responded in a low voice. Xia Tian flushes away to Qi Wang there directly, quick arrived at the Qi Wang side. What discovered?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qi Wang. Anything had not discovered that is hot, my previous time obtains Qilin pu to discover that in the surrounding, has not entered to this, but Qilin pu is the Qilin blood turns into, I suspected after Qilin pu that I obtain possibly is the Saint beast Qilin is injured, low, therefore happen to was picked by me.” Qi Wang disappointed shaking the head, if he guesses right, then in other words wants the Saint beast Qilin not injured, then they were impossible to find Qilin pu. Boss, we look again!!” Xia Tian also felt that here was very hot, moreover looks like sultry, the position that they are is the stove is probably same. Does not know how really it lives in such big place, compared favorably with quickly a small city.” Qi Wang helpless saying. „It is not right.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, his hand has placed above the ground suddenly afterward: Big brother, our below are the craters.” What? Crater!!” Qi Wang immediately one startled!!

Right, stone wall that we are at now although does not know how to form, but stone wall below is the crater, reason that here such hotly is because the quantity of heat of volcano roasts here.” Xia Tian answered. Hateful, actually big does such place go which to look for Qilin pu?” Qi Wang fast here is shuttling back and forth. The Xia Tian vision also the search that keeps in periphery. Big brother, we look separatedly, but is certainly careful, your good legendary luminous pearl and direction symbol, if became lost has deferred to direct Fu Zhao to come back, but must be quick, otherwise after and other hot unicorns came back, we have troubled, has remembered, so long as discovered that the hot Qilin came back, no matter other people run, that person who came back must run, hides as for the person who has not run away, conceal covertly will be better, waits for it next time and flood dragon hits, we on seizing the chance to escape.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Em! We understand!!” Qi Wang nodded. Must remember, no matter what happened, is irretraceable, even if saw that I was pursued by the hot Qilin, you cannot turn head, I definitely have the means to escape, you only needed I to be OK.” Xia Tian said again. Trades to do is I am pursued is also same!” Qi Wang said. Em!” Three people also nodded. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three person's shadows fly in three different directions, they three speeds are fast, they must search, rug search. Xia Tian, here discovered the thing.” Free of evil intention shouts suddenly loudly. Hears the free of evil intention sound, Xia Tian and Qi Wang complexion simultaneously changes. !!! The hot Qilin exuded one to roar, afterward it gave up and fight of flood dragon, but directly flushed in the Qilin hole.