Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2229

N , N , D, courted disaster.” Free of evil intention this time also knows one a moment ago possibly were too excited, this he must certainly the hot Qilin directing. Free of evil intention, walks quickly.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Qi Wang is also the old route returns, at this time they must catch up in front of hot Qilin leave here, otherwise was miserable. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three people all defer to the old route to return, they a moment ago walked was too thorough, therefore is to currently use also is very fully difficult to hurry back immediately, moreover they have not been able the user to favor to unite here, because here path is difficult to walk, some places are narrow, some place widths, but also some places all suddenly puncture wait / etc.. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian is first comes back, his immortal, the silver corona speed is fast, moreover does not use the increasing body, therefore he is also first comes back. Qi Wang and free of evil intention their speeds to be slightly slower, the road that they took a moment ago is also difficult to walk. Bang! At this time the hot Qilin flushed. Hateful, its speed was also too fast.” Xia Tian depressed saying. At this time they are away from here also distance with Qi Wang free of evil intention, but the hot Qilin flushed. „The third child, you walks first, does not need to manage us.” Qi Wang shouts loudly, at this time they saw the form of hot Qilin, if Xia Tian continues to stay there, then must go to the attack of surface getting a light from another light Qilin directly. You make the best use of the time, I should be able to block his meeting.” Although before Xia Tian , they have made with Qi Wang, who has the opportunity who runs away first, but saw truly they have that long-distance range time, he is unable a person to escape. „Has the third child, you forgotten our agreement?” Qi Wang shouts loudly. Big brother, saves to scold my strength to make an effort to run.” A Xia Tian body bow, both hands grasped slightly forward afterward directly in the air. Seizes the dragon second type! Melts the dragon!! Bang! The form direct thunders of two dragons hot Qilin. Puff!

The flame of hot Qilin has swallowed the attack of Xia Tian directly, Xia Tian that seems a very formidable move such relaxed by neutralize. interesting, it seems like I must come to select ruthlessly.” Both hands of Xia Tian grasped once more to the air. Seizes the dragon second type!! Thunder. Melts the dragon!! Bang! The formidable explosive force sweeps across directly to the opposite hot Qilin. The strength of thunder and lightning is the day punishing strength, can destroy all strengths. Bang! The hot Qilin just started not to care about the attack of Xia Tian, it thinks her flame to be able all attack burning down, when the strength of thunder and lightning hits when its body, has broken the defense of its body directly. Bang! Its body was pounded burnt by the attack of Xia Tian. !! In the mouth of hot Qilin has exuded an angry roar, this time hot Qilin was angry, from not having humanity can injure it, although it has not received any too big injury, but it has been able to feel the ache, this regarding him is the shame, its solemn Saint beast hot Qilin unexpectedly had been hurt by a human lane, this is not it can endure. Really is effective.” On face of Xia Tian one happy, the strength of thunder and lightning has truly broken that matter flame of hot Qilin body surface. Therefore his dragon can hit on the body of hot Qilin, only the defensive power of going too far Qilin was really not too terrifying, even if were melts the dragon unable to other party to become any injury. Domain! Xia Tian opened the domain instantaneously. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Suddenly several thousand sword glow directly pounded to the hot Qilin. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Puff! In the hot Qilin mouth spouts one group of flame, Xia Tian that several thousand sword glow is swallowed by the flame directly. Strength broken ten meetings! The flame of hot Qilin is a strength, the Xia Tian style are many, pattern are many, but others flame directly extinguished you. The flame has not stopped, but is pounds directly to Xia Tian. The black fire, attacks! Xia Tian direct one group of black fires throw, the flame of black red and hot Qilin hits after together, the flame of hot Qilin was swallowed by the black fire instantaneously. Xia Tian knows that the black fire is formidable, but such uses the black fire he to love dearly, if he uses black fire Pill Refining and barbecue, that does not consume the black fire, but he uses the black fire to carry on the attack and defense, that will consume the black fire. The strength of black fire and thunder and lightning is very formidable ability, but similarly, their two strengths both are the consumables. Xia Tian uses one time, are less. The black fire vanished gradually. Since this has been Xia Tian uses the black fire, black fire first disappearance, he thinks flame that before the black fire will never be put out, but now black fire, although the flame of hot Qilin destroying completely, but its strength also consumes up. Now the rank of flame Xia Tian knows can be divided into several. First is the rank worst red flame \; Then is the white flame, the present is hot Qilin green flame, finally is the Xia Tian black fire, has the flame of other ranks to exist among this, that Xia Tian was unknown. Naturally, has not represented your flame rank to be high, you certainly can eat to decide the opposite party. A person of cauldron, even if gives him the black fire, he is unable to use the black fire to defeat five cauldron Expert red fires. Reason that a moment ago the Xia Tian black flame vanished, was because he controlled the black fire the strength not to have hot Qilin control azure hot strength. Moreover that group of green flame of hot Qilin blowout were many a moment ago, but the black fire that Xia Tian throws is little. !!! The hot Qilin has exuded angry roar.

Its unexpectedly one after another was provoked by a humanity. This is not it can endure. Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly also had broken a moment ago its flame, it even can feel the flame that Xia Tian uses to be higher than the flame rank that he uses. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices connection! The Tathagata god holds the first type! Fokuang peeps. A giant palm empty shade direct racket to hot Qilin. Although Xia Tian knows that own style is useless, but he can delay the time, the hot Qilin sees the Xia Tian use style, it very proud standing there, does not hide does not dodge, seems is showing off its strength to have strongly is the same. The Tathagata god holds the second type! Jinding buddha lamp! Bang! Two attacks simultaneously pounded on the body of hot Qilin, but the hot Qilin has not received any injury, the vision that at this time it used to despise looked to Xia Tian, in its eye, Xia Tian was ants. Big brother, free of evil intention, you may want quick Ah! the Xia Tian innermost feelings to pray, at the same time his right hand wields, pleasant Golden Cudgel appears in his hands, he understands that now these fancy styles could not stump the hot Qilin. ! In the mouth of hot Qilin spouted one group of giant flame directly, the flame as if wanted to swallow to be the same Xia Tian directly. Came!!” In the Xia Tian eye bright light dodges, afterward his body flushes away directly forward.