Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2231

Bang! The scarlet god wolf and tomahawk had all been hit by the hot Qilin. ! Xia Tian also used this time to flee from the stone the body. Bang! Three people fell on the ground directly. At this time three people have worn coverall, naturally, the one who is free of evil intention is Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang, is not the coverall, but might same very formidable. Three people gathered officially. But at this time three people of opposite are that rush of blood to the head Qilin. Of hot Qilin is not too big, but seems is actually awe-inspiring, that green flame makes the person seem body very from top to bottom. This is the three people of first time positive and hot Qilin to. Moreover they do not dare to pull rank, all has used the strongest equipment. Comes up is the coverall. Only then this can with hot Qilin resistance. Roar! In the mouth of hot Qilin has sent out angry roaring, three fellows, unexpectedly had three fellows to rush in its cavern, this made it think that did not have the face, it was the Saint beast Qilin, here King, King in Mt. Qilin, now casually but some unexpectedly people dare along with pay new year's call rushed in its cavern. It must destroy, it wants front the thorough destruction these three fellows. It must make these three fellows regret. The blood washes off its shame. On together.” After Xia Tian their three have looked at each other one, three people have killed directly. The god wolf attacks! Blue luan feather fan!! Tu Dragon Zhan!! Three people put out the strongest attack that oneself present has been able to grasp, their three this is wants with the hot Qilin positive spells, they want to try the hot Qilin true strength, if they can the uniform hot Qilin, then they must take the blood of hot Qilin directly.

Bang! In the mouth of hot Qilin has spouted one group of green flame, afterward his huge body hit directly to Xia Tian their three. Bang!!! The attack of flame kept off by three people, but the attack of hot Qilin they actually cannot keep off, three people of bodies as if turned mediate the kite of line to be the same, fell on the ground directly. Hateful! Big brother, we could not spell, you changed the body is a bit faster young, then entered in the pinhole.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. „It is not good, I block, you walk first.” Qi Wang direct opposition. Xia Tian has not said anything, but fires into Qi Wang directly. ! The silver light dodges, the speed of blue luan also became quicker. He rushed to the Qi Wang side instantaneously, afterward makes an effort to fling to behind Qi Wang. Qi Wang knows one cannot lose the time again, therefore he has relieved the coverall directly, has fired into the pinhole, free of evil intention also flushed. Bang! The body of Xia Tian has fired into the hot Qilin once more. Puff! A blood spouts from his mouth, his body again was also hit to fly. Relieve! Xia Tian in the instance that own body flies backward, the coverall relieving, after having relieved the coverall, Xia Tian suppresses the pain on body to hurt with the tearing feeling of internal organs. ! The silver light dodges, his body vanished in directly same place. He has also crashed in that small cavern. Puff! Also is a blood spouts, he escaped a moment ago forcefully, has not unloaded the strength, therefore the strength has directly harmed his internal organs. Third child!!” Qi Wang anxious shouting.

Do not turn head, run.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. ! The hot Qilin saw that three people of unexpectedly ran away, then the anger immediately has come up, hot Qilin that he keeps aloof, but its unexpectedly makes three small and weak humanity playing now, these three small and weak human unexpectedly escaped from its front, this is it is unable to endure. Treads! The hot Qilin ran directly to the position of cave entrance. However its was too big, is unable to enter that little cave entrance. Bang! One group of flame injected in cave entrance directly. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! One group of then one group of flame follow, hot Qilin this is must all light that entire cavern that Xia Tian digs. Run!!” Xia Tian feels the quantity of heat of behind transmitting, even if he has not turned head also to know that following has anything, definitely was the hot Qilin has protected from fire, such narrow and small tunnel, they were nowhere dodge, therefore can only run away, otherwise their bodies will directly be swallowed by the green flame. Even if he used the black hot armor to shunt an attack, then the following several attacks can also want his life! !! Three people completely in escaping of breaknecking. The present three people absolutely did not have the beforehand imposing manner, their three were known as one of the next three strongest several people, the war under Mt. Qilin was makes all people remember their overwhelming power, in humanity they were keeping aloof Expert, however in the face of the attack of hot Qilin, they actually became very small and weak. Xia Tian even can feel behind quantity of heat at this time. Run! He the only idea a bit faster runs now, runs the chasing down range of flame. Bang!! ! The silver light dodges! Xia Tian overtook Qi Wang and free of evil intention directly, his both hands make an effort to fling, has flung them directly stiffly. Bang!

The flame collapses the tunnel bang directly, the intense flame ran out of 400-500 meters to stop from the tunnel portal, but Qi Wang and free of evil intention they to fall in the water at this time. Third child!!” Xia Tian!!” Qi Wang and free of evil intention also shouts, Xia Tian gave to throw a moment ago them in the final time, using that big strength, Xia Tian definitely to stop in same place with the strength, this stopped, he was doomed by the following flame overtaking. Bang! Qi Wang jumped from the water surface directly. Third child!!” Big brother, I am all right.” The familiar sound appears on the cliff of Mt. Qilin together. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three people fell on riverside directly. „The third child, you so are how silly.” Qi Wang has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, if a moment ago were not Xia Tian stops to throw them, they do not die now also want the severe wound. Hissing! Xia Tian pain mouth one! „Were you injured?” Qi Wang examines the body of Xia Tian hurriedly, at this time he discovered that the entire back of Xia Tian had almost been burnt did not have, even some places have been able to see the bone. My being all right big brother, is the body wounds.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You, you must irritate me, isn't this serious? The multi- wounds, your internal organs did not have on all the fever again.” Qi Wang indignant saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Big brother, I am all right, I was dug the bone to break the muscle to receive before, this is anything.” Although Xia Tian is very painful, but suffers his time with Abao, completely is not a rank: Right free of evil intention, actually have you discovered what thing?” Xia Tian this is in the shift topic, otherwise he definitely will be scolded a stream of abuse by Qi Wang. „, Truly is very strange.” The free of evil intention hurried response said.