Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2232

Probably is a cave entrance, but does not know where leads, moreover there is very probably hot.” Remembers the place that he had found at that time free of evil intention, there is very hot, moreover is strange, therefore he will unable to bear shout at that time. cave entrance? Is there the staying place of hot Qilin?” Xia Tian has thought of this possibility immediately. The place that the hot Qilin lives in can be very hot place surely, this is also the place that it most likes. Won't the inhabited area of hot Qilin possibly have Qilin pu? „The place that the third child, it seems like free of evil intention found should be the hot Qilin stays truly.” The Qi Wang meat has thought nod, although he knows that Qilin pu is by the Qilin blood melts, but he does not know that Qilin pu the true origin, he only knows has the place of hot Qilin definitely to have Qilin pu. Um, truly should be, but our several this time wanted to enter the Qilin hole to be not so simple, the hot Qilin was astute, it on impossible second time to work as absolutely.” Xia Tian depressed saying, they have used a time scheme to direct the hot Qilin, then hot Qilin not silly on second working as. After all but hot Qilin Saint beast. Over ten levels uncultivated land beast wisdom were very high, that say nothing was the Saint beast hot Qilin. Xia Tian, won't you dig a hole?” Free of evil intention puzzled asking. He thinks that made Xia Tian dig a hole digs directly is not good to the genuine position of hot Qilin cave entrance, such they can take the thing to walk directly. The hot Qilin definitely cannot overtake their. Where has simplicity that you imagine, now the hot Qilin definitely hides in the Qilin hole is not willing to come out, even if our outside quarrelling broken day it will not come out again, if we dig what to do it is waiting for us? When the time comes one group of flame can make us all give to solve, if digs downward, might dig the rock magma very much, when the time comes dead end.” Xia Tian helpless saying, solely will not be the hot Qilin will not be swindled now was so simple, the present was he digs a hole does not dare to dig casually. If a moment ago were not quick, their several that they ran all were swallowed by the flame. To the back of present Xia Tian is the burning ache. Blames me, I shouted words that the hot Qilin will not discover us.” Free of evil intention somewhat rebukes oneself to say. He also knows that a moment ago were really too excited, because of this, therefore the hot Qilin will discover their.

Moreover Xia Tian also to save them received such heavy wound. What said that we are a team, we are the brothers, how you for I do go all out do not make me blame you?” Xia Tian looked that to asked free of evil intention, invisible initially with seven killed the armed forces went all out, that is really breaknecking, even his brain seven was killed the armed forces cutting. This friendship touched Xia Tian. All that makes free of evil intention will be make Xia Tian trade to him a life, Xia Tian will not have the slight hesitation. Free of evil intention, do not think that many.” Qi Wang has patted free of evil intention shoulder. Fights he to look free of evil intention clearly, then fight was he absolutely cannot achieve. Therefore he also a little admired free of evil intention. Xia Tian, you had any need my place to tell on the line freely.” Thinks the unusual apology free of evil intention, therefore he wants to be now Xia Tian makes anything to prove itself. Sees the free of evil intention appearance, Qi Wang helpless shaking the head of Xia Tian. They understood free of evil intention this time, for made reparations the merit. Free of evil intention, actually you do not need to consider these, you radically right, if not you, we could not find the genuine Qilin hole.” The Xia Tian comfort said that he also is really the appearance that first time sees rebukes oneself free of evil intention. Um, we first find a place therapy.” Qi Wang consoles to say. Currently on their three has the wound, especially the wound of Xia Tian back, although skin flesh wound, but burnt of that big piece will not restore. Moreover the destructive power of green flame is terrorist. The Xia Tian body repair function also became very slow.

Good!” Said free of evil intention rushes directly goes, he wants the place that seeks to be able therapy, was quick they to find the natural pinhole, although the pinhole was not big, but can actually hold their three with ease, before Xia Tian went, has not forgotten to arrange Formation to seal up cave entrance. This is the basic common knowledge, is one is good to be familiar with. Prevents the thing sneak attack. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three people directly entered in cave, after three people entered in the cave. Crash-bang! On the water surface stretched out a snake head, no, is the head of flood dragon, the cave that its vision looked at three people of staying, the head returned afterward submarine. In its vision seems containing slyly. When it sees Xia Tian their three, it understands why the hot Qilin will hit directly to escape a moment ago, because these three people intruded the Qilin hole, moreover these three person unexpectedly can in bumping into the situation of hot Qilin does not die, this made it think of a great idea. It wants the rare treasure. But this rare treasure most likely in Qilin hole. It does not dare the frontal attack Qilin hole. The hot Qilin in the water hits it, but came ashore it is not the match of hot Qilin. Therefore it does not dare to enter the Qilin hole. But when it sees these three humanity, it suddenly had a great idea.

In cave. „The third child, you quickly therapy, with the best compounded drug, otherwise your wound very much might worsen.” The Qi Wang reminder said. Relax the big brother, I am all right, I am trying to find the solution now, how has a look to enter the Qilin hole once more, since we have located the Qilin hole position now, then we must go.” Xia Tian vision firm saying, refined samsara pill now only the bad Qilin blood. But at this time he arrived at the Qilin hole, how he may return empty-handed. Also Jiu Jiang was his sister-in-law, the Qilin blood definitely has the function to Jiu Jiang, therefore he cannot miss. „The third child, you leaves worries, definitely will have the means that when our wounds recuperated, exits to try, when the time comes certainly can enter the Qilin hole.” Qi Wang confident saying. He believes that the brothers of one mind, must be able its advantage to cut through metal. Um!!!” Xia Tian vision firm nod. Hissing hissing!! In the forest, small black is going forward at this time rapidly, small blacksnake is small, only then the palm of the hand is so big, however its speed actually be more terrorist than any Expert, main does not have any living thing to block it, all the way its this walks is the straight lines. Any biology, so long as dares to block its way, is Insta-kill.