Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2233

Two days later, Qi Wang and free of evil intention wound were all good, Xia Tian wound also good part. When Xia Tian wants to continue to heal from a wound. Bang! Um? What happened?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Hears the sound to know that outside definitely had anything, otherwise is impossible to transmit such big sound, but the sound does not erupt their here obviously. You continue to sit do not move here, I have a look.” Qi Wang stands up. He knows that on Xia Tian has the wound, therefore he cannot make Xia Tian move. Um, be careful.” Xia Tian will come and go out Formation Fu Reng to Qi Wang. Xia Tian can judge from the sound, the sound should not near cave entrance, therefore he did not worry that Qi Wang will have an accident, moreover perhaps the Qi Wang strength in that pendulum, here besides the flood dragon and hot Qilin, did not have other any wild beasts to threaten Qi Wang. Qi Wang has passed through Formation directly, walked. Xia Tian, sorry.” Free of evil intention is still intertwining for this matter. Ha Ha Ha Ha, you how with woman, if not you, we feared previous time in vain to go, which is unable to discover including cave entrance that currently most at least has 80% to confirm the position of cave entrance, we in vain have not gone.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. But.” But what? Wanted me saying that you not only right, but also active, our three people had found the entrance on you, you said that your merit was much big.” Xia Tian looked that to said free of evil intention, he understands himself, if with did not openly express this matter free of evil intention, free of evil intention possibly really guilty for a lifetime. Volume!!!” Free of evil intention brain response originally slow, now he a little could not follow the thought of Xia Tian to transform.

Volume anything, do you later also want to eat the thing, I told you, in our uneven Imperial City had the demon immortal kitchen.” Xia Tian shifted the topic once more, he free of evil intention attention will shift eating above, he knows free of evil intention regarding eating the thing resistivity is zero. Therefore does not have anything other can compared with eating can shift his attention. „Is the thing that demon immortal kitchen makes so really delicious?” Free of evil intention was really convinced by Xia Tian. That was natural, but he next three first chef.” Xia Tian naturally admired the cook of demon immortal kitchen, must know that the vegetable of demon immortal kitchen was overbearing, moreover even also had to avoid the vegetable of day tribulation. Speaking of day of tribulation Xia Tian to be depressed. Normal, above four cauldron Rank 4 has not promoted Rank 1 that to have the day to plunder was right, although the might of day tribulation will be small, but also is the day tribulation. But Xia Tian unexpectedly rises dramatically to five cauldron Rank 1 day tribulations has not come. He continuously after the waiting day tribulation, he good to store up the strength of some thunder and lightning again. But the day tribulation probably is hiding him to be the same. Really was too anticipated, we a bit faster took the Qilin blood a bit faster to go back.” On the free of evil intention face is the excited look. At this time, Qi Wang also walked. Big brother, outside what's the matter?” Xia Tian asked that he wanted first to know that actually outside what happened, he can think like this better means dealt with outside all. Hit.” The Qi Wang brow tight wrinkle, seems is thinking deeply about anything to be the same. What dozen?” Xia Tian is also puzzled looked that asked to Qi Wang.

Wild beasts and water monsters hit.” Qi Wang said. Hears Qi Wang words Xia Tian puzzled, why he will not a little be able to think through the water monsters to hit suddenly with the wild beast. The water monster is in the water the name of wild beast. I think that does not understand, why before they did not hit, now hits.” How Qi Wang wants also to think that does not understand why this is. Um, truly, rivers made a connection are not a day two days, if they want the internecine strife, also will not wait till today, already came to be life and death, but they early do not hit, late does not hit, hit at this time, this little was unthinkable.” Xia Tian nodded, said the doubts of innermost feelings. I also think that moreover I observed specially, fight of this wild beasts and water monsters is not cracking a joke, is going all out completely, perhaps this time they must put together to be life and death.” Uneven Wang Gang starts curious these wild beasts and water monsters in the piece of work, therefore he carefully observed a meeting. This observation, he discovers these water monsters and wild beasts not in the piece of work, but is breaknecking. Ok, why no matter first they hit, when I injured us to find an opportunity to enter the Qilin hole again, this time happen to was a good opportunity.” Xia Tian does not want to guess that the ideas of these wild beasts, after all they are only the wild beasts, even if had the wisdom, similarly also will be is controlled by the courage and uprightness. Um! I exit to inquire the inquiry again.” Qi Wang said. I go with you together, is good to take care.” Followed free of evil intention. After they exit, in the Xia Tian mind is thinking fast, he in consideration outcome what's the matter, a moment ago Qi Wang and free of evil intention, therefore something he cannot say, will otherwise certainly cause Qi Wang and free of evil intention worry. Is the flood dragon!!!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he has now thought of this possibility. If is really the flood dragon, that has troubled, the flood dragon has Gao Zhihui's biology, if had been planned by it, that may not be good. It seems like I must try to find a solution of satisfying both sides.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought.

Three days later!!! Xia Tian wound was all good. „Did the third child, what you say?” Qi Wang stares slightly, afterward shakes the head hurriedly: „It is not good, you said is not absolutely good.” Big brother, haven't you believed me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qi Wang. But this was too dangerous.” Qi Wang brow tight wrinkle in one. Big brother, this is a good opportunity, moreover I called you to descend the mountain temporarily, one day later coming back quietly.” Xia Tian told them a moment ago own plan, that is makes them descend the mountain, brings to the attention of flood dragon, then he goes to the Qilin hole, finally lets Qi Wang and free of evil intention waiting opportunity supports itself. „It is not good, this was too dangerous.” Qi Wang rejects. Big brother, my maintaining life method are many, moreover I go into action is very convenient, cannot hit me to run, you give me this opportunity, I ensure I will not have an accident absolutely.” Xia Tian begged. Finally the Qi Wang compromise, he and descends the mountain free of evil intention, but Xia Tian quietly walks toward the position of Qilin hole. Xia Tian had not discovered that at this time points at that long flood dragon following quietly in his, the movement is very light, falls the fallen leaf on the ground is lighter.