Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2234

Yeah! My this Third Brother.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head, he descended the mountain afterward directly free of evil intention, he looks at Xia Tian to grow with own eyes, from most starts Xia Tian is also only an ordinary boy, although the method are many, but most also can only deal with about four cauldron Rank 5 people. He continuously in help Xia Tian silently. But now several years, Xia Tian strength unexpectedly became is more terrorist than him, now was he not necessarily is the Xia Tian match. Moreover he believes method that own definitely also anti- Xia Tian that emerges one after another incessantly. He a little could not even overtake the Xia Tian footsteps. It seems like I must grasp time cultivation, this will see next time the corrupt wolf I can thorough extinguishes him kills.” Qi Wang secret was pledging, initially he made Xia Tian bleed off the corrupt wolf, to some day him can kill the corrupt wolf personally, good was Jiu Jiang revenges, this was he is a dignity of man. He must seize, but did not close right up against Xia Tian to help the homicide the corrupt wolf. Xia Tian is I have seen the talent strongest person, is the most mystical person.” Free of evil intention very earnest saying. Um.” Qi Wang nodded.

Qi Wang, you listened to destiny to say!” Asked free of evil intention again, after these days contact, he and Qi Wang already was the friend, although did not have Qi Wang and Xia Tian that sentiment, but if hit, Qi Wang definitely for free of evil intention will also go all out. Because was initially free of evil intention also surrounds the scene that for they go all out to the present in his mind. Has heard some, but destiny said that is very mysterious.” Qi Wang lived for more than 1000 years, thousand years ago but he absolute King, he naturally has heard the matters of many secret. My Sect there has ancient book record, although is not very clear, but can reorganize.” Free of evil intention light saying: Destiny can also be divided into several ranks, first our ordinary destiny are the zero orders, in other words heavenly will fall the meat pie the matter not to pound on us generally, next has the big destiny person, but will have the big destiny person to divide many ranks probably, I will be divided into one to nine levels this big destiny temporarily, Rank 1 will be lowest, nine levels highest.” Um!” Qi Wang nodded, he thinks free of evil intention arrangement unusual is reasonable. Divides with the rank truly can listen is clearer. „The Rank 1 big destiny is also the lowest grade destiny, although said that is the lowest grade destiny, but he also go against heaven's will compared with the average person, because he can bring about the hope to an entrance, the school that if must perish immediately takes in the entrance this person, then this entrance might bring back to life very much.” What free of evil intention patience is the Qi Wang explanation said. Um, this person I have heard, next three also really have such person to exist.” Qi Wang nodded.

„The Rank 2 big destiny refers, this person enters in the big buried treasure generally time, can avoid the harm, can unknowingly obtain the good treasure frequently, this person will not be short of money generally, will not lack the treasure, naturally, but the contrast ordinary powder cultivates, they are very rich.” In a disorderly way is explaining rank that he knows free of evil intention. Um, this person I have also heard.” Although before Qi Wang, has heard, but he not true reorganizes the situations of these people, has not divided the rank them, therefore he listened to a free of evil intention such saying at this time also thorough came the interest. The legend of related destiny has, in any case is so long as stains destiny type of thing, then absolutely will be appealing. „The person of Rank 3 big destiny refers to being able to start from scratch to establish the person who Giant Bull City has like this, can become Chief of big influence, that is in itself a destiny adds the body, especially when the foundation influence along minute with the current, this person next three almost did not have, even if had also to hide.” Understands free of evil intention, even if the present these anything eight big influences also inherits the family property of elders, moreover is their elders, in eight people perhaps also only then to two people has probably the Rank 3 big destiny person. Um!” Qi Wang understands one do not have the Rank 3 big destiny person absolutely. Remaining I am unable to analyze, limited that also after all I understand, but I heard that truly will have the person who will go against heaven's will the destiny to walk to be moved to by spirit stone, eats meal to take the efficacious medicine, will gain ground falls from heavenly on active, moreover their everything will enter the buried treasure time, can find the shortcut, even the destiny will help them continually, this person will be is known as the invincible destiny, the perfection myth, the God's favored one, even if were chased down by Expert, they can also escape finally with ease, this person should be the nine level destiny in legend.” Free of evil intention although is unable concrete induces this person, but he understands that this person absolutely is very extraordinary. From his several words abnormally can actually be able to hear this person. This person was too truly abnormal, has such destiny person should in the contemporaries invincible, no, should be able be said as nobody can kill them.” Qi Wang also thinks that this person really goes against heaven's will, their existences are BUG, this person will defeat how possibly.

No, I wanted to some ancient times, said that the world myriad things promoted and constrained mutually, was impossible to present the true invincibility, probably more fearful destiny, compared with that destiny more terrifying destiny that I said a moment ago, but person actually what of that destiny does not know that had any skill, was capable of anything not knowing that completely, but on that was said probably this destiny is will usually not reveal, if revealed that came out that on to be able compared with nine level destiny also to the terrifying.” Free of evil intention said dim, he is unable to confirm that real existence of this destiny, he only knows that this destiny goes against heaven's will completely. It seems like has the opportunity also really to look for the record in this aspect, such later bumps into this group of bastards to be also good to try to find the solution.” Qi Wang nodded. In this time Mt. Qilin, Xia Tian has dug another channel, this channel is also used to enter the Qilin hole, but he does not dare to make a connection with this channel now, because hot Qilin in Qilin hole. Hateful, must think that means direct the hot Qilin, otherwise I cannot go.” Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle, he in wants to have any good also means to be able the hot Qilin to direct. Bang! At this moment, Qilin hole there heard the sound of explosion, Xia Tian went to examine hurriedly that he discovered unexpectedly was the water monster army sneak attacks. Really is the day helps me.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy.