Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2235

Water monster sneak attack Qilin hole!!! Good news! This regarding Xia Tian absolutely is a good news, he is thinking a moment ago still, if can direct the hot Qilin, at this time these water monster sneak attack Qilin holes may give his excellent opportunity, he believes that by the disposition of hot Qilin, is unable to tolerate these water monsters absolutely in its cave entrance recklessly unseemly behavior. Xia Tian at the maximum speed will enter when the time comes the Qilin hole, when the time comes naturally can obtain Qilin pu. The Qilin, is the beast of auspicious omen, it is also the Saint beast! Does not dare to appear like its this Saint beast in the face of powerful humanity generally, because it may be seized to regard the pet by others, even possible to raise the bloodletting it, must know that the blood of hot Qilin is precious, if can raise a rush of blood to the head Qilin in own back garden, that can make Rank 5 Expert continuously. My opportunity came, the hot Qilin, when can you endure?” Xia Tian is waiting for in the tunnel, he knows that the hot Qilin definitely casually will not exit, because previous time he has alarmed the hot Qilin, such hot Qilin will have is vigilant the heart, then the hot Qilin wants to be Xia Tian their these humanity wants to continue to entice it to exit. After all in its eye, Xia Tian and the others is very sly. However soon, the hot Qilin will discover is not Xia Tian that outside the hole provokes their clever trick, but is the genuine water monster. He already looked that the water monsters have not been feeling well, how the wild beast that it leads is land operational capacity, the water battle is weak, therefore he is unable to attack to launch. But flood dragon also very sly, does not come ashore. Then makes the fight refuse to compromise. !!! Sound of outside unceasing emanation howling and fight. Hot Qilin after intertwining most of the day, finally could not endure, it started to look to outside. There had the water monster to rush. Angry! Hot Qilin thorough was angry, water monster unexpectedly dares to intrude its cavern, this provokes absolutely. It thinks that water monsters have really been supercilious, thinks really one had feared the water monsters, unexpectedly dares to come out from the water, moreover projected on his Qilin hole to come directly. Bang!

One group of green flame spout from its mouth. Bang! The flame swallows front water monster instantaneously completely. When the hot Qilin planned turns head not to pursue, cave entrance suddenly had Dashuichong. Water monsters unexpectedly started to turn on the water, turned on the water to its cavern, this hot Qilin has gotten angry, it was bullied main house gate, it can also not be how angry, but here its supreme headquarters, but water monster not only has attacked his supreme headquarters, was turns on the water to its Qilin hole directly. It is the hot Qilin. The water is it most repugnant thing, it is usually used to quench thirst is the flame. Going too far. It thinks that water monsters went too far simply. This time! It must carry on to counter-attack, it must make the water monsters withstand its anger, it must make the flood dragon withstand its anger, it does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, really its getting sick cat. Bang! The hot Qilin flushes away to outside directly. Sees the spate time, its direct one group of flame blowout, dry the water directly, turning on the water that outside these water monsters do not listen. Suddenly, in Qilin hole is the steam!! Bang! The hot Qilin starts big show invincible might directly, it ran out of the Qilin hole, starts to set on fire to outside, it starts to set on fire to the rivers, sets on fire to the surrounding these water monsters. Water monster pitiful yell sound continuously. Is now.” Xia Tian has cut open a final barrier directly, then has crashed in the Qilin hole.

He knew Qilin hole position, therefore he does not have the stay to run directly to inside, direction that the direction previous time free of evil intention runs, there is the genuine Qilin hole entrance. !! Xia Tian fast flushes away to there. Roar! Roar! The hot Qilin still outside big show invincible might, it is showing own anger now, it is extinguishing kills the water monster, it is displaying her dignity. It hits unusual is crisp. Because after water monster land, the strength is in itself the large scale drop, absolutely does not have any water monster to be able to block its attack . Moreover the flood dragon these time has not appeared, who that did not have anything to be able to catch its attack, it more hit more is suitable, more hit is more excited. ! Xia Tian has fired into the Qilin hole genuine entrance fast. He knows that he was quick, goes in walked with the thing. Quickly, again quickly, otherwise and other hot unicorns hit to satisfy a craving it definitely to come back.” Xia Tian understands, although the hot Qilin clashes now, but hot Qilin, once ends it immediately to come back crisply, after all couple days ago Xia Tian they just came, that has had very tremendous influence to the hot Qilin. Whiz! Xia Tian had not discovered that at this time his followed a very slightly very small insect, if carefully observes, he will discover that this is not the insect, but is the flood dragon, but is changed small the flood dragon. Bang! The hot Qilin thorough hitting, this time it has slaughtered the innumerable water monsters happily, usually these water monsters follow to bluff and bluster behind the flood dragon, it does not have any means that before this time it can finally snow , the shame, it wishes one could now directly the water thorough evaporation in rivers. What a pity the water of upstream continuous class, even if were it has dried here water, the water of upstream will cover quickly also here. Bang! One group of one group of flame periphery all water monsters all will then disappear. Found.” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, he had really found the Qilin hole genuine entrance, when he arrives here, he has determined, here is the genuine Qilin hole entrance: Really was good.”

! Xia Tian has not lost the time, directly flushed. Bang! When Xia Tian crashes in Qilin hole entrance, one group of flame have spurted from below directly. Black hot armor! Xia Tian not slight hesitant directly uses the black hot armor to wrap own body, afterward his whole person fell above the ground, at this time he already completely present all shocked: This is the genuine Qilin hole.” Outside Qilin hole. After the hot Qilin hears the sound in hole, the complexion changes immediately. Roar! In its mouth has exuded the angry howling, afterward it turned the head to run back the Qilin hole directly, it understands that he was swindled. Its unexpectedly another by humanity playing jokes upon. Kill! Its this time must kill these humanity not at any cost. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! In the forest, the black small snake form is shuttling back and forth there together, if Xia Tian, certainly excitedly will die here, because this is his small snake, has followed his little friend.