Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2236

! Xia Tian steady one own footsteps, afterward he saw a giant Qilin palace, here is very hot, because Xia Tian front is the rock magma, the rock magma has separated the road of Xia Tian advance, wants that genuine Qilin main hall, that must pass through the rock magma, the width of rock magma is about 300 meters, wants to jump over directly is impossible. Uses seven color ghosts saying that is not good, after all here temperature is too high, seven color ghosts clouds words that here uses, easily roasted anything not remaining. Therefore he must try to find the solution across these 300 meters rock magma. Was only a pity that his black fire was insufficient, if his black fire is sufficient, he can directly use the black hot armor frank and upright walked, even if were the tour were all right in the past. Snort, how 300 meters possibly can block me.” In the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges, afterward his body flushes away directly upwardly. ! When he went forward more than 30 meters, the [gold/metal] blade in his right hand cuts directly on the wall, afterward borrows the strength to go forward. !!! After ten times. Xia Tian passed this 300 meters in length rock magma perfectly. This said all the way simply, but is not good to borrow with the strength, if not Xia Tian movement, he was already swallowed by the rock magma. Moreover walks above wall here is also very hot. Above the rock magma, the air is not much left, moreover after year to year high temperature, there is also the unusual heat, even burns, if Xia Tian does not have spiritual energy to protect the body, his body was already roasted has dehydrated, if no cultivation normally the person walks from here, one meter can want his life. Thus it can be seen, actually here is how terrifying!! „, Really by hot Qilin discovering.” Xia Tian hears outside hot Qilin that angry howling, he knew the misdemeanor, here was a cavern, the hot Qilin that big voice can definitely pass on following the cavern. ! After Xia Tian falls to the ground, looked at a here environment.

The Qilin main hall is not the simple pit hole, but is the manual construction, some people have constructed this palace to it specially here. The entrance of palace has a statue. The statue was hot Qilin childhood appearance. Xia Tian does not have the time to appreciate here scenery, the hot Qilin pursued, he knows that he this time did not hide the opening fire Qilin, he must do a bit faster found Qilin pu, then brought Qilin pu to leave here. Where is at?” Xia Tian deeps frown, he is searching for fast. The Qilin palace is a little big, making him suddenly not know that which direction should in run. Ok, walks one casually.” Xia Tian clenched teeth to fire into own left side directly, in the entire palace had the strange stone carving. Roar! Xia Tian heard the voice of hot Qilin again, this hot Qilin was away from him to be getting more and more near. ! Silver light unceasing flashing before, although use immortal. After silver corona, consumes spirit stone, but this consumption and Xia Tian wealth compares, simply is 100 cow one jiao. Others is a drop in the bucket, he is 100 cow one jiao. Xia Tian most does not lack is the wealth. He understands that perhaps went three, his these wealth are not anything, but in next three, his wealth absolutely is first, entire next three no one has him to be rich. ! Xia Tian before body fast, clashes. Um?” At this moment, Xia Tian feels front to have the intense hot element suddenly: „Did I look right?”

Bang! At this moment, his rear area transmits a bang suddenly. This sound very big, probably was any thing breaks through the day was the same. What thing? The speed of hot Qilin is impossible such quick Ah! Xia Tian immediately one startled, but he has not cared, he continues stand forth, his goal is a front, there has very strong hot element. Whiz! At this moment, Xia Tian felt suddenly behind has any thing. When he turns head, he has not seen clearly is any thing, but he can definitely a moment ago have the thing to track him, if not that thing turns the head suddenly, he definitely is unable to discover. Narrow squeak, my unexpectedly was tracked itself not to know.” In Xia Tian heart suddenly one cold, he has thought his vigilance was very high, but his unexpectedly was tracked does not know, moreover does not know when one are from starts to be tracked. Bang! The bang transmits together, the hot Qilin also entered in cave entrance. If Xia Tian, he certainly will be here surprised at this time, because hot Qilin unexpectedly is treading the air vanguard, that 300 meters rock magma like this was trod by him. Bang! When the body of hot Qilin falls in the main hall, its vision looked to the statue of that small Qilin, on its face had a joy of faint trace obviously, but was quick it becomes serious, afterward its stand forth slowly, when he arrived at the main hall position, its vision looked at the direction that Xia Tian escaped first, on the face appeared some unwillingly, afterward it ran to right. It knows obviously Xia Tian ran toward left, but it has chosen the right, regarding it, the right matter seems to be more important than the direction that Xia Tian escapes. It hates Xia Tian, hates the intruder. But actually is what matter can make him give up chasing down Xia Tian, but right choice? !

Um?” Xia Tian that escaped can the clear feeling the hot Qilin not come to pursue it, but went to and his opposite direction, this made him have doubts, he knows that the hot Qilin hated his: „That side had what matter to occur, or compared with killing I more important matter?” Xia Tian this time does not worry, but started to observe the surrounding situation. He discovered that here absolutely is the manual construction. „Does this hot Qilin have the master?” Xia Tian has thought of this fearful idea suddenly. If is really the owner of hot Qilin, actually then the owner of hot Qilin did live how many years? Least also has more than 1000 years, after all thousand years ago Qi Wang had come the Qilin hole. ! Xia Tian accelerated, because he can feel the hot element that the front that store front comes. Bang! The body of Xia Tian fell on same place, at this time his front had stone gate. When Xia Tian just wanted with the [gold/metal] blade breaks stone gate, he sees by stone gate to have a circular stone, the stone probably is the toy is the same. Rotation that afterward he makes an effort directly stone. Bang! stone gate opened. A hot element of incomparable terrifying has fired into Xia Tian, this hot element not any danger, but Xia Tian at this time is also dumbfounded looks at front all.