Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2237

Humph! Xia Tian has opened the mouth at this time. He is looks for the Qilin blood, or Qilin pu. But now his front thing lets his thorough being shocked. A flame big tree appears in the Xia Tian front. Whistling! On the big tree is burning green flame. But on the tree has hung all over as if plum that big blood red spheroid, sees this thing time, Xia Tian has determined, this is Qilin pu that must look. Before they had many guesses. For example Qilin pu is the Qilin blood. However they have not thought absolutely Qilin pu unexpectedly is long on the tree, this flame big tree. shit, unexpectedly so many Qilin pu.” Xia Tian saw that on the tree most little has more than 100 Qilin pu, moreover these Qilin pu big one by one: Thinks that the hot Qilin usually is lives here.” Xia Tian started to inspect to the surroundings, when he saw the below of this tree, on his face immediately one happy. This tree unexpectedly is the blood of blood Qilin cultivates.

Really was good.” The Xia Tian slight hesitation, he directly these Qilin blood installing, to have installed more than 100 drops, can say that this time he has returned home with a full load truly, now he must consider how was Qilin pu on tree picking, he has prepared the vessel, was used to install the Qilin bodhi. The temperature on tree is very high, is the green flame. Is just the same as hot Qilin flame. Uses the black fire to break this blue fire, but my black fire remaining was really too few.” Xia Tian depressed saying, his remaining these black fires are plan to be used for Pill Refining, because the black fire is used for Pill Refining not to consume, but is used to attach in the body surface or the fight words, that may waste. How when he in takes down above Qilin pu worriedly, he discovered that on the tree following wall has the character. Bodhi hot tree, blue fire is the root, the empty shade is the tree, the Qilin blood irrigation, ten years a result.’ First stands in line to write such several lines of characters, Xia Tian is understanding that this so-called Qilin fire sets up unexpectedly is the empty shade. The bodhi book does not have the tree, the bright mirror also not stage. Did not have a thing, where annoys the dust! These two words are bodhi are brave the two verses. My this wholeheartedly to Buddha, how finally becomes the demon.’ My famous Buddhist scriptures, study the Buddha standard 800 years, to Buddha, only strove for being able some day to build the fruits of virtue wholeheartedly, brought salvation to all living things, what a pity I here have met nemesis of my fate, the Ancient demon god's blood, I think I can its build up, removed its demon star with my kindness, what a pity I finally failed, therefore I can only its seal, oneself pass away, the pitiful flame Qilin followed me to be so long, Day. Day. Every night takes the essence and blood to cultivate the bodhi hot tree as me, what a pity I cannot wait for the result time, if some people can see these words, I hope that you can build up under the bodhi hot tree blue fire, such bodhi hot tree will vanish, the flame Qilin did not need to continue with the essence and blood to cultivate it every day, the blue fire was the fire of Buddhism, so long as wholly-absorbed ground the Buddhist literature painstakingly, then the blue fire naturally is unable to injure to your slightest.’ Sees here time, Xia Tian understood, before here master unexpectedly is the person of Buddhism, but this rush of blood to the head Qilin should also be his pet, but he cannot shoulder demon god's blood inside fairyhood, finally can only with own life the demon god's blood suppression, but after he died, he knows that the hot Qilin definitely will continue to cultivate the bodhi hot tree, because this was it and Buddhist scriptures finally relation, it also thinks that some day the Buddhist scriptures can come back Qilin pu that ate it to cultivate, because also fire Qilin every day every night of training, therefore fire Qilin. The strength will not have to grow, even the body is not the strongest time.” Xia Tian guessed. Through the above writing, he guessed these, but he does not understand that actually Qi Wang how obtained Qilin pu in the past.

Cannot think through Xia Tian simply not to think. He currently had the means to receive these Qilin bodhi in any case and is blue hot. That is the Buddhist literature. If regarding the sensibility of Buddhist literature, that Xia Tian naturally does not have any need said that since he perceived through meditation since that day of non- character book from heaven, he was doomed to be higher than other people regarding the comprehension of Buddhist literature, even if were Buddhist scriptures cultivation 800 years of Buddhist literature, his sensibility impossible to be higher than Xia Tian. The Buddhist literature that because Xia Tian perceives through meditation is the Buddhist is most legitimate, most formidable Buddhist literature. Otherwise he is impossible to use the Tathagata god palm. Tathagata god palm. On the right hand of Xia Tian adheres to stick cohere the strength that the Tathagata god has held, afterward a big hand empty shade appears in his control. He controlled this big hand empty shade to grasp directly to Qilin pu on tree. Has succeeded, he early knows words that this can succeed, he already used this to draw on to grasp Qilin pu on tree: Originally is this, if I early know that the Tathagata god has this wondrous use, I at that time big flames of war Qilin time did not use that waste strength.” Initially Xia Tian to flames of war Qilin time, although has used the Tathagata god palm. But he looks like puts the small move of same release Tathagata god palm completely, that naturally cannot cause any damage to the hot Qilin. Quick, that 179 Qilin pu of Xia Tian on the tree has all picked.

After Qilin pu received, the Xia Tian vision has placed that group blue fire under tree. Although he is stealing the thing, but he steals frankly and uprightly, moreover here master also agreed that he has stolen, he such does to put out a fire the Qilin, otherwise the hot Qilin continues such training words, it will perhaps reduce her life. Blue fire!!” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright. This blue fire is higher than the white fire rank, moreover it is the flame of Buddhism, so long as after Xia Tian builds up it, then after Xia Tian, uses the Tathagata god holds time, can take the attack of blue fire, both will not have any repel, even possibly produces the resonance, if he can hit getting angry Qilin that formidable attack to be fiercer. This harvest is really big.” Xia Tian excited saying. When he wants to build up the blue fire, he suddenly discovered that on the wall has luminous, afterward he looks to wall there that he discovered on the wall has the light probably, therefore he uses the hand to trace there. Ka! The crushed stone scatters, he saw a all that big hole. X-Ray Vision eye! Xia Tian looks directly to outside with the X-Ray Vision eye. He discovered that this moves unexpectedly to see outside. shit, does this hole form? Outside here distance little said that also dozens kilometers, this hole probably by anything makes a connection with, is not right.” Xia Tian has turned head, he looked to the bodhi hot tree, looked to stone wall of bodhi hot tree ground, on his face presented the surprised look immediately: Originally is this, unexpectedly is this!!!”