Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2238

This hole and that side that hole are with, in other words, this hole was hit. Actually is whose attack unexpectedly can hit such far!!” Xia Tian has gesticulated this cave entrance, he understands why finally Qi Wang can obtain Qilin pu in the past, because this attack happen to passes through this cave, then has made the Qilin hole Qilin pu, but Qi Wang also happen to picked this Qilin pu outside. Was too mysterious, this type attacks unexpectedly to hit such far, moreover might such big.” Xia Tian looked at a cave entrance, the innermost feelings has raised the difficult situation. Even if he strongest attack, perhaps also can only make 20-30 meters depth . Moreover the size cannot achieve this absolutely. This hole probably hits with the laser equally neat. Ok, no matter first it, is collects the blue fire.” The Xia Tian vision shifted to the blue fire, this was also the good thing, although could not compare his black fire, but the rank of blue fire was higher than the white fire, the hot Qilin used was this type of blue fire, the might very formidable. So long as Xia Tian collects this flame, coordinates on the Tathagata god to hold again attacks. Might naturally on big many. Tathagata god palm! Xia Tian transfers Tathagata god palm fast. The blue fire is the Buddhism flame, the predecessor of fire of karma, it is consecration of Buddhism. Therefore Xia Tian wants to build up it not to need to build up forcefully, only needs to use the strength of Buddhism, it however however will pledge allegiance. This pledging allegiance to submits, it compared with after building up handy. Puff! The giant hand is in charge to contact the flash of blue fire. Successful. Without any hindrance, blue fire such relaxed by Xia Tian absorbing.

At this time Xia Tian the place of dantian divides into two, half are the spiritual energy strength that the small insect represents, half are the strength of Buddhism, when the blue fire falls into Buddhism that half strength, that half also much left one group of blue fires. Whistling! Xia Tian long expiration. Happy, he felt that own present whole body is happy. Quite comfortable.” On the face of Xia Tian had smiling face, this time he can be said as the harvest very big. The Qilin blood is very precious raw material for medicine, this type of thing you have how much money unable to buy, comes Pill Refining with it, that function can be said as very big, even can make compounded drug the rank change high. But Qilin pu is precious. This thing needs the Qilin blood to train every day, ten years can the result, thus it can be seen its precious degree. Moreover in the past Qi Wang had also taken Qilin pu. It even can promote a person of ordinary 34 cauldron to the strengths of five cauldrons directly forcefully, even if five cauldron above Expert takes, function also very big. Got rich!!” Xia Tian at this time very excited, even if were he loots the Sun Empire treasure house never so to be also excited. He attacks Sun Empire, although obtained the endless wealth, but these wealth place there also to waste, he cannot use that many, is this harvest is different, this harvest can be said as the use very big. Qilin pu can make a person of strength promote five cauldrons, and does not have the side effect. That 179 Qilin pu can train Expert of 179 five cauldrons. Most main he wants takes to his family members and spouses, making their strengths be promoted rapidly, like this they in next three also had the ability of self-preservation. Five cauldron Rank 1!

In next three were considered as on figure of Pyramid most peak. Can protect oneself fully. Sometimes I really am felt the own probably corrupt wolf has taken possession, the good thing of unexpectedly this rank also to bump into continually.” Xia Tian this time has it can be said that returned home with a full load, he can leave here finally, before departure he bowed to stone wall, although he knows that the opposite party will definitely not know own action. But he received this person of kindness after all, he should bow. Should exit.” Xia Tian has shoved open stone gate directly, he does not have to think own this unexpectedly is so smooth originally he because must put together one with the hot Qilin, finally the hot Qilin has not pursued him from the start, but went to near the right hand of main hall. This made Xia Tian more relaxed. !! Xia Tian fast is running forward, this time was to leave the Qilin hole, the thing took, he can walk. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Xia Tian excited laughing said that he does not have to think own this unexpectedly has such good luck, thinks can be a war, but he completely takes now. Actually all these must thank corrupt wolf. How or saying that the corrupt wolf is his lucky star. If no Tathagata god palm, that Xia Tian wants to pick Qilin pu on tree is almost impossible, is more impossible to absorb these blue fires, the Tathagata god holds on the non- character book from heaven to study, the sensibility of Xia Tian to Buddhist literature also studies on the non- character book from heaven, but the non- character book from heaven is the corrupt wolf sends. Therefore he thanked the corrupt wolf. The corrupt wolf really gives many good things to him, lot Xia Tian have never seen, has never listened, but the corrupt wolf will be responsible for delivering to his hand personally. This relations absolutely are the levers place. Well!!” When Xia Tian arrives at the main hall entrance, he discovers that round hole unexpectedly from the right dozen.

Also is the institute, before he from the right projected on the left in the round hole that bodhi hot tree there saw, and made the Qilin hole: unexpectedly hit was so far, was actually this attack of what rank?” In Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparably saying of anticipation. Bang! At this moment the Xia Tian right has transmitted the huge sound. Hit.” Xia Tian puzzled looked to right hand that direction, there unexpectedly had the sound of fighting, was here, only then hot Qilin, actually then it did fight whom? At this moment he suddenly thought: Tracks my thing?” This time corrupt wolf place! Your highness, is actually here where?” Five cauldron Rank 1 asking of Expert doubts. Does not know that your several stay here, I go to have a look.” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle, he feels a gloomy feeling. „It is not good, Your highness, we must protect your security.” That five cauldron Rank 1 Expert said hurriedly. Lets you outside outside, looks to me, I have come out beforehand no one not to go.” Corrupt wolf wicked saying, murderous aura explodes to shoot from his within the body. Yes, Your highness.” The Expert back of that five cauldron Rank 1 is the cold sweat. The vision of corrupt wolf stubbornly is staring in the cave: I have the big destiny person, the heaven will help me, now I am so distressed, hope that here will not make me hope.”