Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2239

The totem youth seven kills the armed forces to hide in a cave at this time. Puff! A blood spouts from his mouth, on his face has shown the smiling face: My wound all was finally good, received such heavy wound, the average man little said that also needed ten years eight years to restore, I actually used such short time to restore, if Xia Tian and free of evil intention they to see, will be certainly surprised.” Before seven kill the armed forces, never free of evil intention pays attention. However after passing through and free of evil intention war, he also free of evil intention regarded is one of his matches. He anticipated that at this time free of evil intention sees him to injure good one with Xia Tian, he believes that free of evil intention will be certainly surprised with Xia Tian. After all can such quickly restore, that is not the average person can achieve. Xia Tian, free of evil intention, I will certainly defeat your, only then I am the next three true first talents.” The totem youth seven killed on the face of armed forces to write all over firmly, he has thought before was the true next three first talent, but bumped into free of evil intention after Xia Tian, he felt the challenge. He must free of evil intention 11 defeat with Xia Tian. Qilin hole, I also came.” The totem youth seven killed the body of armed forces to fire into the Qilin hole direction directly. Whiz!! Seven killed the body of armed forces to vanish in directly same place. At this time also person also in surviving this catastrophe, he is the Sun Empire senior king, when he attains has assisted that Crystal Stone of doctor, he excitedly has almost not died. This thing assists the doctor the biggest secret. Reason that assists the doctor can become six cauldron Rank 1 Expert because of this Crystal Stone, this Crystal Stone can turn into six cauldron Rank 1 Expert directly. When the Sun Empire senior king obtains this Crystal Stone, he understands that actually this Crystal Stone is any thing. This inherits the god stone, altogether can use ten times, the first use can make the user promote to six cauldron Rank 1 Realm directly forcefully, naturally, the minimum requirement of use is also four cauldron Rank 1, if lower than four cauldron Rank 1, then the inheritance god stone did not have any function.

But if later is injured, the use passes on the god stone also to be able quick cures the wound. This time inheritance god stone already the assisted doctor has used four times. This old codger how to waste these many god stones the strength.” The Sun Empire senior king complained. He knows that now the god stone is precious. Reason that next three nobody can shake five big top strengths , because passes on the god stone and coverall. What a pity his fragment of coverall does not have. The fragment of coverall has the quantity, the subordinate who assists the doctor must incur has the quantity, cannot many unable to be few, moreover recruits has the request, he is one incurs especially, is assists the doctor to incur with the special right, above did not recognize his existence. The subordinates who initially he to join to assist the doctor, have spent countless wealth, pledged that assists the doctor Sun Empire for a lifetime to consecrate to him. Also because of this, assists doctor to accept his. Ha Ha Ha Ha, anything assists the doctor, any six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, mediocre.” Senior king excited saying of Sun Empire: Although use inheritance god stone by intensely pain, so long as I very passed, then I was six cauldron Expert, when the time comes I was also the entire next three strongest people, I can certainly lead Sun Empire to restore strength and glory.” The Sun Empire senior king looks to Crystal Stone in own hand, the innermost feelings incomparable excitement, he clenched teeth, afterward starts to absorb the strength on sun god stone directly! Ah!!! A pitiful yell shouted from Sun Empire old Wangkou, the pain of but just starting made him nearly collapse. In Qilin hole! Bang! Who is with the hot Qilin war? Actually does there have what? Is there thing sends out such strong attack?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings suddenly present a faint trace the anticipation feeling, he is not greedy, but the treasure he same wants, his enemy has had, he wants to protect his family member and friend, that must formidable.

Moreover he also took the Buddhist scriptures advantage, if here had anything to need to help, he can also get rid to help. First in the past had a look, if there is any danger, I walk.” Xia Tian said that direct stand forth, his speed is not fast, he in the observation of cautious and solemn the surrounding situation, is preventing to have any thing to sneak attack suddenly. After all that tracked his thing he not to discover a moment ago. Bang! Xia Tian more approaches there to feel inside attack formidable on exceed. Actually is any thing, why the hot Qilin will erupt so formidable element attack.” Xia Tian more approaches to feel inside attack on exceed terroristly, initially hot Qilin with their three fights time has not erupted the so terrifying hot element: Well, is not right, unexpectedly also has such strong water element.” !!!! Xia Tian suddenly accelerates, afterward his body flushes away fast forward, when he arrived at the distance hot Qilin more than 1000 meters, he saw, at this time with hot Qilin fight is not others, is the flood dragon. Flood dragon VS hot Qilin. Flood dragon unexpectedly came ashore, the flood dragon will not lose to the hot Qilin in the water, once came ashore, its strength greatly will fall short. „Did flood dragon, track a moment ago my is it?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Bang! At this time the hot Qilin had the superiority, but it has not pursued, the flood dragon is socializing with the hot Qilin, it as if must rush to the going too far Qilin, the reducing heat Qilin, but the hot Qilin keeps off there, one step is not willing to leave, even if it can follow up a victory with hot pursuit obviously, it does not leave. Clings to tenaciously there. „Is hot Qilin protecting what? The words that stays behind from the Buddhist scriptures can see, there seal should be the Ancient demon god essence and blood.” Xia Tian guessed, although he personally has not seen, but he has definitely been able to guess correctly. Bang!

Before flood dragon unceasing, clashes. Bang! Green flame unceasing pounding in hot Qilin mouth to flood dragon. ! In the mouth of flood dragon has voiced anger, afterward one group of formidable venom spurted directly to the hot Qilin, the venom as if wanted to swallow to be the same the hot Qilin completely. Roar! The hot Qilin continually has spouted 34 groups of flame. ! At this moment, the body of flood dragon fast changes is small, quick turned, only then less than half finger so is long, afterward he following the venom has fired into the hot Qilin directly. Anything!!” Xia Tian this time knows finally was anything tracked him a moment ago, was this flood dragon, he thinks to think the fear now, unexpectedly was he takes to bring in the flood dragon. ! Flood dragon successful arrived at hot Qilin.