Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2240

Hissing hissing! The small snake arrived under Mt. Qilin at this time, its vision stubbornly is staring at Mt. Qilin. ! The body of small snake leaps thousand zhang (3.33 m), leaps once more, vanishes directly. In Qilin hole. Was bad, the goal of flood dragon is the hot Qilin behind Ancient demon god bloodlines.” The Xia Tian complexion immediately changes, that is the Ancient demon god essence and blood, if were obtained by the flood dragon, then the strength of flood dragon will obtain the tremendous changes, when the time comes perhaps was the hot Qilin also absolutely is not its match. Bang! The flood dragon hits the opening fire Qilin of directly behind stone gate. After stone gate was hit, the Xia Tian thing of vision by stone gate was attracted. In stone gate has the different thing, a corpse of humanity, the corpse in 1800 will not go bad, this person of cassock will be bald, will be the Buddhist scriptures. Head this time of Buddhist scriptures float one group of black blood. This hidden essence and blood!!” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright: „, No, is the Ancient demon god essence and blood.” Showing that Xia Tian on Earth, pill emperor leaves behind has written, the essence and blood of essence and blood Ancient demon god this hidden obtains, a moment ago Xia Tian saw this glossary time from the start toward together has not thought that but he sees that group at least ten drops of essence and blood at this time time, recognized. These essence and blood are these this hidden essence and blood of his within the body. Since his strength strengthen, his changed the body function getting smaller, although can be used to fly, but other functions did not have. At this time when sees these many hidden essence and blood, on his face has shown the smiling face. ! The hot Qilin hears the gate of stone chamber was hit, it knows one were swindled, its huge face changed color, this time hot Qilin is unable to conceal own anger, when it sees that corpse in stone gate, wished one could to kill the flood dragon directly, that corpse was sacred in its mind.

Bang! In within the body of hot Qilin erupted the innumerable flame suddenly, the flame instantaneously the surrounding all packages. Burning down world! This was one of the hot Qilin most formidable abilities, this attack probably was the domain is the same, periphery all will have covered instantaneously entirely the flame. Bang! Flood dragon direct hit to that group of black blood. The first drop of essence and blood entered its within the body, its both eyes instantaneously changed red, but its body has also increased several points, the entire body braved the black aura up and down, felt this aura time, Xia Tian understood, this was absorbs this hidden essence and blood the symptom, at this time the flood dragon was finding the way to control this hidden essence and blood. Puff! Big group water extinguishes front flame directly, but the flame to his there spread, on this time flood dragon face was presenting the excited facial expression, it obtained, it obtained this rare treasure finally, when it obtained this rare treasure, it can definitely feel the formidable aura that on this rare treasure had. Previous time it uses the rare treasure to break through present Realm, the incarnation was. This time it must use rare treasure to promote her strength once more, the true incarnation is the dragon, becomes most sacred existence. ! In the mouth of flood dragon has exuded the excited howling. Bang! The hot Qilin has fired into the flood dragon directly, at this time the flame difficult situation in entire secret room seems to be same, swept across the opposite flood dragon with the fire Qilin together. Thump! The second drop of essence and blood also entered in the belly of flood dragon, at this time its body once more big several points, but its surroundings also presented the black demon air/Qi, this demon air/Qi has swept across its whole body instantaneously, a huge strength made it excited, at this time the hot Qilin also rushed to its front.

Bang! The body of hot Qilin and flood dragon hit directly in one. Bang! The body of hot Qilin has flown upside down directly, but around hot Qilin these flame are also instantaneously pound to turn the flood dragon on the ground. Hot Qilin unexpectedly suffered a loss on the land. Must know that it is the King on land, but the flood dragon only then can place on a par with it in the water, but flood dragon unexpectedly hit to fly it at this time, this simply was too inconceivable. ! The flood dragon has sent out excited roaring, although it was also flown by the flame volume of hot Qilin at this time, but that matter black air/Qi of its body surface actually the flame blocking, it had not received any injury, moreover what most makes its excited is, it and hot Qilin on the land clashes, the result its unexpectedly won. Must know, but before it only then had the confidence and hot Qilin resistance in the water. Quite abnormal.” Xia Tian looked is shocked. Ancient demon god essence and blood unexpectedly can promote these many strength of flood dragon instantaneously, this does not have to absorb these essence and blood in him completely the strengths, if it all absorbs ten drops of essence and blood, then perhaps the hot Qilin on the land also absolutely was not its match: Its present strength is only temporary Berserk, the Ancient demon god essence and blood is impossible to give it such big addition.” Thinks of here, Xia Tian rushed directly. Hot Qilin, attacks its one time again, was the Ancient demon god blood helped it block your attack a moment ago, this time it could not block absolutely.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, actually no matter he also the hot Qilin can understand him, in brief he must shout, because this is a very good opportunity. Bang! The hot Qilin as if understood the Xia Tian words to be common, hit directly to the flood dragon. The flood dragon thinks that it really has now has been able with the hot Qilin resistance strength, therefore it has not cared, but once more and hot Qilin clashes. Bang!

The body of flood dragon was hit to fly directly. A moment ago that was strength that because this hidden essence and blood erupted instantaneously, can therefore hit to fly the hot Qilin, that strength can only use one time, therefore this its fate was very miserable. Dry attractiveness, is now, kills him.” Xia Tian excited runs forward. Shout! Hot Qilin one group of green flame spit directly to Xia Tian. Lying trough, you were insane.” Xia Tian obloquies one immediately. Whiz! At this moment, the flood dragon towed his injured body to fire into the remaining that eight drops of Ancient demon god essence and blood directly. Whistling! After that eight drops of Ancient demon god essence and blood had also been swallowed by it, the body of Buddhist scriptures changed into the flying ash directly, without a trace of disappearance, thorough disappearance in this world. !!!!!! In the mouth of hot Qilin has sent out angry roaring, it not such angry, at this time its body has increased instantaneously two times, both eyes are red, hit directly to the flood dragon. Bang! When it and flood dragon hit in together, the flood dragon swallowed eight drops of Ancient demon god essence and blood the strengths to fly her body thorough hitting directly, at the same time, the flood dragon bit directly to the neck of hot Qilin. Whiz! At this moment, the black form has entered the Xia Tian bosom together directly.