Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2244

Hot Qilin, awe-inspiring! When the totem youth saw hot Qilin the whole person body stares directly. Alert!” Qi Wang and free of evil intention face anxious shouting. But at this moment, Xia Tian unexpectedly moved toward the hot Qilin directly. Xia Tian, do you want to do?” Qi Wang shouts hurriedly, is at this moment, he discovered that Xia Tian hand unexpectedly touched on the body of hot Qilin. Ended! He thinks that the hot Qilin will certainly be furious. When he wants rushes to rescue Xia Tian, he discovered that on the face of hot Qilin does not have the expression that is furious slightly, but unusual enjoyment, enjoys Xia Tian to its stroking. Sees such scene, Qi Wang was more puzzled immediately. Volume!” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces is doubts of face. Roar! At this moment, hot Qilin one group of flame blowout, its goal is not Xia Tian, but is seven kills the armed forces. What?” Seven kill on the face of armed forces to be startled immediately. Bang! His that giant body was flown by the green flame volume directly, afterward he suppresses ache to start to escape. Free of evil intention just wants to pursue, was pulled back by Xia Tian: Do not pursue, his card in a hand are many, pursues possibly to suffer a loss.” „!” Nodded free of evil intention. „The third child, you are.” Qi Wang puzzled looks to Xia Tian and hot Qilin, he does not understand when relations between Xia Tian and hot unicorns became such well, they before obviously hostile relations, but unexpectedly became such is better now. Had an accident, the flood dragon entered the Qilin hole with me a moment ago, it not only has attacked the Qilin hole, but also it also robs the Ancient demon god essence and blood that in the Qilin hole has suppressed, if not cope with it now, then, on nobody was its match.” Xia Tian said the general idea of matter simply, he believes that by Qi Wang and the others the astuteness, naturally can think through exactly what happened.

Some matters, they only needed brain to make up are OK. How do you want to do?” Qi Wang has not gone to urge Xia Tian, he knows Xia Tian, since has made the decision, he urged definitely also uselessly. My a while will go to sea to catch it, you helps in the ashore, so long as saw that it uses the strongest attack to hit to me, it does not dare to clash, the hot Qilin in this, when the time comes we carry on the converging attack, it same will die.” Xia Tian said own plan, this time must go to sea to extinguish the flood dragon, naturally can not be careless. „Can you go to sea really? The flood dragon in strength is very formidable.” The Qi Wang reminder said. Relax, Big brother.” Xia Tian was nodding to Qi Wang. On his face presented the self-confident expression, if before is the small snake comes back, then he possibly does not have the confidence to cope with the flood dragon, but the small snake returned now, he can also the user favor to unite, the user will favor the Xia Tian strength that will unite to have the tremendous changes. Before Xia Tian never used during the fight favors to unite excellently. Normal, five cauldron above Expert strongest fight skills are the person favor to unite, but Xia Tian never has actually used. Because the small snake is not, he does not have the pet that the user favors to unite. The strength of small water dragon and small fire dragon was too weak, even if the user favors to unite does not have what function, although the strength of small insect very formidable, but Xia Tian is unable truly to display its strength, say nothing was the person favors to unite, the small insect will fear the two trees grown into one not to manage him. Only the small snake is the best candidate. Now the small snake returns, he can the user favor to unite finally. You carefully.” The Qi Wang reminder said that he has been accustomed to the Xia Tian disposition now, before he always worried that Xia Tian will have the danger, wants the Xia Tian protection after behind, but the Xia Tian strength has surpassed him now, he wants not to be after death impossible the Xia Tian protection again. Relax, Big brother, you and free of evil intention are also careful, has remembered, you socialize, do not go all out with it, I can certainly hold it.” Xia Tian said. Um!” Qi Wang and free of evil intention also nodded. Afterward Xia Tian looked to hot Qilin, he used the hand stroking fire Qilin gently: If it comes up, depended on you.” The hot Qilin as if understood the Xia Tian words to be the same, nodded directly. „!!” Xia Tian said that has jumped down rivers directly.

Qi Wang and free of evil intention also directly jumped the shore. bo! After Xia Tian plunges into the water, an invisible water cover appears in his side, the water cover is the skill of small water dragon, this water cover can let the free migration of body of Xia Tian in the water, not by the hindrance of water. Puff passes! After Xia Tian enters the water, he discovered that periphery has many water monsters, these water monsters directly attack to him. ! The silver light dodges. Xia Tian has thrown head ten levels of water monsters directly. Puff! After ten levels of water monsters were thrown comes ashore, directly by Qi Wang and free of evil intention executes. !!! Afterward Xia Tian keeps has thrown the surrounding these water monsters. Puff! Puff! Puff! After the water monster was thrown, extinguishes directly kills. Qi Wang of ashore and free of evil intention they, so long as is saw that has the thing to come up, that is one chops, hacks to death directly. Bang! Surroundings that several hundred Advanced water monsters killed directly to Xia Tian, these water monster ranks lowest was ten levels of water monsters, even also had many ten Rank 1, ten Rank 2 water monsters. !!!

Flashing before that the silver light keeps, flashes before each time, Xia Tian can throw to come ashore a water monster, quick had over a hundred water monsters dead in the hand of Xia Tian. Flood dragon this is wants water used monster to win the time for it.” The hidden essence and blood of Xia Tian within the body can feel the flood dragon is, because currently in within the body of flood dragon also has this hidden essence and blood, therefore they can each other mutual induction the opposite party. Seizes the dragon second type. Thunder Hualong! The strength of all thunder and lightning, give me on entire. At this moment, the strength of Xia Tian not parsimonious own thunder and lightning, but is all wraps the strength of all thunder and lightning directly above Thunder Hualong. The water is but actually the electricity. Incites! Bang! When Thunder Hualong pounds when a water monster body, the body of surroundings that dozens water monsters was all attacked by the strength of thunder and lightning. Bang! The sleep explodes directly, the body of that dozens water monsters was all exploded the shore, although has not died, the body could not move, Qi Wang and free of evil intention comes up to kill these dozens water monster 11 extinguishing directly. Good fierce attack.” Qi Wang surprised saying. !!! At this moment, the river bottom has heard the howling of flood dragon, hears the howling of flood dragon, has gotten free of evil intention hold of own weapon with Qi Wang, is waiting for there, but the hot Qilin of ashore stands there prepares to get rid at any time. You came finally.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. The people favor to unite!!!