Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2245
The Xia Tian person favors with one with the small snake. Bang! The flash, the body of Xia Tian had the huge change, his body has not changed high, upper body any change, has not been his head and his arm, however his lower part of the body actually had the huge change. His lower part changed into snake tail. The upper part is a person. Person snake tail. Modeling of Ancient big god Lady Wa. Lady Wa is the first ancestor of humanity, her body is called the perfect body, at this time the Xia Tian modeling might be considered as the perfect body. Although he does not have the strength of Ancient big god Lady Wa, but his body started to develop to the perfect body. !! In the mouth of flood dragon exuded one to roar, looks that own little brothers had been slaughtered by Xia Tian, it must be angry, when it saw the body of Xia Tian, the flood dragon was the whole body trembles obviously, in its look even presented a fear of faint trace, but it braced oneself has fired into Xia Tian directly. Lady Wa is the first ancestor of humanity, is the first ancestor of myriad things life. This perfect body itself has suppressed to these Saint beasts, therefore the flood dragon is unable to display the strongest strength now. Bang! When the flood dragon hits to Xia Tian, both hands of Xia Tian have shown two strange postures, five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon. His both hands grasped directly in the head of flood dragon. Bang! Meanwhile Xia Tian that long tail in submarine has pulled out directly maliciously, immediately a huge strength appears in his both hands directly. Bang! Xia Tian makes an effort to fling, the body of flood dragon was thrown the water surface by him directly. Qi Wang and free of evil intention their early was waiting in the ashore, when they noticed that the flood dragon Xia Tian threw, they are direct killing to the body of flood dragon. The god wolf attacks!!

Tu Dragon tomahawk. Bang! Their attacks pounded directly above the body of flood dragon, but the flood dragon directly was also pounded the submarine, intense strength has pounded a big hole the water surface, the waterdrop flew dozens zhang (3.33 m) high. Perfect! The three people of first round attacks may be called perfect. Although strength formidable of flood dragon, defensive power also unusual formidable, but how formidable person or Saint beast, so long as not kept hitting, then it definitely will be injured. ! In the mouth of flood dragon has sent out painful calling out in grief. ! When it falls under the backwater, goes to retreat hurriedly, it did not hope to be thrown again by Xia Tian, in that case, it by the double hit that Xia Tian and Qi Wang and the others kept, when the time comes it was the Saint beast flood dragon also the severe wound. Puff! The flood dragon direct fast control surrounding current of water, the instantaneous innumerable current of water all changed into the appearance of flood dragon, killed directly to Xia Tian. In the water, the attack of flood dragon is very many. The attacks of these water flood dragons are fearful, even if will be a head ten levels of wild beast instantaneously is also torn into shreds. Useless.” Xia Tian tail sweeps away pulls out the powder these current of water directly completely. Bang! The huge explosive force shoots up to the sky again, water column flies dozens zhang (3.33 m). „, Actually below is having what fight, the unexpectedly such violence.” Qi Wang surprised saying. Bang! Bang! Bang! Water columns shoot up to the sky. Although Qi Wang and cannot see the submarine situation free of evil intention, but they understand that this fight is certainly earthshaking. They understand that Xia Tian stiffened.

The flood dragon in the submarine strength is very formidable. Before they together to flames of war Qilin hit did not have the strength to hit back, fled to the wilderness, but Xia Tian unexpectedly in submarine faces the flood dragon now, moreover probably did not have any inferiority, had the superiority completely. Very strong.” Free of evil intention surprised saying. They saw the change of Xia Tian, especially Qi Wang, he looks at Xia Tian to grow with own eyes, a few years ago, Xia Tian was also only an obscure boy, but Xia Tian turned into super Expert now. This time submarine. The flood dragon keeps releases own attack, but its attack all by Xia Tian relaxed neutralize. Roar! At this moment, flood dragon has sent out angry roaring, it is the flood dragon, the overlord in water, the hot Qilin in the water is not its match, but its present unexpectedly was hit by Xia Tian is so miserable, this is it is unable to endure, it must kill Xia Tian, it must let wash off her shame. Bang! Its body in submarine fast one revolution, its long tail pounded afterward directly to Xia Tian. The strength of this tail divides into two water directly. Humph, this is.” Qi Wang stares immediately, he and free of evil intention in ashore unexpectedly noticed that the water surface was divided into two. Is the tail of flood dragon, thus it can be seen, the strength of its this tail is actually strong. This tail can fully Shan Pai a smashing. ! Flood dragon angry pounding to Xia Tian, this time he wanted thoroughly the Xia Tian smashing, making Xia Tian die not entire corpse. You have the tail, I have.” Xia Tian behind black tail directly directly pulling out maliciously has approached the tail of flood dragon. This time was fighting of tail. Bang! When two tails hit in together, the water surface started the large explosion, 1000 meters in diameter water column shot up to the sky directly, this water column rushed to the hundred zhang (333m) to be high, a moment ago their to striking only the water column to flying 40-50 zhang (3.33 m), this time all of a sudden the water column to flying more than 100 zhang (3.33 m), thus it can be seen, actually this time striking to have formidable how. Pulls out to strike the same place in the tail that moment, in the mouth of flood dragon has sent out a pitiful yell. !

Afterward its body in submarine pulled out to fly directly. Very strong!” Xia Tian looked own that black tail says with emotion, he has not thought that tail unexpectedly of small snake is so strong, to striking, although he also felt very strong aching feeling, but he has not received the too big wound, was the body of flood dragon pulls out by him on the contrary directly flies. ! His tail approaches flood dragon draw off once more. Bang! The body of flood dragon had been extracted the water surface by Xia Tian again, Qi Wang and sees the flood dragon to come out free of evil intention, they kill once more to the flood dragon. Puff! Flood dragon direct venom spouts. They dodge hurriedly. Whiz! The flood dragon shoots up to the sky, it wants to run away, after a moment ago and Xia Tian to striking it understood, oneself are not the Xia Tian match, therefore it must run away, after waiting for its thorough building up to melt the Ancient demon god essence and blood, naturally can look for Xia Tian to revenge. Bang! At this moment, pounding down that more than ten groups of green flame blot out the sky, pounded directly above the body of flood dragon. The flood dragon does not have to think own unexpectedly by gang up and beat. Bang! Its body was pounded again submarine. Good opportunity!” Xia Tian has fired into the flood dragon once again. Roar! The flood dragon has gotten angry, this time it has gotten angry, it will store up directly, in the Ancient demon god essence and blood of mouth swallows in the belly to build up directly. A black strength erupted from its body. Was bad, it is building up forcefully.” The Xia Tian complexion immediately changes.