Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2246

Puff! Puff! Black strengths send out from the body of flood dragon. The eye of this time flood dragon turned into the black red completely, its body starts to grow Dragon Lin, the black dragon scale, his head has emitted two not too big nor too small angles. Black Dragon! It is just about to evolve at this time is Black Dragon. That is the entire ten drops of Ancient demon god essence and blood, if Xia Tian swallows, will explode the body to perish directly, on each drop of Ancient demon god essence and blood has very formidable fairyhood, in the past the Xia Tian altogether clothing next three drops of this hidden essence and blood, almost directly to become demon, again has not been finally able to control itself. Bang! The black Shenlong body has increased instantaneously one time, this time Black Dragon height dozens meters. Then thoroughly troubled.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, has fired into Black Dragon directly, his tail pounding maliciously has approached Black Dragon. Bang! Black Dragon that full was the tail of tail and Xia Tian of scale hits one, the body of Xia Tian has flown upside down directly. Good pain!!!” Xia Tian discovered that own body has not definitely been able to suppress the opposite party. Before the flood dragon saw his body, the strength was suppressed, can only display 80% strengths, is the present flood dragon already thorough was fascinated, present it already thorough by the fairyhood control, Xia Tian could not naturally be suppressed it, the present flood dragon strength had the unprecedented change, the strength has promoted 200% directly. Xia Tian can feel on the tail to transmit the burning pain. !!! In the mouth of Black Dragon has sent out a great roar, afterward it directly flushed to Xia Tian. Not dead Divine Art, nine orifices connection. Seizes dragon!! Xia Tian both hands grasp directly to Black Dragon head corner/horn, at the same time his tail makes an effort in submarine racket, at this time to increase his strength. Puff! Held.” Xia Tian at present one bright, but his expression became is immediately strange. Bang!

A formidable strength hit directly on his body. Anything!” Xia Tian wanted to throw to fly the flood dragon, finally flood dragon that formidable strength hit to fly him directly. Bang! Rap that the tail of Xia Tian keeps in aquatic, this is to slow down oneself retreat speed. !!! In Heilongkou has exuded an excited howling. Hateful, its unexpectedly has stiffened these many.” Xia Tian felt at this time own both hands are very painful, if his arm is not the ape king grace, that formidable impulse should crush his both arms a moment ago directly. The overall strength of Black Dragon all of a sudden becomes very formidable. ! Xia Tian flushes away to the water surface directly. Now does not flaunt the hero time, the strength of Black Dragon was very strong, in addition in the water, Xia Tian definitely is not the match of Black Dragon, therefore he must come ashore, the strength of coming ashore flood dragon will definitely drop, when the time comes he can perhaps have the opportunity, after all in submarine, his some abilities will also obtain some suppressions. ! Black Dragon saw that Xia Tian must run away to pursue directly. Whiz! The speed is quick, flood dragon incarnation after Black Dragon, its speed also started to grow doubled and re-doubled. Good quick speed.” Xia Tian understands that runs away directly, his speed in the water surely does not have Black Dragon to be quick. Bang! The tail of Xia Tian pounds directly downward, the strength of this tail very big, occupies a commanding position. ! The tail of flood dragon also from below, but on pounds directly, it to own these has the self-confidence, because it had fought with Xia Tian a moment ago, it has the sufficient confidence to defeat Xia Tian. Bang!

When the tail of tail and flood dragon of Xia Tian hits in together, the body of Xia Tian to airborne flies directly. Good pain!” Xia Tian knows one definitely to flood dragon, but he can start to escape taking advantage of the reacting force now. Puff! The spray flew on the hundred zhang (333m) to be high, Xia Tian also directly replied on this strength to depart the water surface directly: Big brother, free of evil intention, comes up quickly.” Good!” Qi Wang shouts directly, although they do not know that actually what happened, but they do not have the slight hesitation, direct rebound the side of hot Qilin. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian also fell on the side of hot Qilin, at this time he has relieved the condition that the person favored to unite. Bang! The water surface explodes directly, a black big dragon from submarine flew directly. What? The third child, actually what happened? Who is it? Flood dragon?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. It is the flood dragon.” Xia Tian helpless saying. This. Its change this was also too big.” Qi Wang they also had sneak attacked the flood dragon a moment ago, but currently flood dragon unexpectedly had such big change. It built up to melt all Ancient demon god essence and blood directly, now it already thorough was controlled by the fairyhood.” Xia Tian sees the appearance of Black Dragon surprisedly also. The hot Qilin sees Black Dragon time, in its both eyes is the anger, although Black Dragon changed now, but the hot Qilin can also know it. The hot Qilin regards the Buddhist scriptures is own father same regards. But the flood dragon probably is its killing father personal enemy. !! The hot Qilin has sent out angry roaring. The flood dragon was also both eyes looks to the hot Qilin, although it already thorough was melted by the demon, but in its subconscious must defeat the hot Qilin. !!! Black Dragon is also same exuded one to roar.

Bang! The hot Qilin has spouted dozens groups of green flame instantaneously, it must build up Black Dragon directly, it must disappear Black Dragon thoroughly. The innumerable flame surround Black Dragon directly. Tail of Black Dragon swept away sweeps has all swept clean directly in the green flame of hot Qilin. ! The hot Qilin as if is also knows that own attack is unable to threaten Black Dragon, therefore its second move has put, one group of green flame appear in its mouth, afterward the green flame starts to increase fast, increases, increases. In an instant that fireball becomes siwushi meters in diameter! Is so big!” Xia Tian stares slightly, this fireball was really too big. Bang! The fireball pounded directly to Black Dragon. On the tail of Black Dragon also wraps one group of black aura, afterward the tail of Black Dragon pulled out directly to that group huge green fireball. Bang! The intense explosive force flew Xia Tian several people of all volumes, the body of hot Qilin is also retreat that keeps. Killed?” Asking of free of evil intention doubts. The cool breeze has stroked, all people all saw, although Black Dragon somewhat burnt, but it has not received extremely in serious on. N , N , D.” Xia Tian vision one cold, afterward he waved to Qi Wang and the others: The farther the better that your retreat, hides, do not approach here, I do not believe me unable to kill its this bastard.” ! Xia Tian said that has fired into Black Dragon directly. Meanwhile Black Dragon has opened the blood poor big mouth, direct swallows Xia Tian.