Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2247

Was eaten!! Volume!” Free of evil intention stares slightly: Qi Wang, what's the matter?” Your let alone words, let me slowly.” Qi Wang also covers the face, speechless, Xia Tian let a moment ago he removes, he also thinks that Xia Tian must use any extraordinary style, finally Xia Tian unexpectedly deliver to the belly of Black Dragon. Won't have an accident?” Free of evil intention puzzled asking. Should, we not listen his, first removes.” Qi Wang said that afterward he waved to the fire Qilin, he does not dare to touch the hot Qilin, after all that matter blue fire of hot Qilin body surface did not joke. After the hot Qilin looked at a Black Dragon, turns head to run directly backward with Qi Wang and the others. ! In the mouth of Black Dragon has exuded an excited howling, although it anything has not realized now, however in subconscious it was wants to kill Xia Tian and hot Qilin, now he swallows directly Xia Tian, naturally very excited. Not! The complexion of Black Dragon suddenly becomes very ugly. Hum! In its mouth has sent out calling out in grief. Bang! Afterward its body directly pounding maliciously above stone wall. Breaks to pieces Shiheng to fly. Pain! On the face of Black Dragon presented the painful look. What happened?” Free of evil intention puzzled looks to Black Dragon. Should be the third child does, quickly runs, here estimated that quick will be destroyed by it.” Although Qi Wang does not know that actually Xia Tian has made anything, but he knows that this is definitely related with Xia Tian, this time Black Dragon is doing the destruction everywhere, its body unceasing pounding on the surrounding these stone wall logs. Whiz! Beng Fei the crushed stone might is big, a big tree was stretched to cut off directly.

! In within the body unusual ache of Black Dragon, its present internal organs were being destroyed by Xia Tian fast. N , N , D, lets you with my act high and mighty, does not give you within the body to do a destruction, you also when really I have not read Journey to the West.” Xia Tian grasps [gold/metal] Dao at this time, starts to do the destruction in within the body of Black Dragon. Black Dragon keeps attacks Xia Tian with the venom. Blue hot armor! The Xia Tian body surface has adhered to stick cohere a azure hot armor, before Xia Tian saw, the blue fire can eliminate the venom, therefore he has made a azure hot armor to his body surface in directly, this azure hot armor not only can defend the venom, but can also fire the internal organs of Black Dragon. Killing two birds with one stone. Regardless of the armor of Black Dragon is hard, his internal organs are the meat do. Xia Tian had thought a moment ago of this idea. Initially Sun Wukong also such entered in the monster belly to do strangely, Xia Tian has also attempted today, has saying that this move has been effective, is here does not have the oxygen, therefore he must a bit faster cut to kill Black Dragon, then ran out in within the body of Black Dragon. ! Body pounding of Black Dragon maliciously in the surroundings, the surrounding dozens kilometers had been pounded the flat land by the flood dragon at this time directly. Gold blade broken myriad things!” The Xia Tian right hand wields, [gold/metal] blade has broken the internal organs of Black Dragon directly. ! His body departed in within the body of flood dragon directly, this time flood dragon already weak above ground. Whistling! Outside air is good.” Xia Tian long expiration, he looked afterward to [gold/metal] pill above oneself right hand, in [gold/metal] pill float ten black blood. Ancient demon god essence and blood. Receive! Xia Tian all received ten black blood, afterward his swallowed in balls of Black Dragon the belly.

Good pure strength.” The Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of flood dragon moistened each of Xia Tian five main internal organs (entrails) and body directly. Puff! Five cauldron Rank 3! Xia Tian could not control the strength that oneself suppressed again, promoted to five cauldron Rank 3 directly. Small water dragon, it gave you.” The Xia Tian left hand wields, a small water dragon has fired into the corpse of Black Dragon directly, this time Black Dragon restored the appearance of flood dragon. Swallow! The small water dragon swallowed in the corpse of flood dragon the belly directly, afterward it returned to the arm of Xia Tian. The small water dragon entered the condition of deep sleep. This time it needs to digest the so huge strength some time, after waiting for the small water dragon to digest the so formidable strength, its strength will certainly have the tremendous changes. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three forms fall on the Xia Tian side. Solved?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Um!” Xia Tian nodded. „Did I also see the corpse of flood dragon a moment ago? How this did not have, I have not eaten.” In the free of evil intention brain eats, saw the corpse of flood dragon a moment ago, his first idea also eats. ! The hot Qilin arrived at the Xia Tian side to exude one to roar, seemed is thanking Xia Tian to be the same. The according to Black Dragon strength, the hot Qilin definitely was not its match, even several people collaborated not to hit Black Dragon. Finally Black Dragon will certainly destroy all. Now Xia Tian cut to kill Black Dragon in this special method. This time solved finally.” On the Xia Tian face has been full of the smiling face, before he comes to Mt. Qilin, has not thought that absolutely will have twists and turns such, not only experienced these many wars, finally gained so many advantage, after cutting has killed the flood dragon, the corpse of flood dragon by the small water dragon swallowing, the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of flood dragon by him is given to eat, now this strength also keeping is moistening his body, but ten drops of Ancient demon god essence and blood all were also received by him.

Harvest very big. „Is shocking but not dangerous finally.” Qi Wang nodded. Yes, this time I can refine samsara pill finally, revived my Master.” Saying of Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparable anticipation. Yin Nie has lain down there several years, for these years, Yin Nie looks like a living corpse is the same, Xia Tian saw each time he thinks very grieved, he can also now clear remembers that Yin Nie looks for his, Yin Nie probably is an appearance of sword Saint, very sacred. Let him worship. When do we go back?” Qi Wang asked. Rests for day, strength too Berserk of my within the body.” Xia Tian took the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality effect of flood dragon to be very big, still keeps in his body to present this strength was moistening. Um!” The Qi Wang three people have rested directly here for day, next morning. Xia Tian Realm breaks through once more. Five cauldron Rank 5! Now the Xia Tian strength turned into five cauldron Rank 5 directly, he also turned into Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices. „The third child, you seems very energetic.” Qi Wang smiling saying. Ha Ha, the big brother you do not ridicule me, I take the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality of flood dragon, the strength suppression did not live, therefore broke through.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Others want to break through, Xia Tian unexpectedly wants to suppress not to suppress. We walk!!” Qi Wang said. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian moved toward the side of hot Qilin directly, his hand touched on the body of hot Qilin: „Are you willing to follow me?”