Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2248
With him!! Hears Xia Tian these words, Qi Wang and free of evil intention stares, Xia Tian unexpectedly called the hot Qilin with him. Can Xia Tian receive the hot Qilin is the pet? This also too exaggerated, if Xia Tian received the hot Qilin to take the pet, he may really be invincible. The hot Qilin looked up Xia Tian, afterward hinted Xia Tian to follow him. You ask me to leave with you.” Xia Tian followed directly. The hot Qilin nodded. Xia Tian walks toward the Qilin hole with the hot Qilin directly, when they arrive at the rock magma, the head of hot Qilin lifted, looked to the front palace. I understood, this was the Buddhist scriptures leaves your final thing, you want to protect here.” Xia Tian light saying. The hot Qilin nodded once more. Good, I do not demand you, later has anything to need to help, can look for me.” Xia Tian understands that the disposition of hot Qilin, it is trying hard for the Buddhist scriptures for a lifetime, now suddenly makes him leave the place that the Buddhist scriptures leave behind, it definitely does not give up. Actually in Xia Tian already had a mind to prepare. Careless! Hot Qilin direct flame ejaculation above the rock magma, the form flies to shoot afterward together from the rock magma. Is the small fire dragon. This time small fire dragon and had the huge change, the color of its body turned into the green, although the build has not increased, but its head presented a mark of Qilin: This is.”

„The third child, this probably is the inheritance of Qilin.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. „The biography of Qilin?” Xia Tian doubts looked to the hot Qilin. The hot Qilin nodded! Big brother, what is this?” Xia Tian was more puzzled. Third child, the person or the animal, have own organ of wisdom, the person before can leave behind own organ of wisdom at the point of death, this is called the inheritance, but the animal only then the rank very high biology can give the rank low animal own organ of wisdom, the hot Qilin has given your small fire dragon own organ of wisdom, from now henceforth, the strength of hot Qilin is unable to be increased again, even aging gradually, finally until death.” Qi Wang answered. Is so serious.” Xia Tian hears the hot Qilin dead, immediately stares. Um, this inheritance will reduce the life.” Nodded free of evil intention, free of evil intention regarding many that this important matter knows. „It is not good, the hot Qilin, making the small fire dragon give back to you your organ of wisdom.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Third child, useless, do you see the person who keeps to download also to live to receive again?” Qi Wang asked. The hot Qilin has rubbed the hand of Xia Tian with its head, afterward the body leaps, stepped on directly in the air directly to the opposite. !!! The hot Qilin seemed to Xia Tian was saying that said goodbye is the same. Xia Tian looks at back helpless shaking the head of fire Qilin, he has not thought that hot Qilin unexpectedly will leave the small fire dragon the inheritance finally. „Since possibly was the faith that it has gone on living vanishes.” Xia Tian understands that the Buddhist scriptures are the faith that the hot Qilin goes on living, is its entirety, now the body of Buddhist scriptures already thorough vanished, therefore the hot Qilin also lost the faith of going on living, because of this, therefore the hot Qilin will leave the small fire dragon the inheritance, perhaps is because it felt that the talent of small fire dragon is very high, can be joined to its inheritance. !

The hot Qilin has roared to Xia Tian. Said goodbye.” Xia Tian waved to the fire Qilin, he understands, only then front there is the family of hot Qilin. The small fire dragon has flown back to above the Xia Tian left arm directly. Afterward Xia Tian turned the head to leave, when he arrived at Qilin cave entrance, his arrangement an expanding Rank 5 Qilin fire formation, this Formation will be longer along with the time, became fiercer, finally grew into true Rank 5 top Formation, but on Formation was the blue fire, therefore the hot Qilin walks not to have any issue from inside, but if others wanted to rush hardly, that brought about own destruction. Has completed these, Xia Tian has patted clapping: We walk.” Um!!” Qi Wang nodded. Afterward several people leave directly. The tour of Xia Tian this time Mt. Qilin can be said as thorough has established his strength, before coming, he is only the reputation , the strength is it can be said that ordinary, but now, his strength and reputation became compare were more formidable before, solely the strength of his main body is five cauldron Rank 5, although his Realm not high, but the normal five cauldron Rank 9 people he can also easily defeat. The war favored say nothing. The return of small snake can be said as the genuine King return, favors after the small snake person unites, the Xia Tian overall strength had the great change. The person snake tail, under this condition, the Xia Tian strength becomes very formidable. The flood dragon is not his match. The small water dragon has swallowed the flood dragon directly, the origin of small water dragon is very mysterious, this time swallows the flood dragon again, after it digests this strength, it might very much with the flood dragon is existence of rank, will be possibly stronger, naturally, what after all these must think it will swallow, can turn into, its talent. The small fire dragon also all of a sudden obtained the biggest advantage, he obtained the organ of wisdom of hot Qilin, the inheritance of hot Qilin. After obtaining the inheritance of hot Qilin, its overall strength also had the great change, even its later strength will be only stronger than the hot Qilin, but actually as for it can walk far, should also looks at its talent.

Three wars favor! The Xia Tian three wars favor strength one by one formidable. Moreover the talents of three big pets are also very formidable. At this time if Xia Tian goes with assisting the doctor again fights, he does not use the nine orifices to reverse, he same can scared shitless that assisting the doctor hits. Has a look at Qi Wang again, his strength also had very big change, he turned into Expert of half six cauldron from five cauldron Rank 8, in addition god wolf coverall, even if bumps into ordinary six cauldron Rank 1 Expert he also to fight, but he also lost his lover, wants to revive Jiu Jiang really to have the means that but will be the Xia Tian also very difficult office. At least Xia Tian temporarily does not have that skill. Free of evil intention was becomes five cauldron Rank 9 Expert from five cauldron Rank 3 directly, the strength had the huge change. At this time these three people of battle efficiencies almost might be considered as next three best, but a genuine war has also beckoned to their three, the next three true peaceful life were also truly ended. „The third child, you said that if some day we turned into Nine cauldrons Expert, then to like this stands walks, what can that be felt?” Qi Wang asks. Nine cauldrons! Thinks when the time comes can walk is more natural.” On the Xia Tian face had a smiling face of faint trace. Nine cauldrons? You think is really far, the snow territory confuses the city, the influence of Emperor Shintou Izanagi, Yu Nie of demon, in addition all turbulent influence, how long thought next three already calmly and steadily.” Free of evil intention rare so proper. Walks!! Went home!!!”