Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2249

The strongest three people of groups returned. What behind is the summer to the summer ten, they had decided that must follow Xia Tian. This return is doomed is the return of king. Xia Tian their several impatient to get back, therefore this they have not delayed all the way, sits is most expensive, distance farthest transmission. When they come back. Uneven Imperial City transmission place! Two City Lord Bishop Cao have the person to line up in formation welcome, but Xia Tian that group of family members also in. Not any too big welcome team, but everyone is Xia Tian knows. Big brother, the Third Brother, was laborious.” Bishop Cao has patted their shoulders. Second Brother, you were also laborious.” The Xia Tian molecule the nod, his vision looked afterward to periphery these familiar faces: Laborious everybody.” Bishop Cao waves, all people all knee down: See big City Lord, three City Lord.” Gets up, is quick.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. Big brother, Third Brother, this should be, without you, does not have the uneven Imperial City present peace, will not have the uneven Imperial City present liveliness, you experience the life and death outside every day, for is uneven Imperial City, this is everybody is from the heart kneels.” Bishop Cao said loudly. Regarding uneven Imperial City, Xia Tian and Qi Wang are heroes.

Because has them to fight with all might outside, uneven Imperial City can earn the respect of all influences, will have many Expert to be willing to join uneven Imperial City, moreover more business are willing to join uneven Imperial City, only then here is the next three safest places, will never be affected by the chaos caused by war. Moreover here present turned into the next three liveliest cities. Who doesn't want to go to big urban development? Uneven Imperial City now is genuine Araki, various facilities are advanced most luxurious, the cultivation environment is also best. In other city, the price of small urban inside house probably only needs dozens low grade spirit stone, several hundred low grade spirit stone, even if the Giant Bull City like this big city, the liveliest place also only needs more than 1000 to locate accidentally, but the uneven Imperial City most luxurious house needs 1 billion low grade spirit stone one. Even if most common, the farthest away house also needs several thousand low grade spirit stone, so long as a appearance, that will be raided!! Currently most has the face i.e. was the first batch joins uneven Imperial City these people, these people at that time purchasing homes small advantage, the store was also cheap, now their store in hand turned the entire over a hundred times, this also nobody sold, because obtained a store to be equal to obtaining the money tree. Low-grade goods treasure in other city is needs the auction to buy, however in uneven Imperial City, the store sells low grade treasure, even some big stores have to sell Pin Baoqi, but the auction that opens specially will even have Advanced treasure, Advanced treasure presents each time time, will cause crazy tendering. Various mysterious merit laws and talent treasures are no longer mystical. Before wanted to obtain the Advanced merit law to join the big entrance and big influence to obtain, but this Advanced merit law no longer was that mysterious. Even if the powder cultivates can also obtain the Advanced merit method. The beforehand next three powder cultivates will starve to death will not have the good merit law, will not have the good weaponry, but was now different, so long as is rich, can buy on any thing in uneven Imperial City. The powder cultivates difficultly obtains money.

However in uneven Imperial City, you can receive many posting a reward mission, these post a reward the reward of mission are very rich. It can be said that present uneven Imperial City is a state of dream. But the inventor in this state is: Qi Wang, Xia Tian and Bishop Cao. Gets up, a bit faster gets up, here is our families, is everybody's family.” Xia Tian waves hurriedly, Qi Wang also personally went forward to hold Bishop Cao. Does not need to manage us, why you should continue why to go to be good, the second child, you lead Xia Tian these family members to go to a Qi Wang palace together, had the matter to go to there to say.” Qi Wang very optional saying, a rack does not have, here many person is first time sees Qi Wang. That Qi Wang in their head should be the killing devil, if who dares to disrespect, that directly kills people, if not because uneven Imperial City was too truly good, they do not want to arrive at the Qi Wang side, after is a king's right-hand man as dangerous as being in the company of atiger. But when they see Qi Wang that moment, they know one have thought mistakenly, Qi Wang very amiable, the leader of any influence is more amiable than they have seen. This time they worried finally do not have. Um, everybody diverges.” Bishop Cao was waving to the surrounding these people, afterward the people walk toward uneven Imperial City directly. Second Brother, you helps me consider their several, this is we brothers who knows outside, called free of evil intention, their ten were my ten guards.” Xia Tian introduced them simply. „? Free of evil intention, is that Tu Dragon soldier free of evil intention gentleman?” Bishop Cao looks surprisedly to free of evil intention, afterward his vision looked to summer one their ten: Thinks when you were initially under Mt. Qilin war that ten top Expert, fortunate meeting fortunate meeting.” Heard the words of Bishop Cao, Xia Tian understands. Under their Mt. Qilin that fought has fed in uneven Imperial City, therefore Bishop Cao will recognize them.

Is they.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, I one personally will get down to arrange their residences.” Bishop Cao has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to several people. This time Xia Tian vision 11 has swept on the bodies of front these people: Bing Xin, Ye Qingxue, Lin Bingbing, Liu Shishi, Eastern Man, Northern Army, Qi Huan, Little Fei and Zhao Long wait / etc., at this time they all here. Has been short of several people.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, at this time Great General is accompanying Yin Nie, he has not come, Zeng Ruo to accompany the child has not flown upwards, after Yun Miao since next three were rescued, thorough did not have the news, besides their several, these family members of Xia Tian on Earth almost must arrive in full. The Fire Cloud evil god silently is still protecting Earth, has not flown upwards to the present. Some next three brothers, live at this time in uneven Imperial City, but Bishop Cao has not given them the arrangement to see Xia Tian temporarily. Second Brother, here has 50 Qilin pu, after five cauldron following Expert take, can turn into five cauldron Expert directly, five cauldron above Expert will also obtain very big promotion, you send to everybody, I prepare to start Pill Refining, as for talking about old days words, then I revived to talk about old days my Master on.” Xia Tian to all person 11 nods. Several females all are the tender feelings looks to Xia Tian, they also forgave Xia Tian. Was right, the third child, you looks at this sister-in-law.” Bishop Cao with pointing at has referred to Ye Qingxue: Her situation is somewhat special, what to do I do not know should.” older female cousin? You how?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Ye Qingxue. At this moment, Ye Qingxue, carried on the back to grow a snow white wing.