Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2250

What?” When Xia Tian saw when Ye Qingxue behind that to snow white wing immediately was shocked. Angel! Ye Qingxue unexpectedly changed the angel, this was also too terrifying. Initially Xia Tian used the Vampire strength to make Ye Qingxue carry on the variation, but Ye Qingxue unexpectedly will turn into the angel directly. But Xia Tian turned into the devil. A similar strength. The wing of Xia Tian turned into the black, he also turned into a true devil, but Ye Qingxue was the back grew the white wing, she turned into the angel. My first time looks also thinks very surprised.” Bishop Cao noticed that the Xia Tian appearance said. Xia Tian understood, he advocates to kill, although he to protect own family member and friend, but he focusing on murder, therefore he turned into the symbol of devil, black wing, but Ye Qingxue is representing nicely, chaste, therefore she turned into the angel, genuine angel. older female cousin, this time you turned into the angel truly, congratulated you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Is brat, looks to punch.” Ye Qingxue is still that the violence: I told you, do not look that you now are so fierce, but our sisters person are many.” I do not dare, does not dare!!” Xia Tian said that the body vanished in directly same place: I practiced pill to look for you again.” He wants with his family member, the spouses to talk about old days very well, but he knows that now is not the time, his Master is still lying down on the ice-cold bed. „The second child, you arrange them, the free of evil intention capacity for food is very big, you asked 1000 uneven Imperial City best chefs simultaneously to prepare food to him, this time must make him eat to the full.” Qi Wang looked that said to Bishop Cao.

1000?” Bishop Cao a face strange looked to free of evil intention, afterward nodded: Relax, Big brother, wrapped on me.” Qi Wang said that also left, he wants to close up for several days, Xia Tian has not given him the Jiu Jiang coffin, because of Xia Tian also not to Jiu Jiang clothing Xiaqilin pu and Qilin blood, Xia Tian planned that one will neutralize to give under the Jiu Jiang clothing again. Bishop Cao the Qilin pu 11 distribution, the summer one and summer ten their several also divided, at this time all people all started to close up. Bishop Cao have carried on closing up, before closing up, he personally ran, looked a monkey match thunder, has given the monkey match thunder one, this is Xia Tian makes him give. Whistling! Xia Tian long expiration, he really hopes accompanying well now his family member and lover, but he knows that now is also not the time. Compounded drug that this time must refine is Qilin pill and samsara pill.” Xia Tian must refine the Qilin pill's goal is builds up the strength in Qilin pu, after he took Qilin pu, discovered that this inside strength was really too big, took the effect is very truly big directly, but similarly has also wasted very big part of strengths, Xia Tian must do refined Qilin pill Qilin pu, then gave more people to take, the effect can also be bigger. He altogether has 179 Qilin pu, 100 drops of Qilin blood. Now also remaining 126 Qilin pu. His refinement Qilin pill, plans to use 105 Qilin pu and 98 drops of Qilin blood, remaining two drops of Qilin blood one drops are used to give Jiu Jiang, one drop is used to refine samsara pill, as for Qilin pu he to Jiu Jiang clothing next, remaining 20 he will also be remaining spare. First treats and cures Jiu Jiang.” Xia Tian took the crystal coffin, afterward cautious and solemn fed Jiu Jiang to take Qilin pu and a drop of Qilin blood, when Qilin pu and Qilin blood entered to Jiu Jiang within the body, on face of Jiu Jiang ruddy: Yeah, cannot think really that your unexpectedly must become my sister-in-law, was only a pity that I did not have the skill to save you now, but sooner or later I certainly can rescue your.” Xia Tian received the Jiu Jiang coffin. Afterward he prepares to start to refine Qilin pill.

All Top Grade materials that Xia Tian will have all took, focuses on Qilin pu, Qilin blood as a supplement, other raw materials for medicine carry on, starts to get ready to refine Qilin pill. Bang! One group of black fires appear, this was Xia Tian black is only hot, the strength of his thunder and lightning all with not having, the strength of black fire only remaining such has also selected, he will be will not use the black fire to fight absolutely again. Super Pill Refining technique. The black fire the material 11 decompositions, Xia Tian starts to control the fusions of various materials directly afterward. Others Pill Refining needs to carry on dozens days of material dissolutions and assignments, Xia Tian only needs simple the plan one in own mind to be OK, the quick all materials placed all finished, all these only have used for quite a while. After quite a while, Xia Tian starts to build up Qilin pu. 105 Qilin bodhi directly by its dissolution. Afterward Xia Tian all materials puts together refines. One day later. to become pill.” Xia Tian directly joined in that 98 drops of Qilin blood all materials. This time, Qilin pill really became. 1 million low grade Qilin pill, in 100,000 Qilin pill, 10,000 high-grade goods Qilin pill and 1000 Top Grade Qilin pill.” Xia Tian looked after Qilin pill who one build up, on the face has filled joyfully.

Low-grade goods Qilin pill can make tripod following Expert turn into tripod Rank 5 to the Rank 8 strength directly, as for promotes many specifically, that must look at individual intelligence \; Qilin pill can four cauldron following directly to become four cauldron Rank 3 Expert \; Commodity Qilin pill can below four cauldron Rank 9 to leap directly turns into four cauldron Rank 5 to four cauldron Rank 9 strengths, has physical fitness to suffice to promote many also to look own beforehand rank and talent \; Finally is Top Grade Qilin pill. Can help four cauldron Rank 9 people turn into five cauldron Expert directly. Succeeded. Xia Tian has unearthed the Qilin pill's most major function. In other place, five cauldron Expert that are most extraordinary, but Xia Tian this time wants the directly manufacturing 1000 five cauldron Expert to come, moreover they will not have withstood any side effect. Then was samsara pill.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying, built up samsara pill he to revive Yin Nie, when the time comes he can also really understand that father's missing inside story, for these years, he had been waiting for this moment oncoming, before Yin Nie said that his strength was too weak, but now he is almost next three first Expert. At this time in a next three tavern. It seems like this time must cloud over.” In an alone arm old man hand is taking the wine pot, the vision looks to the distant place, he as if in settling on three outside places , seems was looking that this entire next three are the same. His that eye, can probably see through all.