Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2251
In this time next three surfaces is peaceful. Secretly truly the mighty waves are but turbulent. However no matter other place what, uneven Imperial City has not changed, is that peaceful, is such prosperity. Can enter uneven Imperial City became all people's dreams. Even these become famous, the attractive female member look for the people of double resting to look have the house in uneven Imperial City. But the princesses of these respected family or big influence stroll in uneven Imperial City everywhere, is hopes to bump into a genuine rich son-in-law. If they stroll in other city, then can only say that they are the brain have the issue, neurosis, not quiet in home cultivation, does not go to and member exchanges of these respected families, comes out to stroll anything. However in uneven Imperial City, all these all became normal. Because in uneven Imperial City hits possibly to hit super Expert casually. Therefore the uneven Imperial City main street and small alley everywhere are beauty. This uneven Imperial City was really too lively, although before me, has heard uneven Imperial City, but sees with one's own eyes after today, knows that anything was called vividly, I had gone to the Fierce Tiger city before, but there, if compared with uneven Imperial City, that can only say that one was, one was the day, usually could not see that can see here.” A summer vision in periphery gently has swept. At this time their ten are window-shopping in uneven Imperial City. Their several only used the half-day much time completely to absorb the Qilin pu strength, afterward they came out to stroll. Yes, I have never thought next three unexpectedly can also have such sacred place.” The summer two are also an excited color of face. The uneven Imperial City custom are also many. First, cannot steal, once were discovered if verifies real, then directly executes \; Second, cannot rob, punishes with on \;

These two are the big crimes, although other crimes have, but must look at the specific situation, these two points functions are big, so long as you also in uneven Imperial City, even if were in the hand holds big pile of spirit stone to fall to the ground, some people will not rob. Uneven Imperial City law and order prevail. Each main street and small alley have city Wei Jun to guard, moreover ten streets definitely will have four cauldron Expert. In the uneven Imperial City all kinds of beauty wear is very fashionable. Regarding just came the uneven Imperial City person, uneven Imperial City is a fairyland. Uneven Imperial City casual store Boss is rich flows the oil, they even in the respected families compared with these Rank 5 cities be rich, but these have the family of chain-like industry to be richer than six levels of city inside top families truly. In uneven Imperial City, let alone you are rich. Let alone your strength much is stronger. Here person does not believe other, only believes that three statues of uneven Imperial City center street. Qi Wang, Bishop Cao and Xia Tian. Under that war after Mt. Qilin, entire next three are spreading the related Xia Tian legend, it is said his mechanical reactance tens of millions Expert, cut to kill six cauldron Rank 1 Expert to assist the doctor directly, defeats several other big Expert. Regarding entire next three. Xia Tian is a legend, a legend. Now next three first Expert. First Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices. Entire next three, other respected families, the big trade all has also moved to uneven Imperial City.

Entire uneven Imperial City turned into the next three only business centers, at this time what uneven Imperial City transmission also develops is the next three most convenient stopover stations. Whistling!! In uneven Imperial City, Xia Tian long expiration, he looked at the compounded drug in hand, on the face was presenting the incomparably excited facial expression. Succeeded! Samsara pill he refined finally successfully. This time, I can revive my Master finally.” Xia Tian was really too happy. That many years, are Yin Nie have been helping him, he never helps Yin Nie do any matter, today he can repay Yin Nie finally, handled some of his matters in one's power. ! Xia Tian walked from the Pill Refining room. At this time out, Qi Wang, Bishop Cao, free of evil intention and demon immortal kitchen is drinking there. Person quite entire.” Xia Tian saw that their several smiled. Xia Tian, you have not really deceived me, the vegetable of demon immortal kitchen is delicious.” Free of evil intention excited saying, the demon immortal kitchen regarding him is his one's saviors, he is a glutton, the glutton of genuine goods at reasonable prices, but the demon immortal kitchen is the next three first chef, after he eats the first meal that the demon immortal kitchen has made, he thorough has fallen in love with the demon immortal kitchen. Demon immortal kitchen Sir, I have a matter to request you to help.” Xia Tian moved toward the demon immortal kitchen, in his mouth still politely calls the demon immortal kitchen is the Sir, is very polite. „? Any matter!” Demon immortal kitchen doubts looks to Xia Tian. I have a letter, hopes that you can give that woman.” Xia Tian has not exposed, because he knows that the demon immortal kitchen definitely has the communication with that woman, that woman has lived in Giant Bull City, likes all flowers blooming together. „, Broken day letter.” Demon immortal kitchen saying slowly.

Um!” Xia Tian nodded. Good, I run to you one time, but does she receive me not to guarantee.” Demon immortal kitchen reminder said. „A thing of deceased person, she should receive.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „, Good, my this goes.” The demon immortal kitchen said that stood up directly, left the Qi Wang palace. After the letter delivers, Xia Tian has also completed a strong wish, the broken day last wish he completed finally. „The third child, did the compounded drug build up?” Qi Wang spoke thoughtlessly to ask, although he on mouth such asked that but already had determined at heart actually, Xia Tian definitely has refined successfully. Um, built up, right the big brother, the Jiu Jiang mortal body absolutely did not have the issue, what now need was found to treat her soul the means that such we can revive her.” Xia Tian light saying. Um!” Qi Wang nodded: Thank you, third child.” Said anything to thank to me, we are the brothers, she is my sister-in-law.” Xia Tian shook the head. Ha Ha Ha Ha, right that yes, the third child said.” Bishop Cao laughs was saying. Was right, the Second Brother, these are Qilin pill, I think that you can assign its use.” Xia Tian told the Qilin pill's function directly to Bishop Cao, Bishop Cao heard Qilin pill to have such major function, immediately has opened the mouth, inconceivable of whole face, Qi Wang and free of evil intention was also silently has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. „The third child, had this thing, our uneven Imperial City can say that had the true mainstay, moreover your friends are the best candidates.” Xia Tian that Bishop Cao said in these brothers and friends of serious famine, he in the apprentice and these quite good friend who next three in accept. Um, you look at the office, I must treat my Master now, do you want the same place?”