Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2253

Hears the cough sound, all people have all stood. Master!” The body of Xia Tian presented the Yin Nie bedside instantaneously. Yin Nie has opened own both eyes slowly, his vision looked in the surroundings, obviously is somewhat confused, several minutes passed by gradually, he finally somewhat restored: Little Tian.” Master, is I, you awoke finally.” Xia Tian excited saying. Has not thought, my unexpectedly can also live.” Yin Nie wants to move own body, is the half of the day not active. Master, your stupor was too long, body some are not agile, needs to adapt for two days.” The Xia Tian hurried reminder said. Um!” Yin Nie nodded. Master, since you awoke, I have felt relieved, we exited first, after waiting for you to rest, I come again.” Although Xia Tian wants to know the concerned father's news very much, wants to know the concerned mother's news very much, but Yin Nie just regained consciousness now, he does not hope to disturb Yin Nie. Wait / Etc.!” Yin Nie stopped by calling out Xia Tian directly. Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps. Since you can revive me, that represented you became an Sir, the Sir who can assume sole responsibility for an important task, something should tell you time.” Yin Nie understands that Xia Tian wants to know anything, before these matters him, had not raised with Xia Tian , because the Xia Tian strength was too weak, premature said these to Xia Tian to Xia Tian not any advantage. However now, he believed Xia Tian already the long great accomplishment person. Moreover he knows wound that one receive serious. Since Xia Tian can cure his wound, that showed that Xia Tian present strength definitely does not lower, as for concrete is four cauldrons, is five cauldrons, he can only ask from now on. Master, you were too tired, rests again, I will come tomorrow again.” Xia Tian saying slowly.

I have rested was very long, did not need to rest.” Yin Nie expression light saying: Some matters were you knew, change anything, but you were some rights know.” Um!” Xia Tian nodded. Sits down.” Yin Nie said. Xia Tian and the others also sat on the chair. You are surnamed Xia, this is a sacred surname, in the past unusual extraordinary big figure, he had two extraordinary sons, after was called Yu Wang by , the common people, another person was your ancestor.” Yin Nie expression light saying, his sound is very light at this time, but hears his words, all people have all stood. What?” The people have opened the mouth. Yu Wang! That is the spirit world legend, world of human beings legend. In this world was known as that strongest man, Xia Tian ancestor unexpectedly with him is a blood brother. This may absolutely be a flash news. This sounded a little too to be also inconceivable.” Qi Wang personally has seen Yu Wang the person after all, therefore he thought that was too inconceivable. Is a little inconceivable, Senior please continue.” Yin Nie said hurriedly. Yu Wang keeps aloof, the strength of your ancestor is also the Heavenly Connection penetrating place, but the floods rose from all directions in the past, your ancestor to suppress the floods, takes the blood as the sacrifice, in most sacred Nine cauldrons by the mind worries, builds nine bronze cauldrons, separately the suppression above Nine Provinces, this also time Da Yu regulating waterways that comes to transmit, Yu Wang to commemorate your ancestor, changes the dynasty name is the summer, established Xia Dynasty, but there is a right to have the dispute, studies your ancestor the technique of becoming an immortal along with Yu Wang, his descendants and your ancestors also had the huge dispute, finally breaks off.” Yin Nie slowly answered. That nine bronze cauldrons what's the matter?” Xia Tian asked.

Does not know that I heard nine bronze cauldrons that your ancestor having a dream dream arrives, he has understood from then on the law of cultivating virtue in order to become an immortal.” Yin Nie answered. Xia Tian nodded, he understood, oneself want to solve the secret of small cauldron, but also needs to explore. After all on Yu Wang the neck has also hung a small cauldron. With his exactly the same small cauldron. Dispute has not stopped, even if were afterward Yu Wang knew this dispute, he is unable to prevent, but both sides had not made war finally again, Yu Wang the descendant were getting more and more, but your Xia clan was the person are getting fewer and fewer, but a direct line bloodlines talent of Xia clan obtained the heredity of ancestor, each was the super talents, if must say, Yu Wang skill with your ancestor study.” Yin Nie said the Xia Tian ancestor background. At this time Qi Wang and the others cannot help but swallowed saliva, the matter that they hear really shocked. Solemn Yu Wang, spirit world first Expert. Skill unexpectedly with the Xia Tian ancestor study. Your recent four generations that I know, separately is Xia Yun, Emperor Jie, Xia Tianlong and you.” Yin Nie continues to say. „!” Xia Tian nod of silently, these he already knew actually. Your present strength I am not clear, but on you that three person talents can be said as the monstruous talent in anomaly, before your father was seized, is six cauldron Rank 1 strengths \; I knew finally when your grandfather's strength, your grandfather should be seven cauldron Rank 1, but the past 78 years, the strength should be already increased now, as for your great grandfather Xia Yun, he is eight cauldron Expert.” Yin Nie answered. Humph! When hears the Xia Tian father, the grandfather and great grandfather's strength, Qi Wang and the others understand finally Xia Tian so was why abnormal. Originally the Xia Tian whole family is abnormal.

Family's strength, is one by one terrorist. A talent compares one high. Moreover Xia Tian great grandfather unexpectedly is eight cauldron Expert. His unexpectedly is really eight cauldron Expert.” Xia Tian and Bishop Cao have looked at each other one, they know that person who Yin Nie said who is, initially they drank Xia Yun had said are eight cauldron Expert, Bishop Cao has also ridiculed him, thinks that he is cracking a joke, now looks like, Xia Yunke is not cracking a joke. He is genuine eight cauldron Expert. Master, my father's matter you should say.” Xia Tian asked that he felt that before the father possibly had an accident. Must say why your father was grasped, actually has the relations with your mother.” Yin Nie said when Xia Tian mother, shaking the head of cannot help but, has as if thought anything makes his helpless matter same. My mother!!!” Xia Tian hears this glossary time at present immediately one bright. Today, he can hear the concerned his mother's news finally, these many years, he has been able to know finally own mother's news. Since childhood he was scolded does not have mother's child. Right, is your mother, her background is very big.” The Yin Nie sound is somewhat excited.