Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2254

Xia Tian at this time vision stubbornly is staring at Yin Nie. These many years, he had oneself mother's news finally, listens to his Master tone, his mother probably truly very extraordinary. Qi Wang and free of evil intention and the others also all are the static waiting, at this time they were surprised, when they heard Xia Tian person of father's generation these people a moment ago, started to sigh with emotion the Xia Tian background to be big, the talent was high, now unexpectedly links the Xia Tian mother is also big figure. Before they think that Xia Tian is ordinary powder cultivates, without any background. But now looks like, Xia Tian not only has the background, but also is very big. But Xia Tian this cultivation all the way is who depends on, has not gone to depend on oneself that formidable background. Your mother is a twin, in the past the mother appeared in Earth, I was the youth am young with your father, our two Tiantian hit, afterward had made into the friend, has made into the brothers, afterward we had run into your mother, your mother was in this world the most perfect woman, her body has gathered the merits of all women, and did not have the shortcoming, she was sacred, even if were she has chosen your father finally, I was also same silently the blessing they, because your mother's status in my heart was high.” Yin Nie spoke of here time, everybody understood, originally he has also pursued the Xia Tian mother. Um!” Xia Tian nod of slightly. Your mother's material is the SSS level is secret in China, only then Senior Official can look up, moreover can only look up the little news.” Yin Nie said. Um, I have attempted on Earth, but my rank is insufficient.” Xia Tian remembers this matter. Actually all are very happy, I compete with Martial Arts with your father every day, your mother prepares food to make tea for us, that time day was my this whole life happiest period of time, what a pity did not last forever, your mother's twin Little Sister appeared, at that time nobody knows she was your mother's Little Sister, she intoxicated to catch your mother, and disguised as your mother to instigate me and your father's relations in secret, what a pity your father was what kind wise, all these had already been seen through by him, therefore he has been acting in a play, but I was actually kept in the dark, at that time I think was really your father is not good to her, I even looked. Your father has fought one greatly, is almost mutually wounded.” Yin Nie spoke of here time shaking the head that kept, obviously he was regretted to the past matter. All people all listen with total concentration.

Xia Tian can hear oneself Young Aunt from here was vicious, her strength is so formidable, normal should be able to kill own father and Master with ease, but her unexpectedly wants the father and Master hand and foot remnant. Your father is wounded to save your mother, your Young Aunt was too what a pity fierce, but your father seeks help from China, and pledged that turns over to China to urge life-long, China sends out the army to help your father rescue, your Young Aunt was too what a pity strong, the entire 3000 people of regular armies, the complete severe wound, many people even turned into the disability.” Yin Nie spoke of here time was also the innermost feelings infinitely sighs with emotion: Afterward your father visited to give these 3000 people of family members to kneel down to apologize, and gave in their families to send to the subsidy.” Um!” Xia Tian understands that his father delivers much money unable to trade that 3000 people of health, therefore the country will decide as SSS to be secret this matter. Your mother finally to preserve your father's life, making him take immortal Wang Jing, but your mother also directly destroyed next three finally and several entrances, from then on the spirit world, monster and demon the person of cannot enter the world of human beings casually, although above also explicitly banned there person to come Earth before, but occasionally had the fish slip through, but from then on, did not have these people again Earth, but the spiritual energy spirit world support of Earth, has not become more and more thin, these Expert wanted to fly upwards on was also difficult.” Yin Nie spoke of here time sighed with emotion infinitely, they also changed a time. Master, what is immortal Wang Jing?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Does not know that I only know this name, to be actually useful as for it, I do not know that in brief is the extraordinary thing, because of that thing, therefore there faction super Expert has seized your father, to try to find the solution makes from your father within the body immortal Wang Jing.” Yin Nie light saying. „Will my father die?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Yin Nie. Meeting, no matter takes immortal Wang Jing time can he die, your Young Aunt will not let off your father, her family will not let off your father.” Yin Nie helpless shaking the head. Master, actually my mother's family is what family, my mother now actually where?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly. I do not know, I know also only then these.” Yin Nie knows these that also only then he experiences, before after all him, on Earth, too did not understand the spirit world matter that say nothing was existence of that keeping aloof. Um, I knew, Master, you rest well!!!” Xia Tian said that walked directly.

Third child!!!” Bishop Cao could see that the Xia Tian mood is not right. Does not use with me, I am static.” Xia Tian said that the body vanished in same place. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian vanishes directly. Quite quick, the strength of what rank is he now?” Yin Nie cannot bear ask. Senior, the third child now is next three first Expert.” Bishop Cao replied. What?” The Yin Nie whole person stares, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly became such strong, unexpectedly turned into next three first Expert: Worthily is his son.” Great General, this Qilin pu gives you, takes it, your strength will turn into five cauldrons, moreover does not have any side effect, this is the third child makes me give you, is unedible temporarily as for Senior, because the third child said that under you take the samsara pill strength to be terrorist, need you to absorb this strength well.” Bishop Cao has given Great General Qilin pu. Thanks!” The words of Great General are that few. Um!!” Yin Nie selected. The people also said goodbye.

This time Xia Tian surface toward waterfall! His eye is shutting, stands in the front of waterfall, is feeling flowing of water, at this moment his heart is tranquil, although he now on outwardly is next three first Expert, but compares with these genuine enemies, he is very tiny. Advocation of Wang Bao demon!! Mother's family, Young Aunt!! These influences are strong and mysterious, each is most top influence, present Xia Tian also appears very small and weak in their front. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration of: It seems like is this murder time.”