Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2256

In Sun Empire. Although they were rushed to the remote mountain, here environment is also assiduous, but they had not given up. Since these days, Sun Empire to make up for the loss in population has adopted the special policy. That lives the child. The females any have a child, has the reward, fresh more rewards are more, no matter the unmarried woman feme covert all opening to the outside world, the Sun Empire woman also has the sacrificing spirit, they also spelled for the empire. See your majesty!!” All senior official kneeling of Sun Empire in abundance on the ground, their above have sat well at this time two people, one is the Sun Empire present emperor, another is the Sun Empire senior emperor, senior king. Um, gets up, this time I will lead you to strike back personally our Sun Empire national territory, moreover later our Sun Empire must dominate entire next three, we must extinguish uneven Imperial City, cuts to kill Xia Tian.” The Sun Empire senior king shouts loudly. Dominates next three, extinguished uneven Imperial City, cuts to kill Xia Tian!!!” Dominates next three, extinguished uneven Imperial City, cuts to kill Xia Tian!!!” The following person shouts with one voice. Um, today, we must take that city, I now am six cauldron Expert, so long as I stand in their city walls, then they naturally will directly escape, is utterly routed.” Senior king very self-confident saying of Sun Empire, he to own strength very self-confident. He now is six cauldron Expert, one of the entire next three most formidable people. True Expert. He must extinguish kills these armies, simply is easy as pie. Moreover six cauldron Expert regarding entire next three is a legend.

Any person first eyes saw six cauldron Expert time runs away, therefore the Sun Empire senior king so has the self-confidence. I and others must pledge to fight to the death to follow your majesty.” All people kneel in ground respectful shouting. Six cauldrons are the next three strongest strengths, nobody can block my footsteps.” The Sun Empire senior king said loudly. Father, child pledges to fight to the death to follow your footsteps.” The Sun Empire emperor also kneels on the ground. Before they think that Sun Empire is 100 years of development does not get up, is the appearance of senior king, making them radiate the vigor once more, had the goal of struggle once more, the senior king now is six cauldron Expert, so long as they followed the footsteps of senior king, they certainly can the striving for hegemony world, invincible. Um, my child, I will again certainly help you win bigger power.” Senior king vision firm saying of Sun Empire. This is matter that he most is proud, that is makes his son sit enjoys the landscape. Many thanks father.” Sun Empire saying of emperor face smiling face. Deep inscription, our there empties more than 20 quotas now, which person of intelligence you have a look at my Sun Empire to be good, can replace the positions of these people.” The Sun Empire senior king looked that said to the deep inscription, he on the road bumps into the deep inscription, at that time on the deep inscription had the wound, he has rescued deep inscription. Although he obtained has assisted the strength of doctor, but his word was not suitable after all, needed others' support, when otherwise above came the person time, he was not good to explain. Therefore he received the deep inscription for the subordinates, to fully deep inscription face. Sir, you are the leaders of this influence, receives anyone, that is you decides.” Deep inscription smiling saying. Um!” Senior king satisfied nod of Sun Empire, said afterward again: That is not good, if some people said that what to do I do work for one's own interests under the guise of working for the public?” Either this, the Sir you can me a list, otherwise I not know that whose talent is good, you label to have the special person in the list, I elected to be OK directly, did you say how is it?” The deep inscription proposed.

Good, good, this idea is good.” Nod of the Sun Empire senior king appreciates. Summer however his performance unusual satisfaction to deep inscription. „It is not good, is not good!!!” At this moment, a bodyguard flushed. Hears his words, the senior king brow of Sun Empire immediately a wrinkle. Comes the person, cut to me.” The Sun Empire emperor saw the own father best interest was broken, direct shouts loudly. Wait / Etc.!!” The Sun Empire senior king looked to that bodyguard: What's the matter?” Hit.” That bodyguard knelt on the ground directly. Hit? Really brings about own destruction, I had planned one will hit, has not thought that their unexpectedly also dares to deliver.” Saying that the Sun Empire senior king disdains very: How many people altogether came?” One. One.” „Anything one, a bit faster said.” Emperor angry shouting of Sun Empire. 101 people.” That bodyguard said finally. I go to Damn, 101 people, come the person, towed to cut to me, 101 people arrived at our several billions population Sun Empire, was you insane I was insane?” The Sun Empire emperor scolded directly. Forgives, emperor Sir, he said that he called Xia Tian!!” That bodyguard shouts loudly. Xia Tian!” Hears this name time, in the room all people all stare.

Xia Tian!! Three City Lord of next three first big city, are next three first Expert. Father!!” The emperor looked to the senior king, the sound somewhat shivered, he was frightened Xia Tian this name of the heart, although he one time has not seen Xia Tian, but he heard the related Xia Tian legend really has been too many. Snort, even if Xia Tian can be what kind of? Qi Wang and that did come free of evil intention?” The senior king asked. Subordinate does not know, but he behind should be the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate person, because these people put on the unified equipment.” That bodyguard said. Does not have Qi Wang and free of evil intention, his anything does not calculate, although he truly cut to kill has assisted the doctor, but his strength was suddenly suddenly to increase, in other words he affirmed that has used any mystique, that mystique used certainly to have the limit, therefore his normal strength absolutely did not have me.” The Sun Empire senior king analyzes rationally, even linked him to convince itself. Hears the words of senior king, the following these people are also confident. Sir is wise.” The deep inscription also directly said. Um.” The Sun Empire senior king nodded: Walks, actually has a look at his Xia Tian to have any skill with me together, I must make you have a look at six cauldron Expert today strongly, any next three first Expert, in the front of six cauldrons is only the ants.” Your majesty long live!!!” Ahem! S , B.” Deep inscription corners of the mouth slightly one evil, the innermost feelings scolded.