Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2258

Unique skill?” Xia Tian doubts looks to the Sun Empire senior king. Right, I did not plan with this move, but since is you forces my, that no wonder I.” On the senior king face of Sun Empire presented the crazy facial expression. Sees his expression. All people all presented doubts! Can he release what to destroy the day to extinguish the place super Kungfu? Suddenly, all people all looked to the Sun Empire senior king, Xia Tian was also a face curious looks at the senior king. Actually he also wants to have a look at the senior king to have what skill. Volume, you use, I am not blocking you.” Xia Tian helpless saying, said that he has drawn back directly. Saw that Xia Tian so is looking down upon itself, the Sun Empire senior king was also anger: Xia Tian I want you dead.” Hurry up, grinding chirp.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Snort, 300 years ago, I accidentally obtain a pet, after obtaining this pet, I discovered that it formidable, at that time I almost excited must die, because it is formidable, therefore I do not dare exposed before others, to be worried to be won by others, assists the doctors not to know that I have this pet, 300 years, I must make you regret today, so long as it as soon as appears, that can destroy all.” Senior king excited saying of Sun Empire. At this time he must finally uses in 300 years never to use the pet. This pet very mysterious. Rips!! The clothes of Sun Empire senior king crush directly, at this time all person vision of also all looked that has as if used the radical to him tattoos, moreover perhaps uses the pencil sketch, if with color radical, that doing right by audience. A caterpillar!!

What others mark is the dragon, is the tiger, even if the body of corrupt wolf, has a dog. Finally on the Sun Empire senior king has a caterpillar, probably with the caterpillar of pencil sketch. This imposing manner, immediately a thunder but actually piece. This. Do not tell me your pet are the caterpillar.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the Sun Empire senior king. Snort!” Senior king corners of the mouth of Sun Empire slightly one evil, afterward his both hands wield to behind person, the ground had the change immediately, he behind 40,000-50,000 Sun Empire soldiers directly forced advanced his front. Puff!!! Execute! He executes that 40,000-50,000 Sun Empire soldier directly directly. The blood flies horizontally!! Six cauldron Expert are such terrors. Xia Tian is also the admiration has raised up the thumb: Worthily is six cauldron Expert, is cow B, one can kill 40,000-50,000 people, but you are probably silly, B, how you killed your person.” The surrounding person is also a face strange looked to the Sun Empire senior king, but the Sun Empire senior king behind these soldiers of were fast retreat, they really feared death the Sun Empire senior king, this came up to kill people, moreover kills own person, this was really too terrifying. Moreover waved to kill 40,000-50,000. At this time they experience to six cauldron Expert finally was fierce. Truly fierce!!” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate and he behind these people are also silently has selected 32 to praise to the Sun Empire senior king.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, feared, I waved to kill 40,000-50,000 people casually, this was also only just started.” The Sun Empire senior king laughs to say excitedly, when he just wants again to wave, he discovered that own behind person unexpectedly has all fallen back on very far place. Has feared, my this time has feared, your this has a child does not call to have a child, calls the servant.” Xia Tian felt that speechless, he first time noticed kills the person on one's own side to frighten the match. Snort! One crowd of waste, but these should suffice reluctantly.” The Sun Empire senior king stared behind that group of people, afterward his both hands patted directly above the blood of ground. Takes the blood as to direct. Takes me as the intermediary. Came out, insect baby!!! Senior king excited shouting of Sun Empire, on him that insect tattoos flew to shoot afterward directly. Puff! Thump!!! The blood was drunk directly by the insect baby, afterward its body is getting bigger and bigger. Quick, its body turned into more than three zhang (3.33 m) to be long. Big insect.” The Xia Tian attention was also captured by front insect. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian, you died, you died, it will certainly swallow your one.” In the mouth of Sun Empire senior king has exuded a series of big laughter, he really smiled is too excited. All people are the sincerity breaks him embarrassed. Hey, although I do not want to break you very much, but you most at least must have some professional personal integrity, I am kill now your, you said that the secret weapon I stop, finally you have a look at your pet, that eats changed was so big, then fell asleep.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to that lying in the there motionless insect.

Has saying that this insect can eat, moreover is also very scary. Volume!!!” The Sun Empire senior king laughter bursting out laughing stops: Hey, do not rest, awakes, awakes.” Sees his appearance, the people were more speechless, he boasted half-day own pet fierce, finally his pet unexpectedly fell asleep. At this moment, on the senior king face of Sun Empire presented the incomparably excited facial expression: I understood, Ha Ha, I understood.” Um? Was insane?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to senior king. Xia Tian, your this time was miserable, it is evolving, its this time must evolve, its this is must melt cocoon to become Die.” The Sun Empire senior king more said is more excited, as if to confirm his words is ordinary, at this time the body of that insect wrapped a gauze layer upon layer: „After it melted cocoon to become Die succeeds, it will turn into this in society most attractive pet, any dragon, the phoenix is unable to vie with it, its beauty the shining world, any pet will see it to bow the head to profess allegiance.” You continue, does not need to respond me, I stand silently look at your act high and mighty here.” Xia Tian has given a senior king keep it up facial expression. Xia Tian, I know that you envy me.” Saying that the Sun Empire senior king disdains. I took you, who you had a look at the scene to respond you, visited you in that attire, B, what was main was your unexpectedly installs being infatuated with that was absorbed, even must worship has kowtowed to oneself, this spirit was worth praising.” Xia Tian has raised up the thumb. Disgraced! Distant place the ministers in these Sun Empire also thought that their senior king was really too disgraced, at this time he looked like an old lunatic is shouting there equally. Ka! At this moment, the outer covering of that insect broke suddenly.