Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2259

Came, came, in this world the most beautiful Saint beast butterfly must appear finally.” Sun Empire shouting of senior king face anticipation. This Sun Empire these people also anticipated. Actually they want to take a look at the true colors of that Saint beast butterfly the senior king is proud are anything. Ka! The outer covering was shattered. Lying trough, such aggressive form!!” Xia Tian cannot bear say with emotion. At this time all people were all given to control by front aggressive form. Others melt cocoon to become Die, it is melts cocoon to become Pu the moth, moreover this threw the belly of moth to be bigger than two body, at this time it outstretched her wing directly, all people all vision centralized to it, everybody understands that it must take off. Shines!! Its wing stirred up fast. Its body also gradually must be separated from the ground, but is separated from the ground about 20 centimeters in his body. Bang! The body fell directly. Shines!! Its wing stirred up once more. This its body has been separated from the ground about 30 centimeters. Bang! Body falling again on the ground. Its body was too fat, cannot fly. Volume!!” The Sun Empire senior king was shocked, at the same time, all people were shocked. Throwing that the Saint beast butterfly has not appeared, presents fat cannot fly the moth.

I said that you order it to attack actually, or you also favor to unite with a person, gives a try its might?” Xia Tian helpless looked that said to the Sun Empire senior king. Snort, I make it kill you to go now.” The Sun Empire senior king looks directly to own pet. Kill! He ordered directly, afterward its pet dragged its obese body to run directly to Xia Tian, do not look that its body was so big, the speed of running was not weak, in it soon ran up to the Xia Tian front. Go away!! Xia Tian direct drinks greatly, afterward that pet on dingy turned the head to escape. This time!! All person hoodwinking. The Sun Empire senior king does not know that should say anything, he boasted such half-day pet unexpectedly was given to run away in fear by Xia Tian a few words. Snort, I have card in a hand!!” Senior king numerous cold snort of Sun Empire, he has put out Yellow Leather Book afterward: This is I biggest card in a hand, before I had not practiced it, because practices it to have very big limit, but I cannot control today that many, I want you dead.” The Xia Tian vision looked to the name of that book: Chrysanthemum, colored precious book. Sees this book title time, Xia Tian has guessed correctly, this definitely is the companion volume of sunflower precious book. Chrysanthemum, the flower is remnant, everywhere injures, my chrysanthemum, spending ten thousand people to open.” On the senior king face of Sun Empire had the smiling face, afterward his fart, the stock has dug directly. The chrysanthemum, spends Divine Art!!! Lying trough! I could not bear you, I acknowledged that your ability Dr. was better.” Xia Tian could not endure completely, if he looked again one will feel nauseated. The Sun Empire emperor was also both hands has covered his face, he anything cannot say now, he was only static. His father so loses face, he did not have the face to see the person. !! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place. Pleasant Golden Cudgel!

The ultimate must kill Unique Skill!!! Explodes, chrysanthemum, flower! Place that Xia Tian pleasant Golden Cudgel attacked directly to the chrysanthemum, flowers opening. Big! After Xia Tian pleasant Golden Cudgel hit goal, he shouts directly, at the same time pleasant Golden Cudgel increases instantaneously. Big! Bang! The senior king body of Sun Empire explodes directly. crystal scatters in the sky, the deep inscription flies to shoot directly, took crystal in the hand. One generation of six cauldron Rank 1 Expert died in light of this. His death way thunder but actually all people. Sun Empire these people think can return next three with this six cauldron Expert, but they know now that they have made a mistake, moreover wrong was too odd, their senior kings are one tease, B, moreover teases, fight B in B. Funny, B King. This.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate is also thorough was speechless. Solemn six cauldron Expert, unexpectedly such easily had been killed by Xia Tian, what is main is he arrives, everybody had not seen that actually he has any fierce place. Yeah, assists the doctor 50% strengths not to have continually.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Master, he does not have what strength, these years he side assisting the doctor works as the dog, mixes is also very miserable, he can turn into six cauldron Expert is because the crystal on my hand.” The deep inscription has lifted that crystal, must give Xia Tian. You are remaining.” Xia Tian is also disinclined to want this type of thing, after all this type of thing he does not like using. Forcefully after promotion to six cauldrons, although the strength is very temporarily formidable, but fears the side effect not to be small. Many thanks master.” Deep inscription respectful saying.

Deep inscription, your this rebel, owing my father also that trusts you, your unexpectedly is a rebel.” Emperor angry shouting of Sun Empire. In this world, never becomes is the law of the jungle, water City Lord, then must think your.” Xia Tian said that the direct round trip walks. Brothers, on!!” Water City Lord said that their 100 forms directly flushed, afterward they matched Thunder Zhijie to throw monkey in the hand, 100 monkey match thunder all threw into the Sun Empire supreme headquarters. Bang!!! The flash, the formidable explosive force all destroys, can run away to obtain the explosive force without any person the range. This Sun Empire main army on thorough demise.” On the face of water City Lord has shown the smiling face. He most is worried will be Sun Empire some day will stage a comeback, now he does not need to be worried, because the Sun Empire strongest armies and all leaders as well as Expert have destroyed completely in that 100 monkey match thunder. Actually normally, they do not use is so miserable. First, they do not know the monkey match thunder, does not know the monkey match thunder the might. Second, they cannot restore to come from the fight of Sun Empire senior king to the present. All these as if is a dream are the same. Water City Lord the first order that returns to the city to issue stamps out the source of trouble. From now on Sun Empire thorough disappearance in next three. Xia Tian also directly returned to uneven Imperial City, but the deep inscription the place that goes to him to go. Bang!! At this time in a cave near Mt. Qilin, entire mountain split from inside directly, three person's shadows explode to shoot from there, if at this time Xia Tian here, he certainly very surprised, because here unexpectedly has three corrupt wolves.