Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2260

The snow territory confuses the city!! Although placing next three, but he is not the next three that eight big influences. Because he is the snow country next three north side. There area even add in a big way also compared with eight big influences. But there living condition is also the unusual difference, therefore there population next three are not many. This time snow territory confuses in the city biggest capital city. Opened reports the king, the elder did not come back, he died in the hand of uneven Imperial City.” Under a famous artisan report said. Good! This is a very good opportunity, with the good opportunity of outside world battle, to be worrying that has not given a pretext, the living condition in snow country's was too bad, for these years I have been looking for the opportunity to lead the national to leave the snow country, now they have killed our elders, I can make war with them with the aid of this excuse directly.” The snow territory confused on the king face of city to present the excited look. Big Wang Yingming!!” At this time under main hall white piece of Expert. Ten big elders, I order you to lead 1 billion leading armed forces, takes we most excellent equipment, attacks and occupies the city of place to me.” The snow territory confuses the kings in city to shout. Ten forms go forward directly: Yes!!!” Their ten people, each is five cauldron Rank 9 Expert. But 1 billion armies that they lead are also the snow territory confuse the city most excellent army.

Three big enlightened emperors, you lead 8 billion armies to follow to me, gives me to attack and occupy a city fast, I am quick, my you at least overcome an influence to me in six months, but I lead 80 billion national armies to go out of the snow country, from now henceforth my national does not need to starve again.” The snow territory confuses city shouting of king face anticipation. Is the king!” Three imposing manner very formidable people go forward. Good, this time, I must make them have a look at our snow territory to confuse fierce of city, hangs up the banner, our times are the armed forces of revenge.” The snow territory confuses the kings in city to shout loudly. This time eight big influences do not know that a genuine catastrophe approached. Now all people transmit is the Xia Tian given names. Xia Tian had proven with the fact again his strength, his another extinguishing has killed six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, moreover Sun Empire these time was also the true destruction. All people all by the Xia Tian strength deep shock. This time Xia Tian returned to uneven Imperial City. Big brother, I want to go to three!!” Xia Tian start to talk slowly said. „, But in going three unusual difficulties, now next three only then that five transmission can pass, although that transmission this time of Emperor Shintou Izanagi is your person is guarding, but you cannot ride absolutely, otherwise you must die absolutely without doubt.” Qi Wang knows one cannot block Xia Tian. After all the next three this small places could not detain Xia Tian . Moreover the Xia Tian parents are uncertain of one's fate, he was impossible to continue peaceful treating in next three. The next three first big cities that uneven Imperial City is to deserve now.

The trade, the strength, the reputation, absolutely does not have any influence to place on a par. Especially the Xia Tian reputation, had already spread over entire next three, if some people dare with uneven Imperial City for the enemy, that to be on at this time the head long wrap simply. Among eight big influences each other also has the friction. Um, I know.” Xia Tian nodded. To three, only then transmission of five big top strengths, otherwise must go to that endless sea, there is not the person can pass radically. Transmission also three years of five big top influences can open, three will come when the time comes the person to take away the elite who in the hundred years in five big top influences cultivate, generally can carry off five to seven people \; And transmission of Emperor Shintou Izanagi had been used one time, is previous time catches your father that person to use, therefore transmission there of this time Emperor Shintou Izanagi should only be able to take away most three people, but now looks like, he could not carry off, because these people were given to kill by you.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile, this matter, next three has never occurred. Xia Tian also held the precedent. Under all gave to extinguish these of Emperor Shintou Izanagi kills. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian also fall about. „The third child, you said that three people did come to let off you?” Qi Wang smiling looks at Xia Tian to say. Doesn't let off him to be what kind of? The person strength that regardless of comes is much strong, he most also can only display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths.” Xia Tian may be at this time very confident, if meets six cauldron Rank 1 Expert similarly, then he is absolutely impossible to lose. „The third child, other general idea, I must remind your, three and next three are different, in next three, existed, however in that Top Grade treasure that and that's the end did not get three, this thing was not precious, in the next three valuable beasts is very precious pet, however three should also find at everywhere, as for Bao pill and so on, I have thought three, perhaps the world of human beings was only used to get food down, perhaps on high-grade goods spirit stone in three can also the relaxed exchange, but below three. Even if I am put out 1 trillion low grade spirit stone not to trade.” Although Qi Wang has not gone three, but he obtains some incomplete news.

When a thing is rare , it becomes precious truth I understand, our here is the thing of treasure, perhaps went three insufficiently to look.” Xia Tian nodded. Right, you seem the treasure are numerous, merit law formidable, the pet is also very strong, but others after all are the subordinate of Emperor Shintou Izanagi, method possibly weak? Moreover others are Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices, the operational experience is rich, method of emerging one after another incessantly very many, is not that assists the doctor to place on a par absolutely.” The Qi Wang reminder said. Um, the big brother you said very reasonable.” Xia Tian understood, he possibly really underestimated Expert that three come before. Three years, third child, you also three years of opportunities, if in your strength this, that fears you let alone in the three years in going three, have been able to preserve this life to be good, naturally, has gathered the strengths of our uneven Imperial City all people, should also be able to fight one bucket.” Qi Wang stretched out three fingers. Three years listens to be very long. However regarding their these member, three years is just the time of a twinkling. Xia Tian must be broken through in three years again, otherwise three years later, he will possibly die. The place of this time death!!! Whistling!!! Has not thought that my unexpectedly went to world of human beings place, here aura is very good, what a pity here person is really weak pitiful, moreover my strength unexpectedly was suppressed six to say Rank 1 here, it seems like that this should be the so-called next three barriers.” Wore the Black Gown old man to appear in the death region together. There is demon, the world of human beings and monster intersection point.