Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2261

Reason that demon, the world of human beings and intersection point of monster was called the death region, that is because does not have the live person to pass. But recently may have through here demon Expert much. Death drainage ditch must reappear immediately, I must a bit faster covet the wolf belt to go back, otherwise he could not go back.” The Black Gown old man vision looked to distant place. Right, was the death drainage ditch closes. Why as for closes, nobody knows reason, but was the death drainage ditch has closed, was not the casual any people can through here, recently the death drainage ditch had the sign that opened, therefore Black Gown received the above order, will quickly covet the wolf to bring, otherwise went back late, the death drainage ditch closure, that corrupt wolf cannot return to demon. In uneven Imperial City. Xia Tian plans to repair day cold sword. Since the last day cold sword is damaged, Xia Tian cannot repair the day cold sword, this time he plans the day cold sword repair. In order to patch a day of cold sword. Xia Tian looked for one month of material in the uneven Imperial City treasure house, is selective some genuine precious materials. „The third child, you have chosen here for one month, finally selected has such selected the thing.” Qi Wang helpless looks at Xia Tian. Big brother, expensive essence inexpensive many.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Whiz!! The form fell on their side together.

Third Brother, the demon immortal kitchen came back, he said that your believed him to deliver, the opposite party received.” Bishop Cao saying slowly. That is good, this had also finished my wish.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Was right, the snow territory confused the city this time to have the big sound, they launched the big attack directly, hangs attack that the banner of revenge was adopting, just several days, they seized three Rank 5 cities, at this time the god mouse city was putting in order the armed forces to prepare to counter-attack.” Bishop Cao latest news will tell to Xia Tian. Actually does snow territory confuse the city is what thing?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Snow territory confuses the city is a very formidable influence, they are situated in the next three north, there was called the snow country by us, the residents in snow country's about 100 billion, however there life is actually very difficult, you also know that more is the cold place, humanity needs to eat the thing to maintain on exceed, even if Expert must eat food, but snow country there food was scarce, in addition there living thing is also few, therefore the living condition in snow country's has been very bad, therefore there person has wanted to walk to come out.” Bishop Cao patient answered. I killed a snow territory to confuse the elder in city before, the strength is good, is five cauldron Rank 9.” Xia Tian said. Normal, they cannot go out of there easily, once they come out, eight big influences will join up to flaunt together them, but currently among eight big influences each other has the friction, wants to join up to be difficult, moreover their this time is flaunting the banner is the revenge, it can be said that stands in the angle of principle of righteousness, justifiable.” Bishop Cao helpless saying. The war most lacks is justifiable. This can also make the morale of team surge upward, and soldiers of team also know why one fight, but is not confused. „Were they crusade against my?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. That arrives not to have, they had not said that must crusade against anyone, but mentioned the revenge.” Words of Bishop Cao said was very clear, although the enemy is flaunting the banner of revenge, but has not dared to say flagrantly is crusades against Xia Tian, otherwise they have not waited to flaunt possibly to Xia Tian and uneven Imperial City. Snow territory confuses city that place Expert to be numerous, there living condition is very bad, can therefore raise many Expert, more is the bad condition needs the strength to survive on exceed.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Um, the big brother said right, according to what we know, the snow territory confuses the city to have six cauldron Expert, as for having many, I am not clear.” Bishop Cao said.

Six cauldron Expert. This in next three absolutely was existence of super legend rank. The snow territory confuses the city, since six cauldron Expert, then this war affirmation small. Ok, temporarily makes them make, even if the snow territory confuses the city to have six cauldron Expert, they also need to get are very long.” Xia Tian does not want to persecute to death the person, after all the living condition in snow country's was too bad, the people in snow country's also to live are fighting, if Xia Tian must hurry back them, that opposite party definitely will breakneck with Xia Tian. Um! I have the matter, first walked.” Bishop Cao said that leaves directly. Big brother, I closed up.” Xia Tian said that went to the Qi Wang palace directly his place of closing up, here is he specifically is used to close up it to use. After entering place that closes up, Xia Tian has put out the day cold sword. Pill Refining master, refiner master, Formation master! In these three types of skills, Xia Tian strongest is the refiner, because his refiner technique is makes his wondrous use infinite. His Pill Refining method reached the limit, but the pill emperor final thought of taught pill immortal rare book to him, therefore his Pill Refining skill was also unusual formidable. Formation is the broken day teaches for his, strongest is Rank 5 Formation. Although is only Rank 5 Formation, but also sufficiently made Xia Tian sweep away entire next three, he believes that went three, Rank 5 Formation should also be suitable has resulted, what was main what was his meeting was the Ancient big hand imprint. Day cold sword, this time makes me fix you.” On the face of Xia Tian has been full of the excited look.

The day cold sword probably is his son is the same, is he refines personally, initially his super refiner technique triggered that very uncertain probability, became an immortal the day cold sword refinement, the day cold sword has also blocked a day of tribulation for him, therefore has been at the condition of seal. The previous his repair repaired Realm of Top Grade treasure the day cold sword, this time he wanted to have a look at itself to promote the rank of day cold sword once more. Puff! Xia Tian early will have prepared the good material to put. ! Day cold sword directly by him float in front. The black fire instantaneously wraps day cold swords and all materials completely, the might of black fire is big, the speed of its calcine is also very quick, but this Xia Tian must the day cold sword repair, therefore he needs to spend a long time, knot seal that his both hands keep, fast racket above day cold sword. Each patching after the strict computation, cannot have the mistake, in the event of the mistake, that wastes all previous efforts. Even if Xia Tian this Spiritual Force formidable person, needs frequently to maintain the best condition. Six months later! Has succeeded, I succeeded finally.” Xia Tian incomparably looks excitedly day cold sword in own hand. Ps: The brothers, were too sleepy tonight, temporarily first writes one, when I awoke have written again, this month, I have not treated unjustly the brothers, starting from 1st, ten to 13, me only rested three to six hours every day every day, stayed up late continuously, I a little could not shoulder, today wants to rest earlier, hopes that the brothers forgave, after I got up in the morning, I continued to write, striving was least ten.