Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2262

Day cold sword!! Father, I finally once more saw you.” Small sword spirit excited shouting of day cold sword, it now is really very excited, was so long, it regained consciousness finally again. Was laborious you.” Saying of Xia Tian apology. „It is not laborious, the father, I thinks you very much.” Day cold sword excited saying. Um, I also think you.” Xia Tian nodded. Repairs the good day cold sword, the strength is increased once more, the present day cold sword turned into Yun Qi, compared with existence of treasure higher rank. First Yun Qi who temporarily next three present. Although the next three possibly others have Yun Qi, but nobody uses, what therefore in Xia Tian hand presents only Yun Qi, even if were the corrupt wolf at that time besides the coverall the person who also only then Top Grade treasure, assisted the doctor this big influence also had Top Grade treasure. Father, you have a look at the ability that I awaken first.” The small sword of day cold sword said spirit. Good!!” In the Xia Tian mind presented a huge news directly. Day cold sword!! Yun Qi!! Attribute: Cold!! Only attribute, with all Advanced treasure as well as the weapon and equipment of following rank all instantaneous frozen, loses all strengths of its collision. Humph! Sees this first attribute time, Xia Tian can only say that a day of cold sword was too abnormal. Changes the nepheloscope later day is cold, so long as to fighting Top Grade treasure or the weapon of above rank, that can instantaneously the weapon and equipment of opposite party frozen, making it turn into one pile of scrap copper and iron immediately.

Top Grade treasure is no one has. Moreover Top Grade treasure rank against has Xia Tian also never to see. Therefore to Xia Tian, the match with him to the war, that first is suffering a loss. „It was good!!” Xia Tian excited saying, he continues afterward to the following attribute looks. The day attacks coldly!! Releases 100,000 cold glow, launches the non- difference attack, crushes front all. Day cold domain!! Releases frozen knot, ties is centered on the body of master, radius all within 50 meters completely frozen , to continue for ten seconds, the cooling time ten minutes. The day executes the immortal coldly!! Day cold sword big move. The innumerable day of cold swords of dropping from the clouds, destroy all, one year can use one time. Whistling! Sees three big moves of day of cold sword, Xia Tian thorough was speechless, he can only with abnormal describe that these three of day of cold sword have incurred greatly, after having these three big moves, Xia Tian no matter selects or rolls the war only, almost approached was invincible, if this time Xia Tian fought against the person again can be more relaxed. This time I really abnormal.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. !! Xia Tian has shoved open the door, when he walks, Qi Wang and the others still sit in his courtyard drinks.

Your Tiantian knows to drink, cannot make again delicious.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Made, free of evil intention was eaten to eat all one's food.” Qi Wang said. Volume!” Xia Tian understood, oneself had neglected a moment ago free of evil intention. „The third child, you happen to came out, some big brother also matters want to tell you.” Bishop Cao looked that said to Xia Tian. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. Made big brother tell you.” Bishop Cao has referred to Qi Wang. Big brother, had any matter you saying that we were the brothers, how you also covered up with me.” Xia Tian understands that Qi Wang definitely has the matter that anything says embarrassed. Is this, recently snow territory confused the city to be getting more and more wild, they altogether 9 billion armies have killed completely to that several big influence, moreover their strength formidable, the god mouse city currently had 50% cities to fall, in the snow territory confused in the hand of city, they have sent out the requesting reinforcements message to our uneven Imperial City now . Moreover the snow territory confused the position that the city was at this time also to continue to attack two big influences, before one was me these former subordinates, one was the Wolong city, their ambition very big.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Heard here Xia Tian to understand finally, Qi Wang wanted to support own these former subordinates, was afraid Xia Tian to complain about him, after all in the past his former subordinates may not have to estimate his honor, negotiated at that time time, Xia Tian also tore to pieces the facial skin for Qi Wang with these people. Big brother, is injured, us.” Xia Tian has not said anything, sometimes among brothers only needed a look to understand the idea. Qi Wang looked after the Xia Tian matter to be too many, Xia Tian was thanks own elder brother of the heart. So long as Qi Wang has the matter, even if he has put together his life at his also meeting. Um, many thanks, third child.” Qi Wang is that he to others good, if others are good to him, he will be grateful others that person. Big brother, you said anything, we are the brothers.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he looks afterward to Bishop Cao: Second Brother, but must trouble your, goes to monkey match thunder there to help me all probably come his all monkey match thunder.” Good!!” Bishop Cao nodded. I must go!!” Has stood free of evil intention directly.

Ok, after does not pass, must listen my, can the army of so relaxed defeat god mouse city not be simple, this over six months time, they have overcome half god mouse city, this strength was not weak in the past Qi Wang army, therefore our time went to plan well.” The Xia Tian reminder said. He understands that the opposite party can get the so big domain at such quick speed, that is not the luck is absolutely good, but is strength truly formidable. Um, I listen your.” Free of evil intention smiling saying. My this old arm old leg, did not accompany you to be insane, ha ha ha ha.” The demon immortal kitchen laughs was saying. You want to go to me unable to lead you to go, this time is very dangerous, if you knocked to bump into, I may really have no way to explain.” Xia Tian smiling saying. „, Paid no attention to you.” The demon immortal kitchen hears Xia Tian to play own joke, turned the head to walk directly. Third child, what do we need to prepare?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Gunpowder crag, the more better.” Xia Tian said directly. I know that you need this thing, my previous time made the second child receive secretly, besides part to the monkey the match thunder used, other alone was deposited by me, my this went to remove to you.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Meanwhile. Your highness!! Front was the snow territory confuses the armies in city.” Expert respectful saying of five cauldron Rank 1. Um, walks.” The corrupt wolf nodded. Has not waited for the corrupt wolf to arrive at the snow territory to confuse the army range of city, one line of ten people walked from behind, these ten person snow territories confuse the ten big elders in city: Corrupt wolf gentleman, we and others you and others quite laborious.”