Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2263
Um!” The corrupt wolf cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly!! The snow territory confuses city ten big elders to come out to greet personally, this face gave in a big way. Corrupt wolf gentleman, the banquet we have prepared, on you.” The snow territory confuses the city long on shameless has piled up with the smiling face. Was polite.” The corrupt wolf also thinks the difficult to turn down an offer make with such warmth. „The gentleman where words, can obtain the help of gentleman, then regarding us, simply is the biggest good fortune.” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to be knows the strength that fierce of corrupt wolf, that war under Mt. Qilin, the corrupt wolf showed in the past stronger compared with six cauldron Expert, even almost dies including Qi Wang in his hand. The subordinate of corrupt wolf each can hit, this makes their is willing to cooperate with the corrupt wolf. Moreover the corrupt wolf and Xia Tian have Qi Wang these people are mortal enemies, so long as gathers him, that naturally did not fear Xia Tian they. Um.” Corrupt wolf nod of slightly, he thinks that he is worth others such respecting, because of his strength in that pendulum. Corrupt wolf gentleman invited!!!” The snow territory confuses the elders manner of city respectfully continuously. In perfection city!!! See Qi Wang, see summer City Lord.” These elder respectful saying of city of perfection. They before were the uneven Imperial City elders, now come out to form the sect only, established the city of perfection, now the city of perfection has difficult, they noticed that Qi Wang can come, that naturally was moved. Was good, did not need to be so polite, went to your headquarters to have a look at the situation.” Qi Wang said directly. Xia Tian is still maintaining callous appearance.

He does not have any friendship with these old fogies, he comes to here to come for Qi Wang completely. Good.” The big elder leads the way hurriedly, they have not cared about the callousness of Xia Tian, after all initially in uneven Imperial City they to the Xia Tian good complexion, today the city of their perfection not to have had difficult, Xia Tian can come, this is the big favour. Quick, the elders led Xia Tian they to arrive in the headquarters. Information in the headquarters is latest. Qi Wang, you look at now our operation-map.” The big elder referred to the front operation-map explaining afterward: Snow territory confuses the city to be divided now, for three leading troops, are led by their elders separately, including four armies attack the god mouse city, other two groups attack our with the Wolong city three armies, each army has 100 million people, these person of strength formidable, moreover they have the formidable war weapon, from out of the blue is not worse than our crossbows, their place visited nobody can block, what is main is they behind also 8 billion follow-up units, this is 8 billion people, stands that to be killed by us unable to kill.” Um!! This present copes with us is 300 million people!” Qi Wang nod of looking pensive. Is 300 million people.” The big elder nodded. Good, your this, lets subjects retreat, now starts the city not to garrison along the way, all removes to put to me the enemy, making their island of resistance thorough, we cut off the enemy's retreat and annihilate them.” Qi Wang said directly. Listens to the Qi Wang words, the elders are the unusual admirations. Qi Wang is Qi Wang, came to offer a such good advice, this made them immediately very excited. Good, my this told.” The big elder has drawn on the commander directly, will order to distribute. Although opposite party strength formidable, so long as makes the opposite party island of resistance thorough, that opposite party also 300 million people, when the time comes in their domains, they can encircle these 300 million people directly kill. Place chooses here, the shackles city, around this city is the tree . Moreover the behind also rivers, we first burn down, then the water attacks, twice attacks, the enemy casualty is serious, the morale pelts, the enemy collapsed of itself.” The idea of Qi Wang is good, now the snow territory confuses the army morale orthometric height of city, they are also the most self-confident time, even if the city of perfection withdraws troops now, they also only think that is own merit, was ran away in fear the match, like this they can report their merit, but they will enter in this state the Qi Wang snare.

If the normal battle, the city of perfection only gives up the shackles city, then the opposite party will certainly begin to have suspicions, but they give up this online more than 20 big and small cities now, that opposite party definitely will be getting more and more self-confident. At this time was the army of city of perfection gives full play. Good, well.” Clapping the hands and shouting praise that big elder and the others kept, they admired Qi Wang really more and more. Xia Tian also really admired Qi Wang to lead the skill of combat, no wonder Qi Wang thousand years ago can lead the army to sweep away entire next three. His leader ability and operational strategy are really very terrifying. Good, ten elders you have the person to shout to clear the way opening now quietly, has remembered, do not open too, all that otherwise being ahead of time boiling water, when the time comes we will possibly make wasted all previous efforts.” The Qi Wang order said. Yes!” Ten elders receive an order. Nine elders, you have person to prepare the gunpowder crag, displayed to me under the place in city, remembers must hide.” Qi Wang ordered again. Yes!!” Nine elders receive an order. Eight elders, you neighbor each trees all will give me to cut off half the root, keeps half, is used for fire attack.” Qi Wang ordered. Yes!!” Eight elders receive an order. Seven elders, you have person to compile the hot cage, buries in earth on mountain.” Yes!!” Seven elders receive an order.

Six elders, five elders, four elders, your three lead the sharpest army, is taking from out of the blue the crossbow ambush in three, the fire attack is the number, in encircles directly attacks a city three directions, gives me such to catch up toward us the person, encircles three error one.” Yes!” Six elders, five elders, four elders receive an order. Three elders, two elders, you attack after the water is successful, directly leads the army to carry on final encirclement to kill.” Yes!!” Two elders and three elders receive an order. Big elder you leads the main army, prepares to counter-attack, after annihilating the enemy 300 million main armies, we initiate counter-attack.” Yes!!” Big elder very excited saying. How familiar scene, this is they over a thousand years ago most formidable combination, most formidable direction team. Qi Wang ordered, they implemented. Other nine big elders are also warm-blooded rush, now they too were excited, many years, they have not fought side-by-side with Qi Wang, this opportunity came finally, their kings, the leadership they carried on to go on an expedition again, although no longer was sweeps away next three, but they have found the past feeling now.. „The third child, was your.” Qi Wang smile looks to Xia Tian.