Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2264

Um!” Xia Tian goes forward to meet the command!! I three five cauldron Rank 9 Expert that wants killing of your secret to lead.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. When?” Xia Tian asked. Is when the confusion just started.” Qi Wang very earnest saying. Does not have the issue.” Xia Tian guarantees to say. Or I go with Xia Tian together.” The free of evil intention start to talk said. „It is not good, so long as third child's method can achieve the secret to execute, your strength is very strong, but your method is strong, I want that three five cauldron Expert silent deaths, this can the thorough letting opposite party morale disintegrate.” Qi Wang ordered. Good.” Nodded free of evil intention. Free of evil intention, you follow side the big brother, preventing some opposite party people to sneak attack.” Xia Tian patted free of evil intention shoulder to say. He is so fierce, even if some people sneak attacked are impossible to kill him.” Free of evil intention very depressed saying, he also wants to come up to fight, but Qi Wang does not have the arrangement to give him any matter to make him do, he also can only look. Free of evil intention, you felt relieved that later definitely has makes you fight the time.” Qi Wang has patted free of evil intention shoulder. Meanwhile eight big influence official alliances, moreover they have sent out the praying for rescue news to uneven Imperial City, the final consultation, eight big influences altogether put out 200 trillion spirit stone, making uneven Imperial City get rid to help, the uneven big elder was also smooth a point, although Qi Wang comes the free help, but since the present eight big alliances agreed this matter, they naturally cannot treat unjustly uneven Imperial City.

Bishop Cao to all parties the response of influence is, lets the Wolong city and god mouse city clings to tenaciously, does not accept a challenge, afterward makes several other big influences also in abundance send out Expert and sharpest elite troops rushes to the Qi Wang site.. Although the elite troops also need to ride transmission, but they may unable to sit transmission of long-distance range, therefore they can only bit by bit sets out to the place that Qi Wang is, but at this time Chief and guard of Expert other seven big influences also all arrived in the city of perfection, although the large unit cannot sit transmission, but their these King sit. Chief of these seven big influences the uneven big elder greets personally. At this time these Chief one hear of Qi Wang and Xia Tian here, they are also confident, according to their information, this snow territory confuses in the armies in city to have many Expert, even the opposite party must carry on the Decapitation Strike, extinguishes kills their these Chief, since at this time Qi Wang and Xia Tian here, they believe where next three have not compared here to be safer. Afterward they saw the free of evil intention time, felt relieved. These three people may under Mt. Qilin that fights thoroughly has made the prestige. At this time eight big influences have formed the allied armies thoroughly, but the leaders of allied armies are Qi Wang. The designation of allied armies uses the uneven Imperial City designation. This is the next three first composition allied armies, for the allied armies that to survive to compose. After all the snow territory confused the strength of city is really too formidable, that number endless Expert, in addition 90 hundred million formidable incomparable army 80 billion residents, these figures added to be terrorist, the snow territory confused the people in city each is a soldier, moreover they , if not come out only to starve to death more people, once made war. They must face possibly is 90 billion soldiers, but is not 9 billion.

Asked that eight big influence which can put out such a Freshman army? Now the next three army most cities are the water semi-circular protective walls outside the main city gate, the army quantity reaches as high as 10 billion, even if this, his army is also scattered, can say that his domain is also biggest, therefore his military and local dispersed the inside of each city, moreover his army overall quality was too bad, many people were the new moves. Therefore solely 1-2 strengths take only, possibly is not the snow territory confuses the match in city. In order to survive, they also can only choose to collaborate. But collaborates, they definitely mutually are not convinced, must therefore look for existence of a person of virtue and prestige, this person is Qi Wang. Qi Wang thousand years ago reputations, are the present reputations, sufficiently takes on no matter what greatly, moreover he behind also has next three first Expert Xia Tian. Therefore Qi Wang works as the hegemon of this alliance, all people are all convinced. At this time attacks that three King armies of city of perfection very excitedly, they seized ten cities continually, recently their army places visited, were panic at the news simply, nearby these cateran influences also in abundance hid in Dashanli, does not dare to come out. This made them more self-confident. They have thought that only then snow territory confuses the soldiers in city is in the world strongest soldier. This time they have confirmed their strength.

Since they have attacked the god mouse city, they are ever-victorious, the soldiers in god mouse city were slaughtered completely, their place visited absolutely do not have any city to resist afterward, the population that even, they died also overflowed thousand, afterward they to obtain many meritorious military service, therefore has adopted the method of dividing forces. Is divided into three armies, simultaneously to three big influence attacks, each influence 300 million people, the middle army 400 million, simultaneously attacks the perfection city influence, the god mouse city influence and Wolong city influence. The fight just started, other two cities are the progress very slow, only then they attack the army of Baicheng not to be smooth, an attack of city then city, meritorious military service fell on their heads. Third Brother, was really too crisp, this meritorious military service took, other brothers several quick envy died we.” The snow territory confuses seven elder excited saying of city. Yes, the Third Brother, the meritorious military service of this acquisition were really too big, our following cities completely have been seized gradually by the army now, waited for the following resident to come, after that here, thoroughly was the homeland of our snow country's.” Four elders are also excited saying. Um, I heard that this perfection city is the influence that is new, absolutely does not have what skill, to put it bluntly at present is some caterans, then while the Sun Empire event, lets the opportunity that they had getting up, founded this any perfection city, collapses at the first blow simply, a half year, only needs six months, we can thorough overcomes the perfection city.” Three elder very self-confident saying. Third Brother, was inferior that our rapid march, the opposite party does not revolt in any case, saw us to run away, so long as we a bit faster overcame the perfection city, you perhaps were the first elder.” Seven elders proposed. Good!” Hears the words of seven elders, on the faces of three elders presented the excited look, since continuously, the big elders and two elders have pressed in his head, currently with great difficulty had such good opportunity, how he possibly does not hold: Fourth Brother, seven younger brothers, our brothers three will certainly turn into the genuine big elder in the future, two elders and three elders.” Um!” They also nodded. Ordered, rapid march.”