Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2265

The rapid march puts down the heavy weapon equipment, then the army goes forward at the maximum speed. Merit!! Regarding them, the merit is bigger than all. Although they are the snow territory confuse the elder in city, but in they have fight, the given name is higher, the rank is higher, the status is also higher, the advantage are also naturally more. Although the big elder, two elders and three elders have their subordinate, but in their three most has the right to speak big elder, if there is an advantage, naturally is also the big elders, looks like beforehand going on an expedition, their ten in the same place, then the majority of merit are almost the big elders. If not two elders and three elders has certain right to speak, then they possibly link a merit unable to obtain. Therefore they will choose to divide forces. Speed that divides forces the later big elder they to attack really slow, although there is joining of corrupt wolf, but the corrupt wolf does not pay attention to this fight from the start, the big elder also embarrassed makes the corrupt wolf get rid during this small fight, therefore they, although can also overcome the city, but the speed is not fast. Two elder there also received Wolong city the resistance at risk of life. The Wolong city has prepared before the war, therefore their resistances are intense. At this time two elder there are most miserable one, has reached as high as 100,000. Now best naturally was three elder here, their were less than thousand people, but has actually taken more than ten cities, this let the big elders and two elders is envies the envy to hate.

In three elder armies after rapid march. Ha Ha Ha Ha, was too crisp, we took 23 cities continually.” Three elders laugh to say excitedly that he thought really initially chose was too wise, solely is not chooses the rapid march to be wise, the attack judgment whose he is also wise, whose times just started their three big elder attack judgment. The big elder most has the right to speak, what therefore he chooses has injured the vitality god mouse city, he thinks that the god mouse city has hurt the vitality now, therefore naturally cannot contend with them, but two elders have chosen the most bountiful Wolong city, he thinks that attacked the Wolong city he to gain most advantage. Third Brother, no, after we take the perfection city, we must call your big brother.” Seven elder smiling saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, no rush, we take your time, has not thought, what perfection city, is collapses at the first blow simply, today rests same place a evening, tomorrow will strive to take two cities continually, will the front that city name?” Three elders asked. Third Brother, called the shackles city.” Four elders said. Pen city? We break the shackles, soars.” Three elder very heroic saying, he had been hoodwinked both eyes by the victory at this time, present he has not even gone carefully to study shackles city name the origin, if he carefully studies, he absolutely easily will not enter the shackles city. This time snow territory confuses the city big elder place. Hateful, we overcame two cities, third child that side unexpectedly hit 23, actually did he how achieve?” The anger of big elder whole face, he does not think really clearly, actually three elders they how hit these many cities. Big brother, my person just came back report, the army of perfection city has not stationed, they saw our army to run away, therefore the third child their there so will be smooth.” Eight elders go forward to say. Has not thought, unexpectedly makes the third child be in luck, we must try harder, otherwise his merit can shake my status.” The big elder deeps frown, he understands that the three elder their goals are to take the position of oneself this big elder, he will be will not make three elders prevail absolutely.

Big brother, I request a combat assignment, tonight my night assault, strives to seize this city.” Nine elders said directly. Good , can only such manage now, the stinking ninth category, was laborious you, ten younger brothers, you accompanied your nine elder brother to go together , can take care.” The big elder orders to say. Relax the big brother, wraps on me.” Ten elders just rose for elder, he is worrying not to have the opportunity of performance. The big elder more wants more to be angry, his original manuscript thinks the place that one choose can be very good to hit, the meritorious military service is also most, was three elder there unexpectedly, such quickly has overcome with irresistible force 23 cities, this must substitute for his position simply. Another, two elder there are not happier. Although the meritorious military service of big elder does not have three elders to be many, but in any case has also overcome two cities, is he besides these two Rank 3 cities, a Rank 4 city cannot take, this disgraced lost to the grandmother family simply, he also wants while this opportunity sending well compared with the unexpected wealth. Finally now has only made a change, then meritorious military service unexpectedly turned few. Second Brother, we cannot sit waiting for death, otherwise your rank must fall.” Six elder anxious saying. Yes, the Second Brother, we must come a general attack.” Five elders proposed. Um, should come a general attack.” Two elders clench teeth saying that although the general attack meeting casualty many people, but if not come the general attack, his meritorious military service on thorough did not have, after casualty person that him, can continue to train, but if the meritorious military service did not have, the status fell, that later has the advantage he only to look that the big elders and three elders took. Good, the Second Brother, I reorganize the troops now.” Five elder excited saying, aggrievedly had gone bad him recently, this time they can carry on the general attack to obtain the merit finally.

Second Brother, this time must massacre city, must to this group of person lessons, probably make them know that our snow territory confuses fierce of city, perhaps, other cities also because will be afraid is massacred city to escape directly, then we can overtake the third child quickly their meritorious military service.” Six elders proposed directly. Great idea, such to decide.” Two elder happy saying. Chief of eight big influences at this time Qi Wang leads are preparing to look at the good play: Good play must come immediately.” Chief of eight big influences are together big besides litigant the elder, other people do not know that here will then have anything, this is the first war that Qi Wang directs the army, everybody wants to have a look at Qi Wang to match cannot be joined to the position of this hegemon, actually everybody also wants to have a look at Qi Wang to how cope with the snow territory to confuse these 300 million elite troops of city. After all now perfection city threw more than 20 Rank 4 above cities, this is the matter that loses face very much. Yes.” The uneven big elder is also an anticipation of face. That 300 million snow territories confused the armies in city to enter in the shackles city at this time finally.