Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2266

Ha Ha Ha Ha! The Third Brother, we have taken a city, 24.” The snow territory confuses city seven elder incomparably excited saying with a smile. At this time their army entered to the shackles city. Um! Today we must seize a city again, sufficiently collects 25 cities directly, I must let the Boss and second child they have a look, person who actually who truly has the skill, this time I must substitute for the position of big elder, but your ranks should also almost should promote, this time meritorious military service enough our three take first five.” Three elder incomparably excited saying. Three, after our brothers three people, is the best brothers, even if our three take first three also certainly most to unite.” Four elder excited saying. That is natural, can destroy our brothers three people of sentiments, only then died.” Three elder very serious saying. The benefit causes many person differentiations, three elders worried that their three also split up finally, therefore he said the so fervent words directly. Um!” Four elders and seven elders also nodded. Transmitted orders, recuperation a half hour, then continues.” Three elders ordered directly. Now they were really too happy, they have taken 24 big cities, such merit could be said as very big, only minor defect in something otherwise perfect was these 24 big cities is almost the empty cities, inside did not have what treasure, but he did not worry, so long as after he projected on the capital city inside of perfection city, in that these cities moved out thing naturally he all will snatch. So long as has overcome the city, that meritorious military service had the safeguard, as for the wealth, they can swallow part, remaining on gives the snow territory to confuse the king in city again. Good, Third Brother!!” Seven elders said that must walk directly, but at this moment. ! The rocket shoots up to the sky together. „It is not good, has the enemy to raid, army alert.” Three elders shout hurriedly. Meanwhile, the flame rises from all directions.

On the surrounding mountain of city presented the hot cage, these hot cages take advantage of opportunity to roll down, the log by stone collisions, the fire was started to flush away to the mountain directly. What??” Three elders discovered that at this time this city is a natural shackles, the two sides all are the mountains, now the fire on mountain already thorough flushed, the big tree was ignited by the hot cage, these big trees rolled following the mountain on directly downward, pound to his army: Defense!!!” Third Brother, we do not have the belt heavy equipment, wanting house-owner these flame not to be impossible.” Seven elder anxious saying. Withdraw, retreats.” Three elders shout hurriedly, he has a dream has not thought that has seen their running perfection city army unexpectedly to initiate counter-attacking, moreover comes up is the fire attack. Bang! The rear area of city has transmitted the large explosion. Three, cannot remove, behind has also caught fire, if clashes hardly, our people definitely will have the casualties.” Seven elders shout loudly, now here everywhere is the disorderly sound, the ordinary speech could not hear. Hateful, that also gives me the round trip to clash, protects the body to clash to me using spiritual energy, cannot go forward, perhaps the front also has anything to ambush is waiting for us, if we flushed forward, that final fate will be more miserable.” Three elders this time restore the calm brains, he acknowledged before one, truly was succeeded to hoodwink both eyes. However now, he must make the decision immediately. Although now periphery everywhere is fires, but he brings is the elite masters, ordinary flame impossible Insta-kill his person, so long as here all has not caught fire, then his person can find the way to clash. Ah! Ah! Ah! His army started chaotically. After all at this time here is flame, the army does not know which everywhere should toward clash. „The fourth child, the seventh child, you quickly goes to the two sides to stand firm the team, cannot be chaotic, if now is chaotic, we collapsed of itself.” The snow territory confuses the three elders in city to shout loudly, he understands that morale of troops one chaotic, that will be the person on one's own side steps on the person on one's own side dead finally.

Therefore he must the fast entire armed forces. At this time on the mountain of distant place, the person of that seven big influence has opened the mouth, they think before the perfection city cannot block the snow territory to confuse the attack of city, therefore continually will throw more than 20 cities, now they understood finally, originally they lose intentionally. Qi Wang, is expected exactly the same as you.” Uneven big elder respectful saying. At this time everybody understands that originally all these are the Qi Wang merit. Is the Qi Wang scheme, immediately all person all worships looked to Qi Wang. Three big elders stand firm army hurriedly, making the army don't be upset, at the same time army inside Advanced military officer was also cuts to kill several people of running all over the place, chaotic has subsided finally temporarily. But at this moment! Bang! Explosive sound in city continuously. Is exploding everywhere, is the explosion of gunpowder crag. The flame that falls from the mountain will put in order the urban little ignition, but the gunpowder crag that in the city buries was detonated instantaneously. The scene lost control again. At this time directly was all killed from gunpowder crag recent person, the flame also lit the city in instantaneously, just fire that starts on the mountain to fall from surroundings, therefore the person sense of crisis of middle position is insufficient, but in the city also starts to explode and catch fire now, the armies in entire city on thorough chaotic, even many people just entered in these rooms to sweep, finally was exploded flies. Hateful, don't be upset, otherwise no one could live.” Three elders shout loudly, although his voice is very loud, but only few people hear, many people run all over the place there.

No one wants dead, does not think bewildered was killed. Bang! The scene was chaotic immediately. Hateful, all Expert obey orders to me, uses their move to fight fire to me, extinguishes a channel to me, then all people flee from here.” Three elders exhaust all strengths to shout loudly, hear the words of three elders, many people have used immediately their ability, even some people emit the spate and big piece snowflake directly fight fire. Suddenly, scene of out-of-control as if again must be controlled. Bang! The explosive sound also has, but started to reduce. That confusion, at least died over a million people, this very big loss regarding them, is less than 1000 people that their this died all the way, finally these time died 1 million people. Scene must be controlled probably.” Giant Bull City City Lord said. Right? Then was the true good play, Xia Tian should to get rid to be right.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile.