Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2267

Xia Tian!! Hears this name time, all people stare. They then discovered that Xia Tian unexpectedly does not know when vanished from these people. The following elite troops were Xia Tian!! The snow territory confuses the armies in city to have 300 million people . Moreover the strength is very strong. The rank is also the division unusual is clear. Besides three elders is five cauldron Rank 9 Expert, 30 five cauldron Rank 5 Expert as the commander-in-chief of army, about these 30 five cauldron Rank 5 Expert not only strength formidable, but also year to year directs the army, everyone manages 10 million people \; Their under are about five cauldron Rank 1 generals, altogether 150, under each commander-in-chief have five generals, their strengths from five cauldron Rank 1 to five cauldron Rank 4, everyone manage 2 million people \; Then is under big Captain, each control 200,000 people \; Captain 50,000 people, small Captain 10,000 people. This rank differentiation unusual is good. Has the people of these directors, therefore the scene can quick lives on the stability. Although the strengths of these people are very formidable, however the surrounding fire was too big, a city is catching fire, if they a bit faster do not escape from here, that is five cauldron Rank 9 people cannot escape. Even if the hot attribute physique, impossible not to be affected in the flame sea. Therefore they must fight fire at the same time, on the other hand must quickly leave here. Scene controlled finally.” Seven elders relaxed, was he also felt a moment ago startled, after all explodes and flame everywhere, although these flame could not injure him, but the surrounding these people ran all over the place but linked him to hit . Moreover, if were impossible to insist for over one hour in the middle of flame. Right?” Suddenly some people asked. Um, truly controlled.” Seven elders nodded, at this moment, he stares suddenly, is who is speaking to him, three elders and four elders should be away from him at this time very far is right. ! The silver light dodges.

What person?” Seven elders pursue hurriedly forward, at this moment, he felt in front of the neck to transmit the crisis suddenly, he was five cauldron Rank 9 Expert, this small method he possibly was how swindled, therefore he started fast retreat. ! The silver light dodges once more, that form has blocked him directly. Seizes dragon, That form held the shoulders of seven elders directly, seven elders have not thought that this form the speed so will be fast, the hurriedness must counter-attack. Ka! Seven elders felt that an own left arm pain, his left arm was grasped directly by the opposite party, although the left arm broke, but this for him is not any wound, only the left arm that needs to wave to be able casually to be cut off joins like Expert of this rank. Snort, is really the idiot, sneak attacks me with great difficulty, unexpectedly is only cut off my left arm.” Scolding that seven elder innermost feelings disdain, he thinks sneak attacked own person is really too the idiot, unexpectedly will use such stupid way. ! At this moment he feels his right arm pain once more. Hateful, good quick speed.” The bodies of seven elders go to retreat directly, at this moment he suddenly thinks behind a moment ago had the crisis, should be very thin line and so on attack, thinks that here he wants to hurriedly. Late!” On the face of opposite party had a happy expression. Bang! An incomparably formidable fist hit directly to him, when he just wants to lift the hand, thinks that own both arms were just pinched, he has not met with enough time. He suddenly discovered own each motion was slow, completely slow a racket. My hand temporarily cannot move, my foot can also block your attack.” Seven elder very proud saying.

Bang! When the fist of his foot and opposite party collides in together, raids vigorously, his body goes to retreat directly. Puff! This time he felt, was the line, the quick line, his neck cut off by the line directly. Death!! Seven elders died directly. Five cauldron Rank 9 Expert is truly troublesome.” The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, fight directly altogether was less than three seconds, the sneak attack of Xia Tian was overbearing, he was not the blind sneak attack, but was explicit the next step goal, his first step broke the left arm of seven elders first, second broke the right arms of seven elders, although this procedure regarding seven elder any injuries, seven elders only has not needed a half second own arm to join, but Xia Tian must hit on was these a half second, he already in seven elders behind tied up Gold Thread, but Gold Thread very sharp, therefore Xia Tian Only needs to repel seven elders, then Gold Thread naturally can cut away his head. All are very perfect. ! The Xia Tian speed is fast, his place visited, all small Captain, Captain, big Captain, General, executes completely. Does not remain! The assassination started. Looks the figure deaths of own Captain ranks, the scene was chaotic immediately, the person of these fire fighting all hoodwinked furiously. Bang! Xia Tian matched Thunder Reng to go to three crowd most crowded places three monkeys. Has carried instantaneously off 1 million people of lives.

Chaotic, scene once more chaotic. But Xia Tian is continues to assassinate these senior officials on the scene, the senior official dies, that nobody can suppress here turmoil, during the soldiers entered to be flurried once more. Hateful, wasn't here is frozen? Will have why also the explosion.” Three elder angry shouting. He ordered person frozen to live nearby a moment ago first, the water used immersion, this to prevent to have the explosion occurrence again, actually then these three large explosions from which come? Ok, the stability is occupied by person.” Three elders to a general ordered, to start even neighbor chaotic again. Quick, his here order had the sign that restored, but other place was actually the unusual confusion. Hateful, what's all this about? Actually are the fourth child and seventh child up to mischief?” Three elders are puzzled, although truly died a moment ago many people, wanted to stabilize lives in the army certainly be more difficult than a moment ago, sign that but four elders and seven elder there have not restored obviously. Waste, is one crowd of waste, the fourth child and seventh child is the waste, their subordinates are also the waste, is doing?” Three elders cannot bear scold. Ah! Ah! The pitiful yell sound continuously, is person pushes the person, one by one, nobody resisted the surrounding flame again, all started to run all over the place. ! The silver light dodges, three elders dodge hurriedly. At this time on mountain. Makes the team of crossbow begin from out of the blue.” Qi Wang said to uneven big elder.