Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2269

Turns on the water!! Qi Wang ordered again!! This time snow territory confuses city armies, although the morale disrupts, but casualty also only then 10 million people, at this time here also 280 million people, if sends for fighting with all might directly, then the seeking livehood desires of these people will make them massacre front all people at risk of life. Therefore now orders to kill them directly is the unwisest choice. Reason that Qi Wang ordered to attack three, left gap at the same time to let them to the fresh gap. To, front has not ambushed, there is the way out.” All snow territories confuse city Expert to fire into the direction that has not ambushed. More than 200 million people of chaotic impacts, step on the event to be getting more and more serious, the person who so long as arrives at the place absolutely could not stand, because his behind all was a person, these person of stepped on one, stepped on dead directly. Although nobody pursues these people now, but they died are increasing by several thousand people of base numbers. When these people all rushed to that going out of town city gate mouth. Bang! The ground has broadcast sound of vibration suddenly. Crash-bang! The spate, all people all saw the spate, at this time the front presented such as the Tsunami common spate, the spate impulse is big, even if the giant stone can also a last volume fly. Runs away Ah! all people to open instantaneously runs away. Chaotic, the scene these time could not control again. This time confusion, their even person on one's own side started to kill the person on one's own side, who blocked route that escaped, they killed anyone. Suddenly, death person million was base number was increasing. This.” Chief of seven big influences all are the whole face inconceivable looks to Qi Wang. They have not thought that Qi Wang unexpectedly so extraordinary, the scheme one after another, until now, perfection city a person of dying did not have, but the snow territory confused city these 300 million armies almost soon to collapse.

Bang! The spate embezzles these remaining these people directly completely. The strength of current of water is very big, in the person bone by racket all was patted directly, even if some strength strong people uses spiritual energy to protect the body, body also patted painful, the entire shackles city had been embezzled by the spate directly, the flame had been put out by the spate, the shackles city becomes is badly-damaged, is fluttering everywhere the corpse, at this time also living the snow territory confuses the people of city less than 100 million people, moreover these 100 million people very distressed, some of them hold the blockhead, some use spiritual energy to protect the body to scatter in all directions. „Should Qi Wang, pat the second child and third child now has the person to get up? The wooden boat they have prepared.” The uneven big elder inquired. He looks also very excitedly. Does not need.” Xia Tian start to talk slowly said. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all puzzled look to Xia Tian, although now they won total victories, but has not wiped out the enemies, approaches 100 million people to live, if the to ignore they do not manage, then they floating will go out of town with the current of water outside, the spate will vanish quickly, when the time comes these people lived. Um.” Qi Wang nodded. Good.” The uneven big elder saw Qi Wang to nod, he also can only give up his idea. Water surface very tranquil, although Qi Wang made the people in perfection city turn on the water, but he has not opened the sea directly, otherwise met with a disaster was not only the shackles city, nearby all cities will be disappeared by the spate. „Did spate lower reaches direct?” Qi Wang asked. Has directed, the lower reaches were directed in the farmland, there this year's rain are happen to few, uses these water to carry on the irrigation to these farmland.” The uneven big elder said. Good!” Qi Wang nodded. Unusual worry that the water surface still tranquil, uneven big elder looks, saw that these enemies must escape following the current of water, Xia Tian unexpectedly also in this looks does not let on his person. Other seven big influence Chief do not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning. But they do not dare to inquire, they worried that own words have not reached an agreement will annoy Xia Tian not to be happy, then on gain does not equal the loss. After all they flatter Xia Tian now also without enough time. When the uneven big elder has been able help asking Qi Wang, the water surface moved.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Water columns shoot up to the sky. Waterspout!! The water column and cloud docked, have formed very rare scene, was the waterspout in legend, but at this time this was not the genuine waterspout, but was Dragon Tushui. Bang! The water column starts fast revolving!! Quick everybody discovered that actually this was anything. Water spout. In sea most formidable Assassins, water spout. If bumps into the water spout, even if will be Expert will also die, even if were Xia Tian bumps into these formidable water spouts unable to contend in the sea, because he after all was a person, was not the deity, impossible to contend with the strength of nature. This time water spout might is powerful. Water spout, unexpectedly is the water spout, the so formidable water spout is ordinary five cauldron Expert can also extinguish kills.” At this time Chief of eight big influences all are inconceivable of whole face. Xia Tian has measured with the eye the water spout might. If five cauldron Expert do not prepare for completely, will truly possibly be extinguished by the water spout of this scale kills. Puff!! The fourth water spout appears. Puff!! Fifth!!

Enough five water spouts confuse the people in city to kill directly to these snow territories, they think one have avoided a tribulation, when they see the water spout that this blots out the sky at this time, they really hoodwinked. Runs away? Which toward runs away? Five huge water spouts closed off the majority of paths . Moreover the water spout speed was quick, if on the land, their speeds absolutely were quicker than the water spout, but here everywhere was the water, their speeds obtained very big suppression. Runs away!!! These snow territories confuse Expert of city to in all directions to flush away. Whistling! Person who the water spout periphery these will unable to escape all was involved, these were involved in one by one miserably, some that water spout inside person dies were bone is all brandished, some have bumped into the stone, the blockhead wait / etc., in the water spout, any stone and blockhead might be more terrorist than the bullet. What is main is they have no way to defend. Only can reluctant, in body surface adheres to stick cohere on a spiritual energy armor. Good terrifying, such terrifying style can destroy completely 60% deserting the troops.” The person of that seven big influence is surprised incomparable. This time uneven big elder rejoiced secretly one were good because has not gone to say Xia Tian. 60%? No, what I must do is makes them all extinguish.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil. Bang!! ! A sky blue water dragon directly from submarine flushed, at the same time water surface in all directions starts to explode directly. What??” All people all stared in a big way eye.