Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2270

Water surface large explosion. All water surfaces all start to explode in all directions. Ah! Ah! Pitiful yell sound continuously. All people all look at front this pitiful condition. Half childhood. !! The water dragon changed into a small blue form to fall on the body of Xia Tian directly, became Xia Tian tattoos. At this time everybody is clear, originally this water dragon is the Xia Tian pet. The snow territory confuses the 300 million elite armies in city, all extinguishes!!! The perfection city has not spent the soldier. It can be said that this fight completely by two people, one is Qi Wang, one is Xia Tian. Eight big influences invest 200 trillion requesting reinforcements uneven Imperial City, uneven Imperial City has only sent out three people, Qi Wang, Xia Tian and free of evil intention. But these three people only got rid two people with ease to destroy completely the snow territory to confuse the leading armed forces in city, 300 million elite armies. Terror! This grade of strength was really too terrifying.

This war, is the Qi Wang strategy adds on the great strength of Xia Tian completely, these two people have swept away the snow territory to confuse all people in city, during all in their grasp, the flawlessness that they coordinate, wants the article to have the article, wants the military to have the military. This is uneven Imperial City big City Lord and three City Lord true strengths. „The third child, you were also abnormal.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is the superficial knowledge.” Xia Tian laughs to say. You may arrive are good, I dry am treating in this.” Free of evil intention very depressed saying. Or do I accompany you to fight one?” Xia Tian held in the arms the free of evil intention neck to ask. Considers as finished, I do not fight you, you is a anomaly.” Free of evil intention may always not dare to hit with Xia Tian, because he fears Xia Tian, he is fearing of the heart, he regarding others, that is fearless, but regarding Xia Tian, he fills to dread, he followed Xia Tian to be so long, had not seen through Xia Tian. The Xia Tian method forever is emerges one after another incessantly, dazzling. Big elder, you can send for cleaning up the aftermath, although your shackles city has almost ruined, but currently here 300 million people have almost Chu Wu to equip, with on them is having weaponry, these all turned over to you.” Qi Wang very optional saying. Hears the Qi Wang words, several other big influence that envy the envy to hate. However who lets here is the domain in others perfection city, they also can only look. In brief, perfection city time money does not have the white bloom absolutely. Although they have destroyed a shackles city, but in the shackles city wealth and person already removed light, destruction is also only the house, these houses can reconstruct, so long as has the equipment richly, construction house that simply is easy, moreover can promote the wealth of resident. Had construction house work, the following resident naturally can also make money. Many thanks Qi Wang.” The uneven big elder ran to tell this matter hurriedly, now he is most excited, this time war, he has not died, moreover obtained these many spoils of war, although before they also left one to invite Qi Wang their three money of getting rid, was with also less than 30 trillion, spoils of war minimum value that today this war, they obtain about 10 trillion, moreover they did not have the deceased person, did not have the too big consumption, indirect has saved 20 trillion, added to surpass them to take to exit.

This is gains steadily does not compensate. If no Qi Wang and Xia Tian they. The perfection city frontage and snow territory confuses the city to fight, their certain meeting casualty is serious, although the perfection city now the resident are also many, the officers quantity reaches as high as 1.8 billion, but their officers majority are the new moves, the battle efficiency is limited, the words of frontage impact, they will directly likely be shattered by the opposite party 300 million people. When the time comes loss may unable to describe with the digit. Qi Wang and Xia Tian have looked at each other one, they simultaneously smile. They understand that the genuine good thing already to make Xia Tian receiving. Xia Tian when assassinates these people, already these Expert Chu equipment taking away. In conference room. Three days later counter-attacks!!” Qi Wang ordered again. Qi Wang, our crack troops are closing up to us, moreover our god mouse city and Wolong city can send out the army to come the support.” City Lord of god mouse city goes forward to say hurriedly that the place of this battle the domain in god mouse city, therefore their army reassignments is most convenient. The Wolong city is also the edge of war, therefore their armies can also relaxed was sent here to come. The god mouse city and Wolong city may compared with the city of perfection, their both countries, if adds the population to have many all officers. „Does the soldier who your two cities can enter the war now how many have?” Qi Wang asked. If enters the war, all our nationals can enter the war.” City Lord very proud saying of Wolong city. What I said is the genuine soldier, after training.” Qi Wang said.

„, Our Wolong city all city inside soldiers add altogether 5 billion, officers that can transfer freely is about 4 billion, other officers need to maintain the public security, protects the city not to be destroyed by cateran and the others.” City Lord of Wolong city said. My city just experienced war, moreover many officers in the rear area fits out, the soldier who now can transfer is 2.5 billion.” City Lord awkward saying of god mouse city, they have confused the city to hit after all for a half year with the snow territory, consumption very big. Um, 4 billion, 2.5 billion, the perfection city can use has 1 billion, in addition is 7.5 billion.” Qi Wang nodded. At this time the snow territory confused the city altogether to come 8 billion regular armies, the sur- 1 billion leading troops, have been beaten 300 million by them now, but also remaining 8.7 billion. 8.7 billion VS 7.5 billion, in the population we do not occupy to have the matter, moreover in the strength is not a rank, the snow territory confuses the city, although the environment is bad, but this has also created their cultivation good environment, therefore there person universal strength compared with our here, moreover thousand years ago I bring the person sweeps away the next three times, there is bribed, therefore they also had the good opportunity of resting and building up strength, in all their this 7.5 billion regular armies is almost above tripod Expert, but in our armies below the tripod person occupied 70%, both sides do not occupy in the disparity of strength. Superiority.” Qi Wang said both sides' relative strength. Hears the analysis of Qi Wang, all people have all held breath cold air. Qi Wang analysis is not the least bit off simply. This fight looks like in all people, was simply impossible to win. What is main, their behind also 80 billion snow territories confuse the city resident, these person of strengths are not weak, is the soldier.” Qi Wang said. Attract! All people have all held breath cold air: „Did we lose?” No, we have secret weapon!!” Qi Wang has shown the mysterious smiling face.