Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2271

Secret weapon? Hears these characters time, all people all looked to Qi Wang. Ha Ha Ha Ha, our secret weapons are my Third Brother.” Qi Wang laughs was saying. Hears the Qi Wang words, everybody has also smiled, the atmosphere finally was moderate, a moment ago here atmosphere is really too tight, even many people started to have the passive mood. However everybody also understands, although Xia Tian is next three first Expert. But he also merely is a humanity. How he impossible to fight several billions people by a person of strength again . Moreover the opposite party is also tripod above Expert. No matter opposite party strong, the population has how much, the opposite party is also a person, will be the person will die, today weren't we a person have not died have killed the opposite party 300 million people? Came several times opposite party not to have, armies many times that in the past I led , was less than 1 billion, however my match had 200 billion regular armies, moreover at that time, five cauldron Expert everywhere were, you said why I can win?” Qi Wang 11 looks to the people on the scene, the uneven big elder including perfection city, he followed Qi Wang to go on an expedition the world in the past together. The scene was peaceful immediately, nobody spoke. Because only I am called Qi Wang!!!” Qi Wang fervent saying. In his these words has filled self-confidently. If by the strength, he now is not the Xia Tian match, but by the command ability war ability, he never has feared anybody. Millenniums ago he has created legend, thousand years later today, he is still the legend. Xia Tian in two person one that next three most admire is his big brother Qi Wang, second is his Second Brother Bishop Cao. His big brother is the natural leader, his boldness, his imposing manner nobody may keep off, he is the inborn command, the foreign combat, he has never lost, the direction army battles, he has created the legend, although thousand years ago that war, he said to Xia Tian unusual is relaxed, but Xia Tian understands that the thousand years ago wars definitely were not Qi Wang say was so simple. Moreover figure that the opposite party sets out truly possibly completely has surpassed 200 billion this figures.

His Second Brother Bishop Cao is an internal affairs talent, the diplomatic talent, he in the prominent manifestation on internal affairs and diplomacy lets full of admiration that Xia Tian admires, uneven Imperial City under his management, the development speed compared with normal quick did not know many times, although this inside has Xia Tian and Qi Wang merit. But his Second Brother has made full use of all resources, will develop to carry on the maximization, and diplomatically is processing unusual is perfect. But Xia Tian. He is a King. Murders the decisive King. Only then Xia Tian such person can become the genuine emperor. Their brothers three people, if makes Qi Wang be this emperor, then others are unable to make war with him, but he spoke the favour, was loyal, many people can use this point, making him make the bridal clothes for others, therefore he wanted into the emperor, became the king, will only make the influence be disintegrated gradually. If makes Bishop Cao be the emperor, then in his strength again trade and diplomacy absolutely are most formidable, once has come across the issue of the internal problem and war, he thorough Meng Quan, because he is too benevolent. Xia Tian is different. He kills friendly! A genuine king, must kill people, the king who will not kill people are unable to work as the king. He spoke the loyalty to come compared with anyone to have the loyalty, even if were breaknecks, he led others time, others part was to respect him, another part was to fear him, this genuine king. At this time all people of eight big influences looked at Qi Wang, looked at Xia Tian, they suddenly discovered that this war as if has not imagined is so difficult. Was good, goes back to prepare.” Qi Wang stands up leaves directly. At this time the strength range of snow territory city.

First obtains the news is the snow territory confuses the big elder in city. Ha Ha Ha Ha, good, is really good.” The big elder laughs to say excitedly, normal, their snow territory confuses Elite Army of city to be cut to kill, he should be the unusual vitality is right, but his on the face may unable to see the vitality of any faint trace now, completely is the smiling face, on his face has piled up with the smiling face. Present he is happy and excited. Big brother, or we celebrate.” Nine elders proposed. Um, must celebrate, but cannot make widely known, after all everybody is the snow territory confuses the person in city, informs, the army wears mourning clothes, we hold the banquet to celebrate in the room.” The big elder said loudly that must ask his present mood crisp, that can only describe with three characters: Too T , M was crisp. He recently in worrying this matter, thought three elders, if continued to hit, the position of this big elder may, or has guaranteed, the result three elders their unexpectedly have jumped in the wrap of enemy. 300 million people. Is annihilated!! That is 300 million elite troops, five cauldron above Expert have more than 100. Such elite troops unexpectedly was all extinguished. This three elders they died, the merit not only has not obtained, their family members will also be punished, after all their this does not have the brain, was planned dead, if normal both armies fought with all might dead, the king definitely will give him to supplement a title of any hero. But three elder this are pure does not have the long brain, but also has killed 300 million elite troops, the king did not execute his family member takes care of him. Place that similarly happy two elders are also. „Does Second Brother, how our time celebrate?” Five elder smiling saying. Naturally must celebrate well, died three elders, close 200 five cauldron above Expert, 300 million elite troops, this really does not have the brain, I was also worried one will be punished, now looked that our status may be has preserved, now only needs us to establish the meritorious military service again, then your ranks naturally promoted.” On the faces of two elders is the excited look.

He suddenly had a feeling of unexpectedly finding a way out. Returned to the heaven from the hell all of a sudden. Was right, the Second Brother, the Boss that side spreads the news, making us go back to gather, gives up attacking the god mouse city and Wolong city, copes with counter-attack of perfection city together.” Five elders open the mouth to say suddenly. Um!” Two elders nodded: Today first celebrates, tomorrow army sends out.” Did not fear that the god same enemy, feared the dog same teammate, three elders they have bumped into the dog same teammate, they died in battle, the big elders and two elders all hold the banquet to celebrate. This time big elder place. Report!!” Said!!” The big elder is now happy. „The honored guest who big elder, you sends for inviting must arrive.” What honored guest?” The big elder forgot himself to invite any honored guest. His name is seven to kill the armed forces.” Totem youth seven kills the armed forces, is he, comes the person, lines up to greet to me, no, I must go to meet personally hardly.” The big elder walks toward outside directly.