Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2272

The snow territory confused the big elders in city altogether to invite three people. Corrupt wolf!! Seven kill the armed forces and deep inscription!!! Because these three people have a grudge with Xia Tian, naturally, he does not know that the deep inscription is the Xia Tian little brother, otherwise he will not let a wolf into the fold absolutely. At this time these three big Expert were all invited. In the assembly hall, sat seven elders at this time, the snow territory confused the city to have ten elders, but died now three, therefore only remaining seven. In addition has three guests. Is the corrupt wolf, totem youth seven kills the armed forces separately, the influence next three superintendent deep inscriptions of Emperor Shintou Izanagi!!! Report!!” Said!!” The big elder said directly. Has been confirmed that eight big influences united, moreover they spend 200 trillions spirit stone please uneven Imperial City to get rid, at this time uneven Imperial City has sent out three big Expert, Qi Wang, Xia Tian and free of evil intention has all joined the allied armies, and allied armies are directed by Qi Wang, the designation of allied armies is the Qi Wang army.” Snort, Qi Wang, Xia Tian, free of evil intention, Qi Wang armed forces.” Saying that big elder cold snort ten points disdain: „The true Qi Wang army perished the thousand years ago, now he thinks that he is hanging the banner of Qi Wang army, can reappear the Qi Wang army was magnificent? Has a dream simply.” This time corrupt wolf and seven kills the armed forces hear these three names the time, on the face has shown the excited facial expression. They may be many with the enmity of three people, the especially corrupt wolf, can say that he also has Qi Wang that with Xia Tian is a mortal enemy, does not die continuous \; But seven kill the armed forces with Xia Tian their enmity completely because of his envy, he envies Xia Tian to have that high talent, previous time in Mt. Qilin, is very distressed, before this time he who he escapes takes snow, shame.

These time could be said as the enemy meets. Report!!!” Said!!” The big elder said. Place sends out 300 million main army, at this time is killing to us, their rear also 700 million armies, the distance differs is less than five days.” 300 million, by the army quality of perfection city, their 300 million armies insufficiently fill the gap between teeth to us radically.” Saying that the big elder disdains, their these 700 million armies may be the sharpest armies, looks at the army in perfection city again, that insufficiently looked, the perfection city had established newly several years of new influence, new move the officers overall quality is not high, the combat capability is bad. Big brother, I am willing to take the lead, frustrate the spirit of opposite party.” Two elders plead directly, everybody can look, this first war is definitely important . Moreover the war industry is also biggest. „Here the second child, you just came, did not know about here terrain, makes the stinking ninth category go.” The big elder said directly. Hears the words of big elder, two elders have drawn back directly, at this time this hates, but he does not have any means that who lets others is the big elder, he is two elders, although the disparity on status is not big, but he must result in listens to others. The stinking ninth category is the person of big elder, the big elder looks to have the war industry, naturally must get up by own person. „The stinking ninth category, you leads troops is the fish city guards to me, the first war gave you, the fish city topography was important, going forward or retreating depending upon circumstances was a good place, I wanted you to guard there, but has remembered, no matter the victory or defeat, removed finally to me.” The big elder said, looks to eight elders and ten elders: Old eight old ten, you ambush behind the fish city, when the army of stinking ninth category removed, you gave me to annihilate the leading troops of opposite party, then followed up a victory with hot pursuit, ate the 300 million armies of opposite party directly completely.” Yes, Big brother!!” Three elder excited saying. The meritorious military service came, this their meritorious military service came finally.

Reviews two elders their complexion is very ugly: Big brother, our several people?” Two elders open the mouth to ask directly, only then his this qualifications asked that before he behind that two elders even were connected including the above , the qualifications of inquiring did not have. „, The second child, you lead the fifth child, the sixth child to give the old eight old ten dozens to overcome the hand, having a look at them to lack anything, you make anything, the army makes war, the supplies are important, all you cannot certainly underestimate the supplies the issue, such important matter I also can only give you to feel relieved.” Saying of big elder very principle of righteousness. His words probably gave two elders they big heavy responsibility to be the same. Good, many thanks big brother!!” These words of two elders said from gap between teeth, root that he hated really straight itchy. We are the brothers, does not need to be polite with me, the second child, does well.” The big elder has patted the shoulders of two elders. Snort!” Two elders cannot bear their anger again, he opens out the hand of big elder directly, stands up saying: Big brother, I am a little uncomfortable today, first walked.” Big brother, our two are uncomfortable, first walked.” Five elders and six elders stand up similarly leave directly. Um, is uncomfortable going back well to rest, here had us to suffice in any case.” Big elder smiling saying, sees two elders and the others the breathless appearance, the happy expression on his face was thicker. Afterward three people walked directly!! They have not walked far, heard in the parliamentary hall to broadcast the sound of laughing. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Big elder and the others smiled very happily: „To fight with me, plays you.” Second Brother, I went to spell with them!!” Five elder angry saying.

You come back to me, we must endure now, now also not with they tear to pieces the facial skin the time, we went back to say.” Two elders understand that here is not the speech place. Bang! Bang! In the rooms of two elders, five elders there angry is pounding the thing. Second Brother, they went too far.” Five elder angry shouting. The movement that two elders have not stopped five elders, he understands that five elders need to vent. „The fifth child, making them wild, wasn't the third child before wilder? Now, he different is dying is very miserable.” Two elder mean saying. Second Brother, the third child that is dying does not have the brain, now this clarified is the meritorious military service, on enemy these ineffective and worthless troops, the stinking ninth category they closed one's eyes can win, when the time comes all meritorious military service all were their.” Five elder angry shouting. I know, if this time moves not but actually him, we next time, in brief, sooner or later I must move to him.” Two elders have gotten hold of direct fist, today he really choked with rage, was bullied the grandmother family. Six elders who had not spoken have stood slowly: Big brother, actually our time is not necessarily able not to have the opportunity.” „? Sixth child, your wicked idea are many, you mentioned listen!!” Two elders and five elders all looked to him.