Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2273

Second Brother, we only needed their army layout to give to the opposite the Boss to be good, when the time comes the Boss they can win, was the casualty is definitely serious, how when the time comes I must have a look at him to report on accomplishments but actually, if the opposite party battle efficiency formidable some, came mutually wounded or win, we can attack directly, destroy completely the opposite party, such meritorious military service all was our.” Six elders show a faint smile, he is three brothers' inside brain trusters. Good! Good! Good!!” Two elder faces said three good. „The sixth child, I was really admire you, how I could not think of this.” Five elder excited saying. Five, you considered were only being angry, some where time considered these, the following matter also needed the Fifth Brother to get rid.” Six elders said directly. „The sixth child, you said that what to do wants me!!” Five elders now mood suddenly good, because he had the opportunity to move to the big elder finally they. Second Brother, your status is very high, besides the big elder, nobody dares to manage you, your status can make your frank and upright visits their military to deploy troops for defense and direction area, that copy the matter of their specific information gave you.” Six elders looked that said to two elders. Relax, the sixth child, wrapped on the Second Brother.” Two elder very self-confident saying. Fifth Brother, your qing gong is best, moreover your person favors to unite to fly, therefore you need to be quietly the material that the big brother copy will come back delivers to the opposite party.” Six elders said again. Good, the sixth child, I ensure completes mission.” Five elders strike one's chest the guarantee to say. Sixth child, even if we deliver to opposite, the opposite can believe?” Now two elders most are worried is this issue, that is the opposite party can believe. Second Brother, you feel relieved.” Six elders nodded. Good, I move now.” Two elder saying of hurriedly. Second Brother, do not impulse, all people noticed that you angrily come out, the words that you go to now, the fools can look you have the goal, we have drunk today first, tomorrow will move again.” Six elders said directly.

Right that you said that we drink first!!” Two elder excited saying. In this time big elder parliament hall. Big brother, the second child they affirmed that must be irritated.” Nine elders laugh were saying. Depends on their three also to stand up from failure? Has a dream, after we have annihilated the army of perfection city, we directly push directly into, take the perfection city, when the time comes the perfection city is our meritorious military service, your several will when the time comes turn into two elders, three elders and four elders.” Big elder smiling saying. Many thanks big brother!!” Three people hear the words of big elder, that is excited must die. At this time corrupt wolf and the others sat there a few words had not said that they like this smiled to look the snow territory confused the city in fought, they understand that such team was impossible to have the big prospect, but they have not exposed, after all this did not have with their 10 cents relations, reason that they currently cooperate with this team, that was because they had the common goal. That is that three people who uneven Imperial City comes, Qi Wang, Xia Tian and free of evil intention. Corrupt wolf gentleman, seven kills the armed forces gentleman, the deep gentleman, after the general attack initiates, needed help, the opposite absolutely did not have any five cauldron Expert, the strongest three people were Qi Wang, Xia Tian and free of evil intention, so long as cut to kill them, my Expert army can attack, destroyed the morale of opposite party thoroughly.” Big elder respectful saying. A morale of team did not have, then they will scatter in all directions to run away, when the time comes is the person on one's own side steps on the person on one's own side. Um!!” Three people also nodded. That gives me free of evil intention, kills him regarding me, does not have what difficulty.” Seven kill armed forces very self-confident saying, previous time he and free of evil intention to war, had the absolute superiority obviously, if Xia Tian does not appear finally, he won, therefore he thinks that one this and free of evil intention battle can also win. That Qi Wang is I must kill the person!!!” Saying of corrupt wolf coldly, thinks that Jiu Jiang dies in the Qi Wang bosom, he hates, Jiu Jiang is his, finally finally unexpectedly dies in the Qi Wang bosom, he must cut to kill Qi Wang personally, this can solve hate of his heart.

That Xia Tian temporarily is constrained by me, but I do not think that I can kill him, therefore you are quick, when the time comes we encircle with joint forces kill him, was right, I also hope that you send some Expert to assist me.” The deep inscription said directly. Hears the deep inscription the words, everybody also nodded. After all the Xia Tian strength was really too mysterious. If the deep inscription comes up to pull rank directly, said one can definitely cut to kill Xia Tian, then everybody will have the worry on the contrary. After all assists the doctor and Sun Empire senior kings dies on Xia Tian. That is natural, deep Sir please feel relieved that the method of that Xia Tian sneak attack person is very strong, when the time comes we will additionally appoint the manpower, captures and kills him, you only need to help in the one side and that's the end, copes with him, we have prepared the secret weapon.” Big elder very self-confident saying. „? What secret weapon?” The deep inscription asked. When the time comes you knew.” The big elder has shown mysterious smiling face. The deep inscription looked that the opposite party did not say, has not closely examined: Good, hopes that we can the cooperation be happy.” Nine elders now are most excited, because this first-class honor definitely was his, he really more and more admires himself now, yesterday evening, he gave the big elder to send to many treasures and beauty, today the big elder has given him the opportunity of this first-class honor, he possibly was not how excited: Ha Ha Ha Ha, so long as I take this first-class honor, then my status will exceed old eight, even becomes the people of two elders can be I finally.” Even if in their this, there is a battle of benefit. The rank by previous, the right to speak is stronger.

It looks like today's big elder is the same to two elders, although only misses a noun, but two elders can only overcome the hand, oneself this group of people eat the vegetable, he cannot drink the soup. Qi Wang army alliance management place. Report!!!” Said!” Qi Wang nodded. report Qi Wang, the fish city suddenly discovers the enemy army, they there construction work, seem must carry on the siege warfare with us.” Um!!” Qi Wang nods once more. Qi Wang, the fish city is a special city, there Yi Shounan attacks, goes forward or retreats depending upon circumstances, we want to attack to be very difficult.” Uneven big elder depressed saying. Theory is invincible, can never compare the actual combat, they have the geographical advantage, we have Xia Tian.” Qi Wang mysterious smiles.