Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2274
Xia Tian!! Heard a Qi Wang such saying, all people all looked to Xia Tian!! „The third child, I need you to inquire the enemy intelligence, our here your qing gong is best, can sneak the enemy perfectly!!” Qi Wang said that what although he on the mouth said is the qing gong, digging a hole that but can truly not discovered that Xia Tian, in digging a hole this aspect is considered as on the spirit world first person absolutely. Living that living that the heavenly enemy can defend, the city opposite party can defend, but underground, living that nobody defends absolutely. Um!” Xia Tian nodded. Both armies battle, the information is main. Obtains the firsthand information, that can, when both armies battle offensive and person. ! At this moment outside flies together hidden weapon. Bang! hidden weapon penetrated the house directly!! The speed is quick, the strength is very big. Be careful!!” The uneven big elder kept off in the Qi Wang front directly. Puff! At this moment, two fingers firmly gripped that hidden weapon, hidden weapon of that destroying the hardest defenses like this was gripped. Xia Tian! Person who Xia Tian begins.

Very strong!!” All people all inconceivable looks to that two fingers of Xia Tian. Pursues!!” The uneven big elder shouts hurriedly. Does not use, the qing gong of opposite party is very high, your person cannot overtake, the first one who has a look at him to throw is anything.” Xia Tian took hidden weapon in hand directly in the hand, this was a jade Jane. I come to see!!” Qi Wang opened jade Jane directly, afterward on his face presented the surprised facial expression: This.” Sees Qi Wang that surprised expression, all people all anticipate looked to Qi Wang, actually they want to know jade Jane on Qi Wang are anything. Big brother, is what?” Xia Tian asked. Deploying troops for defense chart, is snow territory confuses the plan of deploying troops for defense chart and regiment distribution of as well as opposite party city.” Qi Wang jade Jane Zhankai, all people all uses spiritual energy permeating jade Jane. Suddenly everybody was shocked. Very clear deploying troops for defense chart, the time of even including the enemy changing the guard records please clear neat, enemy's operation plan. This. This is not a plot!!” Saying that the uneven big elder has doubts after all, this above records was also too clear points, if real, this may too be inconceivable. Deploying troops for defense chart absolutely real, has anything to plan as for the opposite party, I guessed that two possibilities, first is to direct us swallows the bait, second is the opposite party has the contradiction, hopes that destroys completely this army with our hands.” Qi Wang probability analysis, but these two analyses completely are two extremes. Which we distinguish are real, which is false? If our intermediate total what to do?” City Lord of Fierce Tiger city goes forward to ask. Genuine and fake are unimportant regarding me.” Qi Wang looked at to Xia Tian jade Jane Reng directly afterward to the people: Ten elders, nine elders, eight elders obey orders.” In!!” The elders in three big perfection cities go forward. Various your three people of tomorrow belt 10 million people scold outside the fish city, directs to fight to me with you opposite party, at this time their morale orthometric height, will definitely come out to accept a challenge, time allow Bai of battle, cannot only win.” Qi Wang said directly. Yes!” Three elders meet the command directly.

Um?” Chief of surroundings that seven big influence all does not understand that Qi Wang is any meaning. Seven elders, six elders, five elders obey orders.” Qi Wang gives a loud shout once more. In!!” Also is three elders goes forward. Various you three generation of 10 million armies aid them inside and outside ten, has remembered, allow Bai, cannot only win.” Qi Wang said again. Yes!” Three elders meet the command. Four elders, three elders, two elders, your generation of 10 million aid inside and outside 30, all makes here come to me the people of their three city gates, Yixiantian.” The Qi Wang direct order said. Yes!!” Big elder, you have person to go to heavenly surface to prepare the giant stone to me now, the hot cage, listens to my verbal command.” Qi Wang looked to uneven big elder. Yes!!” The uneven big elder said. Other people follow my army to follow up a victory with hot pursuit together, around our both armies the converging attack, swallows their these 300 million armies.” Qi Wang ordered. Yes!!” The people of several other big influences also said. „It is not right, Qi Wang, our how both sides converging attack.” City Lord puzzled asking of Fierce Tiger city. Naturally was both sides converging attack, our here had an army, the rear also army of enemy, we were both sides converging attack.” Qi Wang said. Qi Wang, some when armies of enemy?” Everybody was more puzzled. Qi Wang looked directly to Xia Tian: „The Xia Tian ratio has resulted in the mighty force.” Heard Qi Wang words everybody to understand the meaning in Qi Wang words, his unexpectedly was makes Xia Tian go to the rear area of enemy to sneak attack, they understand, although Xia Tian was impossible to compare the mighty force, but he can also the camp of thorough breeding confusion enemy.

I? I?” Free of evil intention puzzled asking. You, you with me, whose I told you to kill you to kill anyone, gave me to rumble to kill, the move that the opposite party strongest military officer made directly the bigger the better.” Qi Wang said directly. Good!!” Free of evil intention excited saying, this time he can give full play finally, did not need him to watch the fun. In this time fish city. Sir, the enemy arrived to be away from our about 50 li (0.5km) place to be stationed.” Under a famous artisan report said. Um! Very good, they must launch the general attack evidently tomorrow, told the brothers in city wall, gave me the spirit, preventing the enemy to sneak attack.” Nine elders ordered directly, at this time he very excited, he thinks that this time meritorious military service all was he, he even started to fantasize now one all extinguished the time the opposite party army thoroughly the appearance. Such was the big elder sees him also to commend his, but the status of eight elders also met is substituted by him instantaneously. All people all with envying vision visits him, commended that he is a hero. Sir, has arranged.” Under the famous artisan said. „Did I let gift and women who you arranged prepare?” Nine elders are clear, such big meritorious military service he wants the entire tribe to continue in his head to give the big elder advantage, making the big elder help, otherwise the big elder might divide equally 50% merit very much to eight elders also has ten elders. He wants to substitute for eight elders not to be impossible. Therefore he must feed the big elder. Prepared, Sir, when did we deliver?” Under the famous artisan asked. Early tomorrow morning delivers, before bright Tiantian is black, I can the army of thorough routing opposite party, when the time comes the gift also deliver, the big elder all will certainly embrace the meritorious military service in my head.” Nine elder very excited saying. At this time Qi Wang side: Third child, careful, this war looked your.”