Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2275

Next morning. The armies arrive under the fish city. Ten elders, nine elders arrived under the three cities of fish city with eight elder various belt armies, although said that is under three cities, but the structure of fish city unusually looks like a fish is in fact same, all his three city gate distances are very near, what only then the back door is away from is farthest, in the position of fish tail. 30 million people killed under that three cities to launch directly afterward scolded the weaponry. Hears the words that they curse at people, Qi Wang a little regretted, he regretted why has not called Xia Tian to write an article of cursing at people these to them to scold. Now these people scold was really too stupid, any fool, refused to accept. The skill that this curses at people whom really did not have. In fish city. Elder Sir, outside was scolding you.” Under a famous artisan report said. This group of waste, when really I don't dare to exit to kill them?” Nine elder angry saying. „When elder Sir, the big elder gives our mission perseveres.” Under the famous artisan said hurriedly that he is worried obviously nine elders are impulsive. Walks, exits to listen, they were scolding anything.” Nine elders walk toward outside directly. His subordinate all follows on the heels. Nine elders stand , in city wall, he heard these people to scold him anything, unexpectedly was scolding his good-for-nothing, this whole life could not win a promotion, this, if scolded others, others will certainly joke it away, if so all of a sudden on stabbing pain the hearts of nine elders. Nine elders most hate cannot win a promotion, these words on deep stabbing pain he.

Hateful, hateful, comes person, sending out three armies to go out the pouring to extinguish them to me, main entrance I want own suicide.” Nine elder face angry shouting. Really irritated him. He arranged at the ninth book is end, finally the opposite party also cursed him unable to win a promotion for a lifetime, this was the words that made him most hate. Elder Sir, do not impulse.” His subordinate consoles to say hurriedly. Go away, leave to me, today who dares to block me, I kill anyone, what the big brother said is makes me consume their military strength, their this crowd of mob, I casually have the person to rush ahead can destroy completely them, happen to I have not wanted to make old eight and old ten snatch my merit, I kill now.” Nine elder angry shouting. Saw that nine long Senior were mad, nobody dares to say anything again. Comes the person, three city gates simultaneously send out 30 million armies, altogether 90 million extinguished the army of provocation to me, afterward pushes directly into, extinguished the opposite party to me directly, we are elite elite, they are only one crowd of mob, 90 million destroy completely their 300 million armies simply is easy as pie.” Nine elder very self-confident saying. Yes!!” „The remaining 10 million people remain behind the city, to guard the enemy to go to enter.” Nine elders said that had 30 million people to meet the approaching enemy the entrance city of army perfection directly personally. Qi Wang place!! Report!! The opposite party was scolded.” This was also good, such does not have the skill of scolding to be swindled, whom really did not have, transmitted orders all armies to prepare, according to planning to handle affairs.” Uneven Wang Gang starts also to think that today definitely cannot scold the opposite party, result group of person clumsy cursing at people ways also really the opposite party scolding. This time nine elders are awe-inspiring, he is riding the steed beast, having the person to kill directly. Following 30 million army enormous and powerful flushing away of forward.

„The front young child, I am the snow territory confuse the city nine elders, has not discontinued to suffer to death.” Drank to pass on greatly, he noticed that the opposite party heard in his given name later obvious team to present startled, afterward turned around runs: Pursues, cannot make them run, one crowd instigates the package.” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to think that will be own given name friendly certainly opposite party to control, therefore he now excited. Kill! Kill! His behind army flushes away directly forward. The snow territory confuses the armies in city like this to rush. Elder Sir, the front has the army of enemy, we possibly were the ambush!!” Under a famous artisan report said. Snort, that person wants to ambush anyone, transmitted orders, the army clashes with me, no one must retreat, who draws back me to kill whose family, our saddle horses are quicker than their speeds, certainly can overtake the opposite party.” The snow territory confuses the elders in city believe by their elite, so long as crashes in the opposite party in the corps, that can wash out the team of opposite party instantaneously. Kill! Kills!! 30 million people of army enormous and powerful rushing. Quick, both armies must meet, both sides had the fierce combat immediately. However the obvious scene with is the same, just contacted, the army of opposite party he thinks directly collapses, sees the opposite party to retreat, nine elders were more excited: Pursues, pursues to me.” 30 million armies are getting more and more excited. A moment ago the population of opposite party reached as high as 20 million people, but linked for ten minutes not to insist that retreated. After pursuing has met!!

„It is not good, the elder Sir, front also has the ambush, is the archer.” Defense!!!” Although nine elders saw that these people escape from their front are unwilling, but he does not have any means that if not defend, the first armed forces did not have the issue, but , the armed forces must be killed, such regarding them was the massive loss: Hateful, unexpectedly comes this with me, if not these archers, only takes three hours, I can wipe out the opposite party 20 million armies.” !!! The bow and arrow has shot unceasingly. Elder Sir, the opposite party uses the most common bow and arrow, regarding our officers any lethality, the armor that on our officers puts on cannot defend these arrows.” Snort, is really the newly-built influence, but also is really poor, including selecting the nice bow and arrow could not afford, transmitted orders, the army attacked, rushed to me, front was the war industry, was the wealth, wiped out after the place, I layer on layer enjoyed.” Nine elder excited shouting, look that the front these have not escaped from 34 kilometers person, in his eye is the meritorious military service and wealth, so long as he can kill these people, then he can push directly into takes the opposite party supreme headquarters. Yes!!!” The enormous and powerful 30 million armies flush away together forward, after flushing for more than ten minutes, they discovered that three army unexpectedly converged, 90 million armies all here. Good, I a moment ago also in worrying takes the opposite party supreme headquarters the manpower to be insufficient, has not thought that now unexpectedly gathers, by the strengths of our these 90 million armies, wants to destroy completely the opposite party simply is easy.” Nine elders said that led troops to fire into the front directly, before them , the speed of flushing was fast, this time nine elder eyes stubbornly stared at front these to retreat the person, these people all were his meritorious military service. Elder Sir, is not right, you have a look here topography.” Under a famous artisan suddenly with pointing at has referred to two sides that high stone wall. Nine elders saw when such place is good the complexion also changes: „It is not good, removes!!”