Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2276

When he said removes already late. Because the present is the army full speed advance, his front wants not to be impossible toward retreat, because the following officers continuous proceeding is flushing, even if you do not walk, the following person can also push you. Elder Sir, here topography was too narrow, wants to retreat unable to remove, we can only clash.” Hateful, clashes along with me!!” Nine elder angry shouting. !! At this moment, the rocket of blotting out the sky drops from the clouds directly. This time snow territory confuses city armies completely is a living target, they one by one, in the entire canyon all are the person, they even want to move aside do not have the place to move aside, although the strength of each soldier is very strong, if facing the war, the people in perfection city absolutely are not their matches, but they absolutely do not have the enemy, blotting out the sky is the rocket. Hateful, hateful!!” Nine elder angry shouting, he does not have to think own unexpectedly so will not have the brain, unexpectedly has crashed in Yixiantian this place, now let alone was the match, coming under attack that they can only keep now: Transmitted orders, defends, gives me the total defense, slow vanguard.” Nine elders ordered, below generals will order to disseminate. Has saying that nine elders their army is elite, moreover equips also the unusual quality, although the rocket can also kill their people, however majority of rockets also by their equipment blocking. I flushed me to extinguish this fellows.” Nine elders are restraining by force the anger now. Now they are temporarily neutralize the crisis. Bang! At this moment, all people heard the huge sound. What sound?” Nine elder brow wrinkles. At this moment, he saw the head is the stone of blotting out the sky, imitated Buddha's Portrait is rains to be the same, these stones have pounded from more than 30 meters high places. Was bad!” Nine elders see the stone time, complexion thorough changed. They most people use the shield to defend the rocket at this time, but the shield is unable to defend the giant stone the strength, moreover pounds from 30 meters high place, the giant stone seems the raindrop same keeps pounds: Hateful, all Expert obey orders, falls the stone of most big fellow to destroy to me above.” He understands that the big stone can pound to be flat instantaneously his person, but the might of small stone was not big, therefore they most important face is the big stone.

Bang! The innumerable stones drop from the clouds, sharp sharp log! Bang! The giant stone and log fall, person who can kill important goods, because the population of opposite party were too many, all gathers in the canyon, casual one meter place has stood 34 people. ! Several thousand Expert shoot up to the sky directly, they have fired into these giant stones. Bang! The giant stone crushes under their attacks directly. Bang! At this moment, a body of Expert was exploded directly crushes. What?” Nine elders stare immediately. Elder, is the gunpowder crag, their here some stones are false, is the gunpowder crag.” Gives me carefully, do not go to Bang the gunpowder crag.” Nine elders shout hurriedly. But he does not bump, the representative above person has not acted. The hot cage blots out the sky was thrown. Megalith! Gunpowder crag, hot cage!! The attack of blotting out the sky drops from the clouds. Chief of seven big influences at this time observed were all shaken, they admired dead Qi Wang , all during the control of Qi Wang, these was 90 million snow territories confuses the city armies, but they actually turned into the person who has only been able to come under attack cannot hit back at this time.

Qi Wang, all has all been ready, now puts?” The uneven big elder asked. Waits again, the giant stone attack will put from now on.” Qi Wang said directly. Yes!” The uneven big elder said. Ah! Ah! Ah! The following pitiful yell sound is unceasing, these snow territories confused the army of city unable to maintain the orders again. 100,000 people of armies can build the armed forces of King does not fear death, even if stands there is also motionless, but 90 million people absolutely are impossible, so long as there is a person to be chaotic, around that all people with chaotic, this looked like the plague is the same, in all directions dissemination, scene one chaotic, that killed one another. All people want to run, all people want to run away, finally can only be the person kills people. Puts!” Qi Wang waves. The big net of blotting out the sky falls, big net direct covers fly Expert to these in midair. Several thousand, hundreds of thousands. Was then bad.” The complexions of nine elders thorough changed. These clathrias can cover the following person, when the time comes really killed one another. Elder, runs away, words that does not run away, we will also die here.” Hateful, I will certainly not let off your.” On the faces of nine elders has written all over the hate. ! A big net confused the circle of city more than ten snow territories in one, the big net unceasing contraction, afterward the weapon of that more than ten officers killed each other, died in battle completely. Harvesting!!” Qi Wang waves, afterward the two sides of canyon presented the army, what army front is pushing is the innumerable long-barrelled guns, is the long spear of sharp thorn. The long spear laager, behind is the giant shield.

Death! Was dying everywhere. Runs away!! Can run away runs away to me!” Nine elders shout loudly, present he almost must collapse, his army like this was slaughtered, completely is the unilateral slaughter, without any revolt ability: Hateful, I must kill you.” Whiz! The bodies of nine elders fly directly to stone wall!!! Free of evil intention, this you have gotten rid, from top to bottom, has killed him to me directly, he is this army final soul, so long as he dies, these person of gave up.” Qi Wang said directly. Good! In the free of evil intention right hand appeared directly presented a blood red tomahawk. Bang!! Blood red tomahawk directly from top to bottom. Nine elders take the weapon to resist hurriedly, but free of evil intention is attack from top to bottom, but he is from bottom to top, therefore he naturally is unable to catch the free of evil intention move, the free of evil intention move goes well, the second axe cuts directly. Tu Dragon!!! Puff!! Free of evil intention chops the bodies of nine elders directly crushes. Free of evil intention when five cauldron Rank 3 can resist five cauldron Rank 9 Expert, now he is five cauldron Rank 9 Expert, moreover is the attack of occupying a commanding position, destroyed completely nine elders naturally is not the difficult problem, actually nine elders have not used their complete strength, but he did not have the opportunity to use. Army obeys orders, enters the fish city along with me together!!” Qi Wang was shouting loudly, saying that afterward he thought aloud: Thinks that the third child waited to be very long, the third child should give me a big ritual.”