Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2277

The war of Yixiantian!! Ends the victory!! After ending wins, Qi Wang has not asked the uneven big elder to tidy up the spoils of war, but has the person to kill directly to the fish city, now in the fish city nine Expert have been killed surely completely . Moreover the numbers of people of nine elders were also cut, is the best opportunity in broken city. Perfection city 300 million armies only lost were less than 1 million people. The enormous and powerful army killed under the fish city directly. The guards in fish city hoodwinked, weren't their elders chase down this group of people to go? This group of people suddenly will appear how here. Your elders died, fast surrender.” Qi Wang shouts loudly. Afterward was free of evil intention to throw above the city wall the heads of nine elders directly, the defending officer above city wall saw the heads of nine elders frightened direct weak on the ground, nine elder's images in their mind was high, usually nine elders were their idols, is goal that they struggled. They are willing to follow nine elders for a lifetime, but saw that now nine elders died, how the head covered with blood even half head did not have, he feared. Nine elders are five cauldron Rank 9 Expert. Actually is what match can hit him is so miserable. Frightened!! Runs away!! His first idea runs away.

Withdraw! Remove! Behind us has the support, all people remove along with me.” That commander shouts loudly, he remembers the big elder has issued order, no matter the victory and loss, must direct the enemy to eight elders and ten elder there. 10 million armies have not guarded including the defense, starts retreat directly!! Runs away!! Although the snow territory confuses the army of city to be many, equips, strength, but the snow territory confuses the city several thousand years not to experience the war, their commanders lack the strain at heart, lacks the genuine leadership. Saw own leader and idol death, they did not have to fight the ability again. Originally 10 million people words that pledges to fight to the death to defend a city, that opposite party also is very difficult to break through with 50 million people of storms, let alone the snow territory confuses officers strength all very formidable of city, they can defeat 670 million people absolutely, but they started to appear now panic-stricken, that only will run away!! Eight elders, nine elders, ten elders, your three people led the archer to shoot toward this grove to me, have remembered, wanted the rocket.” Qi Wang has referred to a forest on map directly, here is also one of enemy hiding places that jade Jane Nei labels. Yes!!” Three elders said. Five elders, six long seventh child elders, you had the person to explode this mountain, the gunpowder crag had many to use many, exploded to me this mountain directly.” Qi Wang has referred to nearby that mountain, that mountain is also one of enemy hiding places jade Jane Nei labels. Yes!!” Three elders receive an order!! Other people attack along with my army directly!!” Qi Wang said directly. Yes!!” All people receive an order!!! At this time the enormous and powerful 300 million armies set out directly!!

The armies of eight elders hide that army in grove, he waited not to be impatient now. „The hateful stinking ninth category, he to not have sole possession of merit had the person to rush.” Eight elders understand how nine elders think, although they mix with the big elder, but nine elders did not take him, has wanted to kill the position of this eight elder, intercepted a group of nine elders to give the wealth and beauty of big elder in just him, afterward he delivered to big elder there this batch of wealth and beauty in one's own name. Elder Sir, came, the people of nine elders removed, but the population did not have that many probably.” No matter he has many, so long as removes that to show that the enemy has swallowed the bait, transmitted orders, all people prepare completely, meet the approaching enemy the enemy, so long as the army of enemy has half to enter our attack scopes, that gives me to hit maliciously.” Eight elders waited was too long, when now with great difficulty the people of nine elders withdrew troops, how he may miss such good opportunity. Ten elder places, recently he continuously very anxious, because he just became is shortly after ten elders, if not Xia Tian cuts to kill that ten elders, he will not be promoted directly is ten elders, he sat this position very excitedly, because he entered the high level finally. Genuine high level!! He treasures the present status, he since sat in this position, before these and his same level existed respects to him, even in his hand grasped lived to kill the power, so long as he wants these dead, these people must die, Expert went to his home to give a present!! This feeling very crisp. He wants to maintain his status, that needs to display well, making the big elder approve his existence, his person caught one team of people a moment ago, finally he discovered that this team of person unexpectedly are eight elders sends for the gift and woman who gives the big elder to send, this makes his brain hole open all of a sudden greatly. He does not know how before eight elders arrive at this position, now he understood finally, that gives a present, obtains this news, he was more excited, he changed to his given name that team of people directly, and all added the most wealth in that but also sent to nurse with large army, must deliver to the hand of big elder, he believes after and other big elders saw these gift, that this position on holding on to your hat. Report!! The elder Sir, the people of nine elders withdrew troops.” Good, just right that comes, I am lacking the meritorious military service, this time makes me contribute to a merit well!!” Ten elder excited saying. Meritorious military service??

Eight elders and ten elders and others is not the meritorious military service. What is the rocket of blotting out the sky, the rocket in the jungle lit the surrounding all, burns down Lian Battalion directly, all people flee in all directions. The person on mountain was exploded flees in all directions, the crushed stone has killed many people, there are few people are is pushed down the mountain to stamp by the person on one's own side. Their two armies are wanted to sneak attack others, but now they not only cannot sneak attack successfully, instead came a counter- sneak attack casualty to be innumerable by others, when their two army sets, they discovered that their two armies died over a billion people, now their army adds also more than 100 million. You had been surrounded, quickly surrenders, surrenders does not kill.” Qi Wang leads the army to shout in front, once an army were surrounded, then they will feel that in all directions is the enemies, finally the morale of troops is defeated and dispersed, escapes directly. Snort? Surrounding? Do you surround us? Although we only remaining more than 100 million people, but both armies charge, you same lose.” Shouting that eight elders disdain. Bang! At this moment, behind his team has heard the explosive sound. „The front person is listening, your this armies had been surrounded by me, quickly hands over the arms, surrenders does not kill.”