Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2280

Before free of evil intention just before leaving, has not forgotten to take opposite party Chu equipment, this is Xia Tian teaches his skill. This point he obtained the Xia Tian true line absolutely. ! He has fired into eight elders directly. At this time the team thorough confusion of opposite party. Looks at all over the sky bow and arrow, they regarded crossbow that from out of the blue was that is unable to defend, in addition the free of evil intention that formidable strength, has had very tremendous influence to them. Free of evil intention, whether to rout opposite party directly, looked your.” Qi Wang has gotten hold of own fist, now the enemy has been thrown into confusion, morale chaos, so long as seizes the chance to take the numbers of people of eight elders free of evil intention, then the morale of opposite party will suffer a disastrous decline, thorough confusion. ! At this moment, the free of evil intention body increases instantaneously. Release monster dragon!!! Free of evil intention has also spelled, his first time got rid not to dodge the attack of opposite party, came fighting with all might of breaknecking directly, second time directly released the monster dragon, this may be he presses the bottom the skill . Moreover the release monster dragon also had the side effect. Free of evil intention this boy has hopes to enter the war, this is breaknecking completely.” Qi Wang surprised saying. Although he makes free of evil intention want the clean agile killing opposite party, but he has not let come up to breakneck free of evil intention, cuts to kill these two five cauldron Rank 9 Expert by the free of evil intention strength is not the difficult matter, is Fei Dian troubles at most. But now his unexpectedly directly so violence. The monster dragon presents time, the opposite these people were all scared. Eight elders also hoodwinked, until he died did not have to think own unexpectedly will bump into a such lunatic. Solution! Free of evil intention took the eight elder Chu rings of directly, afterward relieved changed the body, has drawn back directly.

Enemy two elders to be executed completely, army charge.” Qi Wang shouts loudly, at this time the morale of opposite party is 0, the morale of oneself this side is 200, now rushes ahead is the best opportunity. Kill! Kills!! Cuts to kill two elders fast, invincible crossbow from out of the blue, monster dragon!! These three types of things have shaken the snow territory to confuse the army in city completely, afterward they start retreat directly, cracks a joke, first to dies. At this time the rear area of army. These people are alerting, is at this moment, their bodies were promoted, all person unexpectedly will start to run in the future. No, hateful, stops, cannot draw back.” That several generals shout hurriedly, but radically nobody listens now his, the front person keeps pushes these people, even if they did not think retreat pushed retreat. ! That several five cauldron Expert jumped directly, jumps to the heads of front these people. But these officers not their this grade of strengths. No!!” These officers were advanced death pit there directly. Puff! Puff! Puff! Corpses fell down, even if fell down, their bodies forward were also being pushed. Death! Any person who arrives at that pit there all started dead. Sins.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he also knows own this is sins, this time he must be inscribed one by the heaven. No! No! No!!

On the faces of person all presented the panic-stricken expression, they do not want to approach that pit, but front person stiffly advanced here them. Puff! Puff! Puff! No matter comes many people, marks misconduct is the same. Death. Some people want to jump, but cut off equally around the middle. The people are getting more and more crowded, their body gearing cannot move one. That several generals like this step on the heads of these people are watching this, present was too inconceivable, they had been shocked completely. I deliver you to surpass.” The Xia Tian right hand flings, the green white flame has burnt these corpses directly, reason that he use white flame is because the green flame can ruin the Chu equipment and weaponry of these people. The front these deceased people were burnt by Xia Tian cleanly. Following these people also keeping was pushed, how whatever they shouted that called, nobody stopped, because another direction was Qi Wang leads the army to drive away at this time. These people were already scared. Is naturally impossible to stop. All people listened, we only caught up, did not pursue!!” Qi Wang ordered, they only drove away these people to escape, did not pursue, because he believes that these person of stepped on oneself absolutely to be able their person to kill. Yes!!” The uneven big elder now was more excited, he also thinks this time must carry on to fight with all might, in that case, his person affirmation meeting casualty is serious, but Qi Wang unexpectedly came one to win once more with ease. At this time other seven big influence Chief also thoroughly admired Qi Wang. They understand finally Qi Wang thousand years ago why can sweep away entire next three. This did not boast absolutely, but.

Because this is they personally sees. Actually that side the third child to be doing anything, the speed why they escape is so slow!!” Qi Wang puzzled saying. Qi Wang, a summer City Lord person will not kill people there.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate goes forward saying that the person who he most admires is Xia Tian, genuinely admires, especially after previous Xia Tian helps he extinguished Sun Empire, he admired Xia Tian, he also knew fierce of Xia Tian. Should be, he will not want to kill these people.” Qi Wang awkward saying. Qi Wang, aren't you call homicide these people?” Free of evil intention puzzled looks to Qi Wang, he thinks that Qi Wang was makes Xia Tian go to that side to come both sides converging attack to kill these people directly. Naturally not, although third child's strength formidable, but he after all is also a person, how a person possibly really all encircles all people kills, rear area I must make him go to the manufacture confusion, the morale of troops of chaotic opposite party.” Qi Wang helpless saying. Actually at this time everybody wanted to have a look at Xia Tian to make anything in behind. By the Xia Tian strength, if hits, that several millions should be able to kill!!” Said free of evil intention. Was inferior that we bet a gambling!!” Qi Wang said suddenly. Good Ah! good Ah! Chief of several big influences said. „The words that bets naturally must have the gambling stake, you were also honored and popular big figure, naturally cannot be mean-spirited, our person of ten trillions spirit stone.” Qi Wang proposed. The people nod in abundance, regarding them, ten trillions spirit stone truly cannot be many regarding them, but are also many, is used, when gambling stake is appropriate. This, who has won, whose all spirit stone are, we guess that actually he has killed many people, who guesses close is who wins.” Qi Wang direct said loudly.