Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2281

Good Ah! people to agree. Therefore the people all opened guess. Guesses, Giant Bull City City Lord guesses least, 800,000 people, City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate guesses most, 10 million people. You guessed, my, many present is the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, I guessed 20 million.” Qi Wang opens the mouth to say directly. Qi Wang, isn't your this wastes money?” The people smile. City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate guesses a moment ago 10 million times, everybody is one ridiculed that now hears Qi Wang to say directly 20 million, everybody wants to smile, Qi Wang this quite therefore gave them money. Although Xia Tian is next three first Expert, strength formidable, but he has a person after all, these people are escaping, how many does a Xia Tian person kill to kill again? Ten trillions spirit stone, considered everybody to be cheerfully cheerful.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Actually can Xia Tian kill how many people?” Free of evil intention is also a curiosity of face. Afterward the large unit continues to drive away. Passed the time of general half day. The people finally soon arrived in Xia Tian that position, at this time all people all were dumbfounded looks at front all, including Qi Wang and free of evil intention, they soon adapted to Xia Tian was abnormal, but sees such scene now, they could not bear want to shout'mother-fucker'. Too terrifying. Front all were too terrorist. This greatly abnormal, is this is doing?” The corners of the mouth of Qi Wang are twitching.

Xia Tian, are you doing?” Shouts free of evil intention loudly. This group of melon babies, I said that who approaches that pit who must die, result died, now the pit looks to disappear.” Xia Tian scolded loudly. At this time here remaining people less than 2 million, these people also saw the front these deceased people, they also finally stopped. „The crossbow, kills from out of the blue!!” Qi Wang waves directly. Although over a billion people of crossbows kill to use energy from out of the blue, but 2 million people, the crossbow kills not to use energy from out of the blue, moreover these people escape, the person on one's own side steps on the person on one's own side to die 500,000-600,000. After a half hour. The snow territory confused the armies in city dead. Probably was I wins.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Yeah!” Other person helpless shaking the head, they have not all thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has the so terrifying method, a person cut to kill more than 100 million people, this absolutely was too terrifying. The City Lord this regret of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, he is wanted to guess many, but thinks that Qi Wang said 20 million, gave him directly ultra passes. ! Xia Tian right hand, Gold Thread all returned to his hand, afterward he walks toward Qi Wang there directly, the place visited, all Chu bag and weaponry was all given to install by him, he thought that his luck is quite good, in the daytime, he also has made a wealth. Is he just arrived here time, happen to saw that one group of people were shipping the thing and beauty, result these beauty make him put, the wealth all made him receive, person who shipped all by homicide. Very relaxed wealth succeeded in obtaining.

Now he equips and weaponry these Chu Wu also all received. Big brother, handled.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Yes, you have handled, I have also won 80 trillion.” Qi Wang said with a smile secretly. …… Xia Tian, they make a bet you to kill many people, a person 10 trillion, Qi Wang guesses finally you kill 20 million, other people guess in 10 million, therefore Qi Wang won.” Free of evil intention going forward answered. Big brother, this is a good path of enrichment, their several may be the local tyrants, can butcher do not let off.” Xia Tian smiling saying. …… Qi Wang we whether needs the recuperation?” The uneven big elder asked. Does not need, above the battlefield, is fleeting, must hit to be air/Qi to drink, good opportunity that now our morale orthometric height, gets rid, moreover the opposite party definitely has not thought that our speed was so fast, wants to deploy troops for defense already without enough time.” Qi Wang said directly that listens to the Qi Wang words, all people all are the repetitive nods. They admire Qi Wang more and more. They discovered that they with Qi Wang these days, really have learned many skills. In the skill that Qi Wang in directing the army battles, that absolutely is the non-solution. Yes!!” The uneven big elder ordered directly: Orders, the army continues to attack, no one must stop, cannot tidy up the spoils of war.” Afterward the army flushes away directly forward.

After the snow territory confuses city two elders and the others the news passes on, they in waiting for good news, the first news that their scouts pass on was nine elders died, heard this news time, two elders they have held the celebration feast directly, the news that they received, they were quicker than the big elder. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the Second Brother, this time we may be vented anger, the stinking ninth category usually depends the Boss to support, has not been short to shout to drink with us, now he dies finally.” Five elder very excited saying. Um, died well, the stinking ninth category died, even if their this war has won, Boss' meritorious military service definitely also will malinger.” Two elders nodded, this regarding them absolutely is a good news. Is sixth child's great ideas, comes the sixth child, our two do one.” On the faces of five elders is the smiling face, recently they heard may be the good news, just started is demise of three elder that armies, the present is the news that nine elders died, moreover he also had 90 million people dead. This is a big casualty figure. Second Brother, we did not need to sneak attack, now the stinking ninth category died, who regardless of this weaponry were wins, above definitely will not record merit, therefore we have annihilated the opposite party, we were in vain are also laborious, will only lose our military strength, the Boss does not have the stinking ninth category to belong now broke an arm, he later spoke to us is impossible to be so unyielding.” Six elders said. Um!” Two elders nodded. Report, is the blood report of shade health/guard, he died, in urgent report that the final moment sends back.” Shade protected unexpectedly dead!!” Two elder brow wrinkles, he looked afterward to the above news, when he saw the above news, on the face of his whole person erupted the intense smiling face all of a sudden: Ha Ha Ha Ha, ha ha ha ha, good, good, has informed, prepares the best food and wine to me, our elder brother three today must drinking well.” „Is Second Brother, actually what news?” Five elders go forward to ask hurriedly, six elders are also look to two elders who a face anticipates. You look!” After they see the information the content, all was shocked.