Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2282

The faces of five elders and on six elders all presented the excited expression instantaneously. At this moment they understood, oneself stood up from failure finally!! The matter of this above record is: Death!! Eight elders and ten elders also died. Just started is the three elder their people of died, now continually the eight elder their people of. Then present ten big elder also remaining their four, in other words, five elders and six elders turned into three elders and four elders directly. Laowu sixth child, no, I should call you for Laosan fourth child.” Two elder smiling saying, other elders died, their ranks naturally also got up. This big elder could be said as the true vitality has damaged severely, now he was a loner, brothers did not have, only remaining he, starting today his right to speak also fell, he wanted to order two elders again they, two elders have been able not to give him the face. Second Brother, you says now the Boss, if knows that this news will be what kind of?” Five elder excited saying, they now simply were too happy, nothing can also make them so happy. Goes crazy, the staunchness of Boss, usually likes planning the person, now receive such big wound, definitely will be mad spits blood.” Two elders are familiar big elder, after all they knew that many years, if the big elder knows after this news, that big elder will definitely go crazy. Second Brother, we celebrate today well, early tomorrow morning goes to big elder there to have a look, now the big elder needs to comfort, how we can miss such good opportunity.” On the faces of six elders has shown the deceitful smiling face, they are not comfort the big elder, but is ridiculed that the big elder goes. They believe that the big elder knows after this news, definitely will be wild with rage, this is a very good opportunity, the opportunity of hitting a person when he is down.

Bang! Bang! Bang! In the room of big elder, all by the smashing that he pounds, he just received the news, old eight, the stinking ninth category, old perfect died, at this moment he felt that this in society had not loved, he fell the hell from the heaven all of a sudden, just started him also to deliberately consider that must take all meritorious military service while this opportunity, but now his meritorious military service not only did not have, but also his three brothers under also died. This time he was the real vitality damages severely. Most main he is the commander-in-chief of this combat, now own person was extinguished, he has the responsibility that cannot shirk, this big elder might be replaced very much directly. This time ten big elders on remaining four people. If two elders they contribute to meritorious military service again, then will directly even fall to the positions of four elders, this regarding him is the greatest shame, he little has usually not bullied two elders they, now the geomancy transferred in turn, he must start they to be bullied by two elders. Ah! Ah! Ah! Thinks of these, he must go crazy. He has a dream has not thought that matter unexpectedly will turn into this, his person unexpectedly was all killed. What's the matter? That is 300 million armies, even if 300 million pigs must be killed to be very long, why 300 million army less than several days of all died, why is this?” Big elder crazy shouting, now he already thorough was crazy, no matter he goes to think that the consequence will be what kind, because regarding him, all these was too fearful. He is unable to shoulder this responsibility.

Ten big elders died six, just started that three people dead he has also celebrated, now was one's turn his person dead, he believes that two elders they definitely also will celebrate there. More wants more to be angry, more wants to be crazier!! Report, the big elder, two elders they came, enemy also in fast approaches to us, the speed was too fast.” Under a famous artisan shouts in out. Puff! The body of big elder directly flushed, he tears into shreds that famous artisan under. Asked all people to go to parliamentary hall, I must completely crush the enemy.” In big elder both eyes is anger. Whose present he is sees anyone to kill, he understands that the own present situation is very dangerous, he needs the meritorious military service, otherwise his status really does not guarantee. The parliamentary hall, the population tails off once more, because died six elders. Everybody, I asks everybody to come today, how to discuss to deal with enemy's attack, now the enemy has killed in front of us, wants to build the fortification not to be impossible, we only then attack on own initiative are the best means that while the opposite party now is the exhausted master, we kill directly, kills opposite party one to be caught off guard, strives to annihilate the enemy directly.” Saying that the big elder vows solemnly. Big brother, this, you lead is the elites, then has the person to kill by you, our three brothers' people give you to work as reserve, any grain and fodder, supplies and so on gives us, if you also died, we can also retreat the city.” Two elder saying of gratefully. You!!!” The big elder heard two elders to say one died, he directly has almost not flushed to kill two elders.

Right, Big brother, your skill is big, we are not good, can make anything grain and fodder supplies, hits to overcome the hand.” Five elders are also very impolite saying, before the big elder to have sole possession of the meritorious military service by own person, intentionally eight elders, nine elders and ten elders arranges to go to the front, arranges the supplies their three and so on. Now they happen to can counterattack the big elder with these words. „Does the second child, you want to revolt?” The big elder has gotten hold of own fist. Rebellion? Do not wear such big hat to me, I do not dare, I just care about oneself brothers' life, cannot you make my brothers bring death, my brothers bring death, you thought that your operational plan is good, your oneself lead troops.” Two elder very impolite saying. Good, is very good, the second child, you are waiting, today's matter I remembered.” The big elder has gripped own fist stubbornly, he very much wants to kill people now, but he also knows one cannot move the second child absolutely they, otherwise own fate will be only more miserable, now he must do destroys completely the allied armies that the perfection city comes, before snow, shame. Three gentlemen, our time must launch the general attack, when the time comes Qi Wang and Xia Tian they gave three gentlemen.” Now big elder respectful saying, he can count on only then these three people. Ha Ha Ha Ha, when finally this day comes.” Seven kill the armed forces to laugh was saying. Corrupt wolf corners of the mouth slightly one evil: Qi Wang, Xia Tian, your lives are my.”