Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2283

Interesting!!” The deep inscription shows a faint smile, his smiling has the profound meaning, nobody knows that he smiles anything. Good, three gentlemen's support, then our fought must win, although the opposite party had 300 million armies, but in my eyes was mob, so long as destroyed completely his command, the opposite party will collapse of itself.” Big elder very excited saying, this time he must break through the enemy position at one fell swoop. I have killed that several people by all means.” Corrupt wolf very optional saying. This sufficed.” Big elder excited saying. Whoops yo, my belly hurts, does not know that has eaten any unclean thing, it seems like I training ten days half a month.” Two elders feign illness suddenly. Second Brother, my belly also hurt.” Five elders also feign illness. Second Brother, the Fifth Brother, that is I takes care of you.” Six elder logical saying. Saw the method of three people of acting in a play is so shoddy, in the both eyes of big elder is the anger, he wishes one could to choke to death these three people now directly, but he knows that he must endure, now others the influence was older than him, he takes the families not to have the means of least bit radically. Snort!” Hits elder cold snort one. Three people also directly walked. A corrupt wolf face despises looks at front all these, if these people in demon, already hit, will also look like such endures now, the custom of demon is few, but eternally unchangings who is the strength fist is big to decide. This time Qi Wang army. Here builds the fortification, team is divided into 30, gives me to ambush separately in these 30 points, from out of the blue crossbow army centralized in frontage, other archers change the rocket to me, then the waiting signal, the crossbow attacks after from out of the blue ten rounds, puts the rocket, understood what is heard?” Qi Wang ordered directly.

Yes!!” The uneven big elder will order to assign directly. (Spear|Gun) soldier battlefield, places the first row to me.” Qi Wang ordered again. Yes!!” The Qi Wang elder arranged once more order of Qi Wang. If I guess right, the army of enemy should rush ahead to us, they think that we are the expeditionary forces, is the exhausted bodies, will carry on the surprise attack definitely to succeed, therefore we will do things the other way round, waited for directly here they will attack.” Qi Wang answered. Listens to the Qi Wang words, those present all are nods of silently. Their this has learned too many things with Qi Wang all the way, the control of Qi Wang to war, to the will of the people assurance simply was too accurate, perhaps how Qi Wang is unable to see through others normal time to think that but how Qi Wang can definitely see through others led troops thinks that therefore he can be ever-victorious. Actually because he all planned, including the opposite party every action and every movement, he only needed under the cloth the opening to make the opposite party drill is OK. On strength single Tiao, nobody is the Xia Tian match, drums up support by the murder, that free of evil intention definitely is very overbearing, if the theory leads troops to go to war, that affirmed that nobody is the Qi Wang match. These three people are the people who they spend 200 trillion to hire. Value, too value. The fight that especially this comes all the way, it can be said that completely the crushing -type victory, obviously each time own person is occupying the inferiority, but they can actually relaxed achievement. Slaughters completely.

Qi Wang, I am very curious, why you can grasp each time the plan and idea of opposite party is so good?” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate goes forward to ask, this issue he has wanted to ask that was very long, but may I ask, actually his issue is also the issue that in other person hearts thinks. At this time the people all were look to Qi Wang that anticipated. Because, since they take the first step time has shut in the basket by me, I now just in head killing.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Qi Wang, we too cannot understand what is heard.” City Lord awkward saying of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate. Ha Ha Ha Ha, said simply that they are deferring to me now to the line that they stipulate, drew an analogy, your father is killed, the opposite party looked like is very weak, how will you do?” Qi Wang laughs was saying, the analogy that although he draws is not of pleasant to hear, but everybody also understands, Qi Wang definitely well-meant. That must certainly kill the opposite party.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate said here time is suddenly enlighted: I understood, originally is this, you are forcing them to carry on the next step movement.” Right!! Knows oneself and other side can be ever-victorious, I know first their overall strengths, then count their influence divisions, including their internal differentiations and unity issues, these can affect the control of war.” Qi Wang said. „But how do you know their internal problems?” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate asked again. You still remember map that at that time some people sent?” Qi Wang looked that asked to the people. Remembers that everybody also guessed the genuine and fake at that time.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate nodded. „We have determined after the war, that real, in other words some people want them dead intentionally, but this person is their internal people, therefore I concluded that their interior definitely has the contradiction, looks like this time, I guess that they will also manipulate strategically, therefore they cannot all send this to give us the remaining 400 million people absolutely a very good opportunity.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. This everybody has all raised up the thumb, the analysis of Qi Wang simply was too overbearing, perfect.

Bang!! Report, the place army has killed.” Good, prepares to meet head-on.” Qi Wang said directly. The army of opposite party has also discovered Qi Wang their people, therefore they start to decelerate. Report, the population has counted, probably about 100 million people.” Good, 100 million people, that had the good play to look, transmitted orders, so long as the population of opposite party remaining were less than half, then drove away, did not kill.” Qi Wang ordered directly. Big brother, has probably the unexpected visitor.” At this moment, Xia Tian start to talk slowly said. Um?” Qi Wang doubts looked to Xia Tian. Corrupt wolf, seven kills the armed forces and deep inscription all there.” Xia Tian just received the pass on message of deep inscription, now their distance was near enough, therefore the pass on message of deep inscription can also deliver: Their three on conceal in the army, were only waiting for that now we cross the combat general, they get rid to sneak attack.” Corrupt wolf!!” In both eyes of Qi Wang has emitted anger, but quick was suppressed by him: „The third child, the corrupt wolf gave you, I was the army commanders-in-chief, I cannot enter the war, this was the custom, if I entered the war, no matter the victory and loss were not the good deed.” Relax, Big brother!!” Xia Tian said that direct stand forth, in his hand takes is amplifying scroll to shout loudly: Corrupt wolf, you leave to me.”