Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2286

! Xia Tian right hand, the Gold Thread circle tightens fast. Puff! Puff! Puff! More than 100 snow territories confused Expert of city to cover up the direct death, they even including responding the opportunity did not have, they do not know one is cut to kill by anything. This Lian Tao movement is it can be said that flawless. Humph! All people have all opened the mouth!! Died! That many five cauldron above Expert unexpectedly like this by Insta-kill, they even had not been needed dead including the strongest strength, all in the Xia Tian big net, Xia Tian probably are the same in the draw in a net, direct Insta-kill opposite party. One group of idiots!!” The corrupt wolf scolded one directly. He had reminded these people a moment ago, but they do not listen, result direct turning let the person who Xia Tian brushed has the feeling, it can be said that experienced the baby. Free gives the Xia Tian promotion reputation completely. More than 100 five cauldron above Expert, above five cauldron Rank 5 has dozens, finally now becomes delivers the vegetable. These people all by Xia Tian killing. Attract! Qi Wang and his behind these people have all held breath cold air: „The third child opened the abnormal pattern, that was five cauldron above Expert, how this was cuts the vegetable to be the same probably, even if were cuts the vegetable so not to be quick.” This was also too fierce.” Free of evil intention is from the heart the feeling fear. Expert of other these eight big influences also thorough does not know that should say any was good. Too fierce. Puff! A blood confuses in the big elder mouth of city to spout from the snow territory. Attack! This attack was also too big, the deaths of eight long stinking ninth category elders and ten elders have become very big grief to other party, now unexpectedly linked under his hand all five cauldron Expert also to die, such attack was too cruel regarding him, his these many years efforts were all in vain.

Puff! Also is a blood spouts. Good opportunity!!” Attacks free of evil intention instantaneously, his goal is opposite party Chief, the snow territory confuses the big elder in city. So-called captures the ringleader first. He must extinguish kills the snow territory to confuse the big elder in city, then the team of opposite party on thorough being defeated and dispersed. Now in opposite party team these Expert the casualty was serious, the command system has broken now, moreover a moment ago Xia Tian strength also the opposite party deep has shocked, below only needs to confuse the big elders in city to seize the snow territory to kill again, then the morale of opposite party on thorough being defeated and dispersed. Crossbow preparation, place commander dies from out of the blue immediately puts the arrow to me.” Qi Wang said loudly. Yes!!” The uneven big elder now also one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Free of evil intention!!” After the totem youth seven kills the armed forces to see to be free of evil intention, must fire into directly free of evil intention. ! The silver light dodges, form blocked together directly in his front: Your match is I.” Seizes the dragon second type!! Melts the dragon! Bang! Two empty dragons pounded directly in seven have killed the body of armed forces. Hateful!” Seven killed the armed forces attention all on the free of evil intention body, he has not thought that Xia Tian will sneak attack at this time, therefore he by hit of Xia Tian such short distance. He stood up, has scratched the bloodstain of oneself mouth: Hateful, I wanted you dead.” ! The people favor to unite! Seven killed the armed forces to come up to use their strongest method. Saint beast totem. The flash, his body changed into the Saint beast totem, afterward flushes away to Xia Tian directly.

! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian has fired into these subordinates of corrupt wolf once more, at this time these of corrupt wolf under all are the person favor to unite, is difficult to kill, therefore before him, will choose to sneak attack the snow territory to confuse these Expert of city, at that time what if he chose is corrupt wolf these Expert , was impossible to build up such big momentum. Impossible direct entire second. The cooling time of day cold domain is ten minutes, therefore he is unable to use the day cold domain temporarily. The day attacks coldly!! Releases 100,000 cold glow, launches the non- difference attack, crushes front all. Cold glow of blotting out the sky killed directly to these subordinates of corrupt wolf. Do not want to run away.” The totem youth seven kills armed forces angry shouting, afterward his body has fired into the Xia Tian position directly. In totem youth must rush to the Xia Tian front immediately. ! The silver light dodges. The Xia Tian form disappeared directly, but the attack of totem youth directly hit in these has fired into the Xia Tian person, these were the subordinates of corrupt wolf. Seven kill the armed forces, your T , M , D gives me the long eye, otherwise I have killed you first.” Corrupt wolf angry shouting, he also has fired afterward into Xia Tian, he is immortal. The silver corona first master, therefore he understood that silver corona ability, his attack goes to that 0.1 seconds that the silver corona expires directly. Kills!” Corrupt wolf pair of claws tears away to Xia Tian directly!! Attack unexpectedly of corrupt wolf has stiffened these many!!” Xia Tian body hurried retreat, he understands that his silver corona wants to sneak attack the corrupt wolf probability not to be big, now therefore he must do must under all extinguish these of corrupt wolf first kills. ! The Xia Tian body dodges, has fired into these subordinates of corrupt wolf directly. Not dead Divine Art, nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type!! Fokuang peeps!! Bang! The giant hand was in charge pounds directly to these subordinates of corrupt wolf.

Meanwhile, Xia Tian transfers the dantian once more strength. Domain!! Wan sword returns to the birth family!! The Finger of Consonance fourth type! Pounds to me! All is the group attacks! The Xia Tian three troops attacked pounding maliciously to approach these subordinates of corrupt wolf. Hateful! Seven kill the armed forces, you block his way to me, I kill him.” The corrupt wolf saw that own subordinate gets down but actually, angry shouting, he cannot continue to make Xia Tian get rid to sneak attack, otherwise his subordinate may be able very much all by Xia Tian Insta-kill. Snort, is you blocks him, I kill him.” Seven kill armed forces cold snort one to say. The corrupt wolf is not his Boss, he will not listen to the words of corrupt wolf. Moreover he is to change under the condition of body now, self-confidence strongest time, he thinks that own present can definitely extinguish kills Xia Tian, so long as makes him hit Xia Tian, the attack that his following that blots out the sky can thorough makes Xia Tian not have the strength to hit back. Irritated me.” The corrupt wolf wished one could directly first to kill seven to kill the armed forces now. !! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian has killed corrupt wolf these middle, afterward his head presented a buddha lamp. Not dead Divine Art, nine orifices connection!! The Tathagata god holds the second type. Jinding buddha lamp!! The buddha lamp to explodes directly in all directions. „It is not good! Runs away quickly!!” The corrupt wolf shouts hurriedly, was already without enough time. Whiz! At this moment, seven kill the body of armed forces to flush away to the front instantaneously: Your person also died in any case, that made them strive for one second for me.”