Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2287

Visits me to fly!! Seven killed the armed forces under to kick the corrupt wolf that several ran away directly to Xia Tian, he such did to let Xia Tian stays there temporarily. Bang! Afterward seven killed the body of armed forces to fly directly, his body tuck dive, dropped from the clouds directly, this was wanted livingly Xia Tian is battered to death. Seven kill the armed forces, I want you dead!!” In the both eyes of corrupt wolf is the anger, afterward he has drawn back directly, he understands that his subordinate died, he has rescued without enough time, since this, he made seven kill armed forces to cope with Xia Tian, he believes that can cut to kill seven absolutely to kill the armed forces by the Xia Tian strength. He wants seven to kill the armed forces dead!! His subordinate several can run away a moment ago obviously, but seven killed armed forces unexpectedly stiffly kicked them. Whiz! After the corrupt wolf draws back, discovered that deep inscription unexpectedly has seen a play here. You why not on!!” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle. Fights this person together, on I might as well, radically is the person who sells the teammate.” Deep inscription saying slowly. Um!!” The corrupt wolf nodded, he thought that the words of deep inscription are reasonable, therefore he has not thought that after all now the words of deep inscription have fulfilled, the totem youth seven kills the armed forces is the fellow who sells the teammate. His subordinate seven was all killed the armed forces selling. Thinks root that here he hates straight itchy. Ok, making them hit first, otherwise I and he cannot project on go together, met you to assist me to be good, his speed was not may not break, he had 0.1 seconds of appearance times, that 0.1 seconds were the targets that I attacked, when the time comes you have settled on the opportunity help, how is it?” The corrupt wolf looked that asked to the deep inscription. Good.” The deep inscription nodded. Xia Tian, meets me to make you experience my fierce, my true skill.” On the face of corrupt wolf presented the mean expression, he must kill Xia Tian, on this day he waited to be too long. Since can kill Xia Tian this is he is so long the biggest goal. The deep inscription looked at corrupt wolf one, has not spoken. Bang!

Seven kill the body of armed forces to drop from the clouds directly, smashed a 20 meters deep pit the ground. Has saying that his body is the war machine, if he enters in the army like this, then several million armies cannot block him. Good fearful fellow Ah! people all stare. Hateful, almost!!” Seven kill armed forces angry shouting, afterward his body comes out from the big hole, at this time he looks at Xia Tian wickedly: I will certainly kill you.” How, to hit starts act high and mighty.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Visits me to fly!! Seven killed the armed forces saying that the body changed into meteor pounding maliciously to approach Xia Tian once more. „Did lying trough, install B to start to fly?” Body fast dodging of Xia Tian. Has saying that seven killed the move of attack of armed forces to be too ruthless . Moreover the speed was fast, if were not the immortal silver corona, perhaps that Xia Tian could not shunt. Bang!! Seven kill the armed forces seems a huge destruction machine, pounds everywhere. The scene everywhere is the pit that he pounds. Xia Tian is also dodging that keeps. N , N , D, you had not to have, were you not tired?” Xia Tian angry shouting. I thought that which you also toward hide, you look like a mouse are the same, flees in all directions.” Seven kill the armed forces at this time very excitedly, he felt that he retrieved finally had the feeling, his unexpectedly runs everywhere, this time also nobody who Xia Tian expelled can say that again he was defeated by Xia Tian one move. Good, do you like act high and mighty not? Do you like flying not? I lead you.” Xia Tian said that the entire body moves. The people favor to unite!! Bang! The vision of all people all looked to Xia Tian, this time Xia Tian unexpectedly turned into the patterns of half -and-a-half people of snakes.

Sees this pattern Xia Tian, everybody has all held breath cold air. This is in the legend the shape of human first ancestor Lady Wa. Perfect shape!! Hateful, my strength unexpectedly was suppressed 20%!!” Seven kill the armed forces not to think that Xia Tian the changes body unexpectedly is so abnormal, his strength was also suppressed 20%: I, no matter you turn into anything, I want thoroughly is battered to death you.” Visits me to fly!! Seven killed the body of armed forces to fly once more, pounded directly to Xia Tian. Since you like act high and mighty so much, likes flying, good, I bring your act high and mighty, leading you to fly, leading you to hover the darkness.” Xia Tian said that his body to seven kills the armed forces to flush away directly, when his Mashangchong to seven kills in front of the armed forces, his tail flung, turns into sphere shape seven to kill the armed forces directly to pull out to fly by Xia Tian. I make you fly!!” ! The body of Xia Tian also directly pursued!! When he appears again in seven kill in front of the armed forces, is a tail seven kills the armed forces to pull out flies. This probably is playing tennis to be the same. One after another pulled out flies. Bang! Bang! Bang! At this time on the spot all people all by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, seven kill the armed forces to be able the ground to pound 20 meters deep pit, now but his unexpectedly is hit by Xia Tian does not have the strength to hit back, this time seven kill the armed forces to resemble the teacup to be the same with the bowl, is the tragedies. I make you fly all the way!!” A Xia Tian tail seven killed the armed forces to pull out directly to airborne, then he also rushed, when seven killed the body of armed forces must fall pulls out, seven killed the armed forces to pull out on kilometer high airborne by Xia Tian directly. ! Seven killed the body of armed forces to fall directly. Bang!

All people did not endure to look straight ahead, seven killed armed forces unexpectedly like this stiffly to be plunged to death, solemn five cauldron Rank 9 Expert unexpectedly such died. The ground was pounded a 60 meters gulf. ! Xia Tian seven killed armed forces Chu equipment to take directly, seven killed the ability of armed forces to be very strong, he planned after going back, looks for seven to kill the Martial Arts rare book of armed forces, then gave own person cultivation. Whistling! Scene once more was silent, this scene was really too terrifying, Xia Tian unexpectedly was seven kills the armed forces to kill like this. Xia Tian does not want with seven to kill the armed forces is an enemy, but he courts death, that no wonder Xia Tian. At this moment!! Your elders had been cut to kill by me.” Confuses the head of city big elder the snow territory free of evil intention high throws, was shouting loudly. Went well.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. The crossbow started to attack from out of the blue. !!! From out of the blue striking power unusual formidable of crossbow. The opposite these people were killed by them instantaneously, opposite party morale deteriorated thoroughly. Shoot! Other rockets in abundance have also shot in the team of opposite party, did not have the leader, they probably are the fawn of proceeding along no particular course are the same, can only wait for the death, moreover steps on the event has also been appearing. Xia Tian, this time was one's turn me.” Corrupt wolf corners of the mouth slightly one evil.